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Outline of SpeedyPaper Writing Service

There are many factors to consider when shopping for an essay writing service. We each have our circumstances and requirements, so it can depend on one’s personal needs. Do you want to know whether Speedypaper safe? If yes, read on.

Speedy Paper promises to be well-rounded and useful, with a well-optimized site and user-friendly interface. One of its main draws consists of the fact that the customer does not need to be tech-savvy to use it. Helpful and polite staff should always be available. For this Speedypaper review, let’s do a walkthrough of the service and see if it can help us with our academic path. Regardless of the platform that you are using, be sure to communicate your needs in detail.

Speedy paper calculator

Our Little Secret at SpeedyPaper Writing Service

In general, the more ambitious the student, the higher his/her self-imposed standards will be. However, Academic life can be very demanding in terms of your schedule, and even the hardest workers can have issues keeping up. First I had to talk myself into admitting that I needed help. I could write my paper given enough time. I knew that, but time wasn’t on my side. That brings us to our first valuable Speedypaper review criteria: confidentiality and data safety.

Let’s get this out of the way first: VPN’s are not as useful as one thinks. Many students try to hide their identity by using Virtual Private Networks that mask their IP, attempting to remain anonymous while soliciting an online essay writing service. 

If you already have a VNP, by all means, go ahead and use it. But don’t buy one especially for this task. VPN’s are good at one thing: hiding your location. However, that is not as useful as you might think. Those who want to track you and compromise your data will utilize other methods such as spyware, malicious emails, and an endless stream of browser cookies. The main factor is the service site itself, and how well it guards its customer’s data. 

I tried searching online for other Speedypaper reviews and could not find any complaints regarding their data safety or any kind of data leak. Any service is vulnerable to hacking to some extent but I don’t think you should worry. Hackers seem more interested in more “spicy” information such as dating site servers. They would not get a solid return on their effort by messing up an essay service. 

There is even a Speedy Paper scam rumor online, but I could not find any evidence to back that up.

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Research of Other Speedypaper Reviews

One of the main benefits of the web is that you can read about the experiences of others. Always do some research first and avoid wasting your money. So I googled some Speedy Paper reviews and it wasn’t really helpful. This seems to be one of the most polarizing essay writing services on the entire web. Both good and bad impressions seem to be available.

If I was going to spend money on something, I wanted the best. A mixed bag was never going to be enough. I thought that it must be doing something right, given its position as one of the most prolific names in the business. I also knew ahead of time that I was going to be writing this Speedypaper review, so it was very important for me to get the facts right.

So does it live up to its lukewarm reception? My answer would be yes. I thought that many of its harshest detractors were exaggerating. This site is decent, but you can see where it needs work.

On more specialized sites, the reviews of Speedy Paper are more positive overall. You can read good impressions on SiteJabber and Trustpilot. Their social media presence is considerable, especially on Facebook. There are also several positive YouTube video reviews.

In terms of online presence on other customer’s reviews of Speedy Paper, we have:


  •          Ambivalent reviews, leaning more on the positive
  •          Sizable social media presence


  •          Not as well-received as a site of its size should be.

Speedypaper Review Support and Its Staff

A service is only as good as its employees. It is possible to own a good business with a productive model and still fail. The staff’s contribution is paramount to success. From the customer support team to the writers themselves, I needed to make sure that they can provide a quality service.

In terms of response time, my impression was somewhere in the middle. For my first paper, the writer was very quick to respond. For my second he was not. So I guess it depends on which writer you’re working with. The first writer also seemed to have a hard time understanding the guidelines. It is best to order in advance, and I gave them a 14-day deadline. I got the first draft in a week, so I could at least read the preview. The payment was in advance, but that didn’t bother me.

As a consumer, I detest when I try to contact the company for aid, and an automated response system takes over. It not only feels insulting and impersonal, but you can’t explain the nuance of your issue by talking to a robot or selecting answers from a FAQ list. 

Speedy Paper has the decency to host a live chat service with decent queue times. I understand that it is more costly to host live chats than to automate everything. The customer satisfaction resulting from this feature will more than pay for that added cost.

In regards to the Speedy Paper support and staff structure, we have:


  •        A fast response time
  •       They do seem to have competent staff on-hand.
  •       The support team is available 24/7
  •       Live chat system


  •          Inconsistency in writing quality

Speedypaper Review of Prices

It is important for the understanding of the essay writing service to read Speedypaper prices review. Despite some complaints that their prices are high, I found it to be affordable. The information is easy to miss, at the bottom of the page. Be sure to scroll down to see it. Once opened, the price page will display everything you need to know.  It hosts a table with totals based on the academic requirements and time requirements.

Of course, the lowest academic levels will benefit from the lowest prices. As an example, high school papers are just 9 USD. Price increases in proportion to difficulty and time sensitivity. At the top, we have urgent admission assignment tasks with a price of 88$. It is expected that this task will be finished in just 6 hrs. This is the minimum schedule for any project. Even Ph.D. papers can be written in this amount of time, the site promises.

This is doubtful, given that you can order a highly elaborate, long, and complex paper with a very short turnover. My impression is that the quality will suffer. Speaking as a student who is specializing in the required topic, it takes much more than that to write. Even considering the mastery of one who goes to school for this. 

