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Regardless of your job, success will always depend on your ability to evaluate your resources accurately. A paper grader can be a valuable tool in the academic world only if you use it for its intended purpose. 

This online tool uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the quality of your paper. The service is entirely free, requiring no subscription plans or hidden fees. It also offers great ease of use, as the student or teacher only needs to copy the paper and paste the content into the box. 

Paper grader showcases immediate feedback, highlighting eventual errors. Besides, helpful advice is offered, advice which is almost always valid. 

However, a paper grader is only a tool and not a substitute for a teacher’s feedback or advice. Users should keep realistic expectations, as the software will never replace or compensate for lackluster writing ability. 

Despite its seeming advancement, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and struggles to come close to the human thought process’s versatility and complexity. AI seems clunky and random at some times, but it does have its moments. With every paper and every word read, it improves its database.

Although a poor substitute for genuine human thinking, even this substitute is very impressive. 

That being said, let’s look at a few things that paper grader software does well:

  1. Spellcheck and grammar verification 

Even professionals make mistakes. It does not matter if the paper is for school, a personal project, or your job: you will make grammar and spelling mistakes. The frequency of these mistakes depends on your skill, but they are bound to happen. 

Editors are supposed to catch and fix any problems, yet their services can be expensive. Paper grader software acts more like an editor than an actual writer. Violations of a language’s rules and syntax are much easier to spot and correct when compared to stylistic errors. 

Most writers hate two aspects of their craft: editing and outlining. Paper Grader removes most of the writing process’s struggle by handling a bulk of the editing highlights. 

  1. Premium advice 

Even the most talented writers use software to their advantage. Be it an essay checker for free, Grammarly, or any other online tool. A common trend emerges, resulting from the use of almost all popular writing aids: there is a free and a premium version. 

The basic version is free from all costs. As previously mentioned, one only needs to copy and paste the content into the page. Yet, there are more advanced features for those who wish to pay for them. 

Paper checker free will rate your content and give you an impression of how readable it is. A plagiarism scan will also be included with the premium version.

In Academia, the only thing worse than an incorrect paper is a plagiarised essay. It is frowned upon to mine the intellectual work of others and present it as being yours. The plagiarism checker guarantees that there is no detectable un-original content. 

This premium feature alone is worth the admission price. 

Limitations of essay grader free

As mentioned, Artificial Intelligence is a fledgling technology at best. Although our current algorithms are relatively advanced when compared to what came before, Mother Nature is far from being dethroned. 

Even the most powerful computers are put to shame by a living creature’s mind and nervous system. This applies even more to the brains of humans. 

Taking into account these facts, the following limitations apply:

  • An online paper checker cannot evaluate your future grade. When you were assigned your current task, the teacher most likely specified some points that need to be covered in a certain manner. The AI cannot read or interpret these instructions. 

Only you and your teacher can make sense of what is written. Similar to a Parrot, the AI “speaks” without truly understanding. 

  • The automatic essay grader free cannot determine if you covered all the necessary points. A person familiar with the subject can tell if you failed to mention an important point. It is unwise to rely on software to improve your grades. 
  • Catch the subtle nuances of your writing style. 

Out of all the points on this list, this is where AI stands to improve the most. Grade my paper, spellcheck, and grammar check software is starting to identify keywords and phrases that go well with certain styles. Although rudimentary, you can set most to detect a more business-oriented style, casual, warm, aggressive, etc. These are promising first steps, but you shouldn’t risk your grade yet. 

  • The free paper grader does not understand the structure of an argument. 

Contrary to popular belief, “logic” is not a sixth sense that smart people get by virtue of being smart. It is a discipline that needs to be learned, similar to math. There is no software smart enough to catch logical fallacies or missing links in your argumentative chain. 

  • The free paper grader cannot detect a lack of citations. 

Considering the advantages and limitations of a free essay grading service, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding this useful but flawed tool. 

But what if you want more help than AI can offer? 

There are consulting services online through which real people can evaluate your writing. Most writing sites have on-staff, full-time editors. These individuals are usually competent, and it is possible to contract their services. 

Hiring just an editor is also more ethical. While there is a dispute regarding more involved writing aids, editors only correct and give advice. In a way, he becomes just another source to draw upon. 

You will still be able to claim credit for doing all the work. Outsourcing is forbidden; a little outside help is not. 

The pandemic, professional writers, and online essay checkers

Paper Grader Conditions

The recent pandemic’s effects will have decades-long consequences. Many people lost their loved ones, while the rest were forced into a year of restricted freedom and enjoyment of life. 

The economy was also severely affected. Governments shut down entire sectors overnight, with many people losing their jobs. 

However, no predicament, no matter how bleak, is without its opportunity. People suddenly found themselves on hiatus from their jobs, with an excess of free time. Those who could pursue online contracting decided to make some extra money. 

Writers, programmers, graphic designers, and all sorts of talented individuals saw the silver lining. 

