SpeedyPaper review and essay overview


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The Essay I Bought From SpeedyPaper​


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Subject: Marketing
  • Topic: Marketing Management of a Transnational Corporation: Apple
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: MLA
  • Urgency: 3 days

SpeedyPaper Essay Analysis and Evaluation​

Grammar and Spelling: 9/10
  • marketing strategy and management that has made it” – marketing strategy and management that have made it
Style and word choice: 9/10
  • which are emphasized during marketing” – odd wording
  • “Additionally, it focuses on unique designing to justify the high prices to capture a significant market share” – it would be better to use the word “design” or “designs” instead of “designing”; it would also help to use the word “and” after the “high prices” to give the sentence a better flow
Punctuation: 9/1
  • “Being a software house, media platform, and computer manufacturer, allows the company to conduct marketing effectively to reduce cost” – the comma before “allows” is redundant
Formating: 7/10
  • The essay had an introduction and three main paragraphs, which made it very easy to follow. The last paragraph doesn’t sound like a conclusion, so it would be great if the writer added one.
Plagiarism: 10/10
  • No plagiarism was found in the essay.
Documentation and evidence: 10/10
  • All the sources were cited properly.
Following instructions: 10/10
  • The writer followed all the instructions.
Punctuality: 10/10
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery: 10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and straightforward.
Communication with support: 10/10
  • The support replied very fast and it wasn’t a bot.
Communication with the writer: 10/10
  • The writer always replied quite fast and took all our comments into consideration.
Payment: 10/10
  • The payment process was fast and secure.
Ideas and content: 10/10
  • The writer did a great job of discussing the topic. There was no general information, just clear examples of what Apple does as a transnational company.
Organization: 9/10
  • The author could have used more linking words to improve the sentence flow, but overall, all the ideas were interlinked and the structure of the essay made sense.

What was good​

There were only a couple of errors and all of them were insignificant. The writer used a good mix of terminology and simple grammatical structures, which made the essay informative and easy to understand at the same time. The formatting and the citation were impeccable too.

What was missing​

The essay could have used a better conclusion — the last paragraph doesn’t summarize the text as a whole.


All in all, the author did a really great job. The essay is nearly error-free, has a logical structure and doesn’t provide any unnecessary information. You can tell that the writer did some good research and had sufficient knowledge about the topic.