While the pricing itself is fair, the discount service needs work. It is business 101 to compensate return customers or encourage bulk orders. This is available with almost all businesses, online or otherwise. Many reviews of Speedypaper also mention this lack of offers as a major drawback.

There was a single limited-offer discount code. As I understand, that code is not available year-round, so it’s the luck of the draw if you get it. Besides, the code itself brings limited benefits. When implemented, it gives a 7% price discount only for new clients.

Cost is not an issue for many clients. While some are on a very tight student’s budget, others find the rates to be affordable. When compared to the rest of the industry, I think the prices are average. You are paying an average price for an above-average service.

Here’s are some of Speedypaper’s prices for Master’s and High School levels, just to get an idea regarding their range:

High School:

•      20 days – 9$

•      14 days – 11$

•      9 days – 13$

•      7 days – 14$

•      5 days – 14$

•      3 days – 16$

•      2 days – 19$

•      1 day – 21$

•      12 hours – 23$

•      6 hours – 26$


•      20 days – 14$

•      14 days – 17$

•      9 days – 20$

•      7 days – 22$

•      5 days – 24$

•      3 days – 26$

•      2 days – 29$

•      1 day – 32$

•      12 hours – 36$

•      6 hours – 39$

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Review of Speedypaper.com

In this Speedypaper review, we’ve gone over the pricing, customer support, and security. But how do you use the service itself? This brings us to another well-designed feature of this service: the site itself.

To be fair, the days of counter-intuitive websites are gone. Almost everything on the market is optimized for search engines and user access. Some companies specialize in creating simple menus for complex services.  Considering that fact, it is almost a given that a service should have a good website. There are no bonus points for doing the minimum amount of work.

It’s easy to forget that not everyone is tech-savvy, and some customers simply can’t handle a complex menu. Where Speedypaper shines is in the process itself. This is a service that needs to connect clients and writers, and it does that easily. There are just a few easy steps that I needed to follow, each written in plain English. 

Let’s go over these steps, and see if there’s need for any improvement: 

As I first accessed their website, I was greeted by their price calculator. Just as the name suggests, this feature will estimate the total price of the service.  The user is required to input some info and complete a form. 

First, I had to select the academic level of my paper. The options were: High School, Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Then, it required the type of paper. There are many selection options here, split into a few categories: Essay, Dissertation, Problems, Administration. This covers almost all student needs.

After the paper type was selected, it asked for the deadline and number of papers. I selected an Undergraduate article of 8 pages, due in a week. Based on this data, the total price was calculated as being 120$. 

  • Paper info page:

After hitting “Continue”, the site will take you to the paper information page. It should also be mentioned that the landing page did hold the previously mentioned discount code. The paper info section has several drop-down menus where you can describe the paper. The menus allow you to select the type of paper, subject, and topic. There is a section for paper details, where you can type any relevant information that the writer needs to know. It is also possible to upload materials and examples of what you are looking for. Finally, paper formats such as Harvard, APA, and Chicago can be selected.

Speedy paper order
  • Price calculator page:

The previous price calculator seemed like just a preview. There is a more detailed price calculator page that you can access after inputting the paper info. Aside from the previous details, I could specify the spacing, the number of slides, and sources.

  • Extra features page:

Everything up until this point was boilerplate. However, the extra features page is very interesting. The first drop-down lets me select the type/level of the writer. This was a surprising and welcome option. 

The next menu offered a few paid extra features such as:

  • Plagiarism resort
  • Progressive delivery
  • Paper summary
  • Paper draft

A software selection option is included, after which you can input your data. 

Speedy paper prices

Regardless of which page you are on, a video tutorial can be seen on the right side of the screen. It has instructions on how to easily use the Speedypaper form. I do not know how useful that video is for most people, but it is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Conclusion on SpeedyPaper

Speedypaper is a decent essay service that gets the job done. It offers an intuitive website with well-structured pages and forms, and an excellent live chat and customer support system. Its reviews are either lukewarm or very positive, and its social media presence is noticeable.

Controversy and negative customer reviews can be found, but that can be attributed to individual writers, rather than to the service itself. 

The price is decent, based on the academic level and the deadline. The range of topics is sizable, covering most if not all academic fields of study. The writing consistency is the largest issue, and I shouldn’t have to pay for drafts and previews just to make sure that the work is good. I should be able to trust the writer to do that anyway. 

In conclusion, I would recommend Speedy Paper with the stipulation that you need to make yourself heard. Be as explicit and detailed as possible, because even the best writers cannot read minds.

FAQ about Speedy Paper

Is Speedy Paper legit?

Yes, Speedypaper’s rating 9.1 according to various customers’ reviews.

Are the writers vetted at SpeedyPaper?

As much as possible. Their profiles can be seen on Linkedin in specific groups. Each category and field of study has its writer quota, so it’s very easy for Speedypaper to organize their efforts.

Can I get a Speedy Paper refund?

Not that I’m aware of. If you don’t like your paper, you can request 3 revisions. If you still don’t like it, it is possible to change that writer.

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