Writers, in particular, seem to find work on freelancing platforms with ease. Yet, there is a catch: most writing work isn’t particularly well-paid. This is especially true for beginners, who can only charge a very modest rate per word. 

Thankfully, there is a market for such work. The Google search engine algorithm works in predictable ways to rank websites. An entire industry sprang overnight, offering clients a higher place in search engine results. 

This service is called SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO implies a lot of content creation, thus a need for writers.

Given the low rates, those professional writers who are just starting their careers will need to focus on volume. Churning out endless streams of content can make it easier for mistakes to pass unnoticed. This situation is where free essay grading can be very useful. 

Essay checking software is often advertised to students, but it is much more suited for SEO and bulk content writing. Essays can be very complex, making it more difficult for AI to evaluate their quality. 

Subtle argumentation, citations, resources, references, and arguments will go unchecked. The paper grader excels in petty errors such as grammar mistakes, missing commas, or typos. It is much more suited for bulk article writing and blog posts.

Using the grade my essay free service, freelance writers can maintain a much swifter pace with their writing, thus increasing profits. 

It is a missed marketing opportunity not to attempt to court freelance writers. Students will have little need for grammar checkers. A human editor’s complete range of services will suit them better. 

A free essay scorer is not used in the area where it will be more effective. 

Google has thousands of the world’s best computer engineers, and even they cannot develop a complex AI comparable to the human mind. What hope does an indie software developer have to crack the AI code? 

Robots will not be doing your college work any time soon. 

This argument should not discourage anyone from using a free paper grader. It will save you countless hours in correcting typos. The craft of writing becomes more enjoyable without the nagging threat of misspelled words and forgotten commas. 

Also, we have the “free” aspect. Having such a service at your disposal for free is an invaluable advantage. If successful, you can upgrade to premium features or migrate to other products. Yet, for a college student who is earning a few extra dollars by doing bulk writing, websites that grade essays are very valuable. 


Words are some of the easiest things to steal. Given this reality, some websites attempt to use and harvest your work. 

The user must upload the essay, article, or blog post to have it checked. Malicious sites can store that work and attempt to sell it to other students.

If another student buys your paper before you’ve submitted it, when someone checks the plagiarism level, your paper will light up as plagiarized which can lead to negative consequences.

So, keep an eye out for fake promises that offer too much. A computerized AI can only do so much when it comes to grading your paper and showing you advice on how to improve it.

The practice is not common, but it does occur. Users need to be careful and verify each site before entrusting them with their work.

Paper grader websites recommended by students

  1. Paper Checker

Paper Checker is an absolutely free paper rater. It works really simply. One just copies and pastes their essay in the provided field. You also have the option to upload a file. Then you need to select what educational level the writer possesses.

Also, you should select the type of paper – aka. essay, story, thesis, blog article, etc. You can choose to have it scanned for plagiarism, as well. There is an advanced check, too, but it directs you to Grammarly. There you can check the article with elements such as audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent being taken into account.

The manuscript you provide is being analyzed right away in real-time. The estimated grade is counted according to word choice, as well as spelling and grammar, together with some other aspects.

The provided feedback shows how you can improve. The free service allows 5 pages at about 300 words per page. There is premium service, as well, that allows for checking up to 15-20 pages.


In you can upload a file or copy and paste the text in the provided field. Then the service will check for grammar correctness, style comprehensibility, as well as spelling. The essay grader allows you to also do paper analysis, spell check, as well as readability check.

The advanced readability checker assesses the texts through the Flesch Grade Level formula to show you the general readability, as well the intricate flaws, seeing specific recommendations on your score. You will see what phrases are wordy or complex and what terminology is redundant.

It shows you tautologies, misuse of the passive voice, as well as other elements that can be improved. The factors that determine the readability score are typical sentence length, general syllable number, percentage of multi-syllable words, typical word length, how many familiar and unfamiliar words there are, how many simple and complex sentences there are.

The paper analysis allows you to see where you can make improvements in your paper, as well as whether you meet the specifications of what is expected from you.

You will see comments on where you can do better, whether you are catching the attention of the reader, are there grammar errors, whether the investigation is valid and extensive enough, how well have you organized your paper, as well as whether you’ve met the stylistic standards. Keep in mind, though, that only the basic version of the service is provided for free.

  1. ScamFighter

ScamFighter is a completely free service without any hidden fees. It’s also easy to use – you simply copy the text you want to check and then paste it right into the provided field.

Then you’d see detailed explanations for the errors that are found and advice on what can you improve. You’d also receive an instant grade and suggestions.

Here you can find basic checks of grammar correctness and spelling. Remember, though, that the advice is computer generated. Here you can also find some handy features for figuring out your next topic and coming up with ideas on how to complete your essays.


It is very hard to be disappointed by something if you do not have unrealistic expectations. A free paper grader will not work miracles or profound changes. It is an AI-based grammar and spelling checker with additional premium features. 

In a world where almost everyone is overworked and stressed, any relief is welcomed. The free online grade can help you save dozens of hours per month just by highlighting minor yet common mistakes.