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WriteMyPapers Review from Scratch

WriteMyPapers is an essay writing service that has been established in 2010. According to their website, 1718 writers working for the website have already completed 121146 papers. WriteMyPapers offers a wide range of writing services. You can get help with various types of essays, articles, and other coursework. WriteMyPapers also assist with speech writing, tutoring, and dissertations. It is safe to say that the company can get any kind of schoolwork done. 

All the WriteMyPapers.org reviews talk about how great are the writers and the services they provide. However, is it really true? That’s why we took our time to make our own WriteMyPapers review so that you can decide if this service is right for you. Keep reading to find out how the website works, what is its pricing policy like, and what discounts you can get. 

WriteMyPapers.org reviews

How does WriteMyPapers.org work?

  • Ordering

The process of ordering from WriteMyPapers is quite simple. Just like with any other service, the first step is to provide a detailed description of your assignment. Then you have to make a payment by card or through PayPal. We haven’t found any WriteMyPapers review that would suggest the service’s payment procedure is unreliable, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, it is a prepaid service, so be ready to pay before the work on your paper is started. When the payment comes in, Customer Service finds a writer for you. After the writer is selected, you will be notified. From that point on you’ll be able to communicate directly with your writer. 

WriteMyPapers order review
  • Writer selection

WriteMyPapers essay writing service doesn’t use a bidding system. Customer Service determines what writer is the best fit for you. Besides, the website doesn’t provide much information regarding the writers and doesn’t show their profiles on the website. There are two ways to look at it. On one hand, some students feel more confident about their essays if they choose the writer by themselves. On the other hand, services such as WriteMyPapers take anonymity seriously. Some services which pretend to be 100% transparent use fake photos and descriptions for their writers. Perhaps by keeping the information about the writers private, WriteMyPapers can do a better job behind the scenes. Customer Service is more familiar with the writers than you are, so they might know better who is the best option for your essay.

  • After you receive your order

Since it is quite unusual, this WriteMyPapers review wouldn’t be complete without addressing how they deliver their orders. According to WriteMyPapers.org, they send you the first draft in a preview mode with a watermark. You can read it, but you can’t save or edit it. After you go through the paper, you can apply for revisions. Unlike many services, Writemypapers offer only three reviews. When you’re satisfied with the result, you approve the paper and receive it as a Word document. It is possible to apply for revisions after you’ve approved the paper too, but the process will be slightly more complicated.

Writemypapers prices

When it comes to finding out the prices, WriteMyPapers don’t want to waste your time. The website offers you not one, but two quick ways to find out how much your paper would cost. There’s a calculator on the main page that can give you a rough estimate of your paper’s price, as well as the Price section, where you can see a price chart for writing, editing, multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving. You can also choose out of 5 different currencies. That is quite impressive. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to find out the price for your paper. There aren’t many services with such a transparent pricing system.

If you order your paper two weeks in advance, you will only have to pay $11.99 per page. While it’s a great price, not many students use such services when they have that much time. Three days in advance you would have to pay $20 per page. Most of the WriteMyPapers.org reviews agree that it’s a reasonable price. More importantly, the price usually matches the quality of work the students get. 

WriteMyPapers prices review

WriteMyPapers extras

Most of the essay writing companies use 3 basic metrics to determine the price for a paper: assignment type, deadline, and academic level. WriteMyPapers uses them as well. However, they also have a list of extras you can add to your order for an additional cost. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Preferred writer

If you place your order at least 24 hours before the deadline, you can choose a specific writer. Naturally, the price will go up, especially if the writer is on the TOP or Advanced writers list. Since the users can’t see the writers’ profiles, it’s impossible to know whether the writer you chose is on either of those lists. This option might be good for more complicated tasks, but it will make your paper more expensive.

  • Abstract page and table of contents

WriteMyPapers charge 14.99 for an abstract page, which is quite a lot. A table of contents would cost you 9.99. Again, that is a high price for something that takes about 10 minutes.

  • Sources used

This is an interesting option for students who are genuinely interested in the topic of their essay. The writers can send you the resources they used for 4.99$ each. Considering it can save you from some unpleasant situations, it is a reasonable price.

  • VIP customer service

That’s a confusing one. WriteMyPapers offer their clients special treatment from the customer service for $14.99. That means your requests and messages will be answered as soon as possible, and all the notifications will be sent to your phone as a text message too. This raises questions about the quality of customer service for non-VIP clients. Besides, it’s not clear who they are trying to attract by sending notifications through text messages.

  • Editor’s check

If the writers on WriteMyPapers.org really are professionals, paying for an additional editor’s check doesn’t make sense. Moreover, there’s no way to know for sure whether your paper was reviewed by two people or just one.

  • Plagiarism report

Another feature that seems a little suspicious. If a student doesn’t pay for a report, does it mean their paper might not be original? 

Writemypapers discount policies

For this WriteMyPapers review, we found out all the ways you can save up money on your WriteMyPapers essays. 

  • Referral program

Once you register on WriteMyPapers, you will have your personal WriteMyPapers discount code for your friends. If they use it, they can get 10% of their paper’s final price. You, in turn, will get a 10% referral commission on all your friends’ orders.

  • Newcomer discount

Writemypapers offers a 10% discount for your first order. This is one of the most generous newcomer discounts you can find among the writing services.

  • Large order discount

If you need help with a big project, such as a thesis or a dissertation, you can get a discount too. Every order that costs $500 will get 5% off and every order that is $1000 and more will get you 10% off. 

Conclusion on WriteMyPapers

Every single review on WriteMyPapers website claims how great the service is. At first, it might seem suspicious. However, after investigating WriteMyPapers by ourselves we think these essay writing service reviews might be true after all. WriteMyPapers has a great website with all the information you can need. It chooses a writer for you, which can save you time and ensure your writer really is the best fit, not just the lowest bid. The company offers expensive additional services, but if you don’t order them, your essay will be quite affordable. Overall, WriteMyPapers is a good choice for students who need some guidance but can polish the essays by themselves before submitting them.

FAQ about WriteMyPapers

Is WriteMyPapers illegal?

According to their website, WriteMyPapers offer “academic samples”, therefore it can’t be considered cheating. They say their purpose is giving “examples of written works as a study guide or basis for your own paper”. This way, using WriteMyPapers isn’t illegal per se. However, you are responsible for how you use the papers you order from the website. If you don’t alter them, you are submitting someone’s work as your own. That, of course, is cheating.

Is WriteMyPapers reliable?

According to the WriteMyPapers.org reviews, as well as WriteMyPapers.org reviews we found on the independent websites, the company’s reputation is quite good. As usual, some students got papers that didn’t meet their expectations. Still, the majority of the reviews are positive and it seems like WriteMyPapers doesn’t have any major downside.

Is WriteMyPapers a scam?

There’s no reason to believe Writemypapers is a scam. Although they don’t disclose too much information about their writers or policies, it is a quite transparent service. The quality of work you get largely depends on the writer you get, but the service itself is legit.