PaperCoach review: is it legit?


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The Essay I Bought From PaperCoach​


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: Academic Success as a Member of the University Honors Program
  • Level: High School
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 10 days

PaperCoach Essay Analysis and Evaluation​

Grammar and Spelling: 8/10

The writer uses Passive voice a lot that is not preferable in the essays. Using Passive voice in most cases marks not very strong grammar knowledge of the author. For example:
  • “For this reason, they are actively requested by employers.” – better to change to “For this reason, employers they are actively sending them requests.
Style and word choice: 9/10
  • “The honor Program” – Honor must be written with a capital letter.
Punctuation: 8/10
  • The writer used compound sentences that are rather complicated. It is better to use two short ones instead of one compound separated with a dot and comma.
  • For example:
    1. Put a dot instead of a colon:
    2. “themselves: they are” – “themselves. They are”
    3. Put a dot instead of a dot and comma:
    4. “in them; compared” – “in them. Compared”
Formating: 10/10
  • The formatting is correct.
Plagiarism: 10/10
  • No plagiarism was detected.
Documentation and evidence: 10/10
  • The author used three relevant sources and cited them properly.
Following instructions: 10/10
  • The writer followed all the instructions they were given.
Punctuality: 10/10
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery: 10/10
  • The ordering process was very easy.
Communication with support: 10/10
  • The support helped with all the questions.
Communication with the writer: 1/10
  • The first draft was great, so we didn’t have any reason to contact the writer.
Payment: 10/10
  • The payment process was smooth. But it would be better if they accept PayPal payment.
Ideas and content: 10/10
  • The writer presented some interesting ideas that were relevant to the essay’s topic.
Organization: 9/10
  • There are some unclear choices of writing, but overall, the essay was very easy to follow.

What was good

The writer mostly has good English and his writing is grammatically correct. The text is completely plagiarism-free.

What was missing

The writer has made minor grammar and punctuation errors several times throughout the text.


The writer did a good job. The ideas were fresh and interesting to follow. Although, there were several grammar mistakes that are not common for native speakers. Perhaps, the writer is not a US-based writer. But in general, the text is written due to all guidelines and demands. There were no problems with payment, but the PayPal option is more convenient.