What’s the Best Way to Write an Essay?


Academia certainly has its ups and downs. Writing an essay can represent one of its greatest pleasures or a tedious activity that must be completed regardless of the hassle. Thankfully, due to the internet, there are several options to choose from, each with its advantages and drawbacks. This article will look at the best essay writer for you and evaluate each option based on its merits or flaws. 

Online essay writer

An online essay writer does what its name suggests: it provides the customer with a ready-made paper. This requires the least amount of input from the student, aside from the service’s fee. 

Some variations come with each essay writer online. However, the basic formula remains the same. One needs first to select which company to trust with the task. There is a multitude of options available, so feel free to shop around. The internet is filled with essay writer websites, so it can get a little confusing at first. An excellent way to orient yourself is to read some essay writer reviews before committing to a specific service. 

Once selected, you will communicate with a writer and provide him with your specifications. During this process, you can also set a deadline, send source material, and negotiate the price.

You just pay and wait for the task’s completion. 

As previously mentioned, this method should deliver a ready-made paper. You only need to spend time during the negotiation phase, and then you’re done.

As far as drawbacks go, the paper cannot reflect your exact vision because it is written with the essay writer help. Of course, he/she should do his/her best to follow your exact specifications, but nobody knows your teacher better than you. Each teacher has specific quirks and pet peeves. A third-party writer can’t be aware of these details. 

There is also the issue of pricing. Is an essay writer cheap? Well, the answer to this question depends on the person asking. For those living on a student’s budget, it can get pricey, especially if you have the free option of writing it yourself.

Automatic Essay Writer

Thankfully, AI has gotten so advanced that it can write our papers for us. Instead of choosing a cheap essay writer, there is the option to employ an auto-writer. In terms of your contribution, this is a middle-of-the-road approach. 

Of course, an auto-writer cannot hope to match the flair of a sentient pro essay writer. The technology simply isn’t there yet. However, it does follow the standard formula and generate most of the work. 

Getting started is often the most challenging part of any task. Once the wheels are in motion, completing the paper is only a matter of time. This is the logic behind the auto-writer: it sets up the framework of the essay, and you only need to trim, edit, and mold it into shape. 

The AI gives you more creative control than simply handing off the task to another person. 

I favor auto-writers when dealing with important subjects that I cannot fully trust to outsource.

It does take more time in terms of drawbacks, especially when compared to hiring an experienced academic essay writer. In my personal experience, the auto-writer is great for getting the bulk of the work done and aids in avoiding procrastination.

Becoming the writer

How does the saying go? Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will never go hungry ever again. 

Premium or free essay writers online are great for situations when I am in a pinch. Yet, they are substitutes for tasks that I should be doing myself. For cases when I am short on time or too unmotivated, I fully endorse these services. 

However, a student should never rely on third-party writers entirely, be they human or AI. Becoming a writer enhances you as a person. After all, we use words and language to think. The better your language skills, the greater your thinking process. 

You will also get to control every minute detail, every comma, and every line of every sentence. There is absolute satisfaction in sculpting an essay into existence and crafting it into a top-notch paper.

You may ask: But what if I’m not great with words? In this regard, the internet can provide you with answers. There are many guides on how to become a good essay writer. You can also choose a free essay writer online and simply learn by example.

In terms of drawbacks, the main issue is time. College curricula are bloated and filled with useless subjects designed to keep you in school longer. Thus, you will deal with endless papers on topics that do not interest you.

The skill cap is also higher. As the writer, you will have to do everything: research, writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, etc.


So, which is better, becoming a writer, hiring a writer, or using an auto-writer?

Successful people always tend to avoid simple thinking, as life seldom offers simple answers. Each of these methods is good for a specific time or predicament. Each is a tool for a time, an arrow in your quiver.

Short on time? Hire an essay writing service. Are you procrastinating and feeling unmotivated? Use an auto-writer to do the bulk of the work while you just trim and prune. 

Finally, when the stars align, if you get a subject that interests you, and you have the motivation and time to do so, write it yourself. 

Maybe you’ll get good enough to write other people’s essays someday, and then you can work for an essay writing service.