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WriteMyPaper4Me Writing Service Outline

Academic life can be full of both joy and hardship. It is a journey that molds you into a professional of your chosen field of activity. I experienced many things in abundance during this time, but time was never one of them.

Writing an academic paper requires time, both for the writing itself and for research. Applying just what I’ve learned in class simply is not enough. Extensive extracurricular research is required. Also, certain fields don’t lend themselves well to good writing. An exceptional STEM student may become an astute scientist or developer, yet he/she may lack a flair for the written word.

Not being one to leave things up to chance, I decided to use an essay writing service to maximize my chances of getting a good grade. Making the best out of the situation, I also thought to write down my impressions of the site. The following post contains my WriteMyPaper4Me review and my impressions of the entire experience.

Reasons to use WriteMyPaper4Me paper writing service

There are 3 distinct circumstances when the student will search for a paper writing service. Some may simply not be familiar with the topic, requiring the aid of an outside source. College curriculums are often bloated with subjects that do not directly tie to our main focus. It is the business model of many establishments, to drag out the study period and make more money. A paper writing business can help with those secondary subjects. This leaves you free to focus and specialize in your main subject of study.

Second, we have people overwhelmed with their schedules. Under normal circumstances, college life can gift you with the best years of your life. However, time will always be in short supply. The desire to maintain an active social life and the pursuit of academic excellence will leave most of us with precious little moments to spare. Sites like WriteMyPaper4Me can help lighten your schedule by taking some of the workload off your hands.

Third, we have students who just aren’t gifted writers. An affinity for the written word is required to write an above-average paper. The writer needs to structure his thought and communicate them in detail. Every argument needs to flow, slowly building a case for whatever the subject is.

These abilities aren’t innate and represent a specific skill. Similar to those who are naturally gifted at math or logical reasoning. You can do most of the research yourself, specify your needs, and have the essay writer weave it into a coherent text.

WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews security

In the age of data, security is key. The internet offers unprecedented accessibility and services for free, just for the sake of data collection. This is mostly a harmless pursuit, with your data being used to match patterns and calibrate advertising. Yet, there remain some bad actors that actively seek and steal data from users. Like customers of any kind, we like to know that our privacy is the top priority of whatever business we select. So, is Writemypaper4me safe? Can I trust Writemypaper4me ?

While writing this WriteMyPaper4Me.org review, I found nothing that would suggest a data leak or compromised security. I also scoured the internet for worst-case scenarios, and nothing came up. Although there are some complaints regarding this service, compromised data was not one of them.

What did worry me is that no promises were made. Companies are used to proudly boasting on their front page, praising their secure servers. This omission raises a question, but it may be just my subjective opinion.

Upon visiting the site, the user will see a cookie consent banner with a vague formulation that could mean anything. A student in the hurry will quickly click agree just to proceed. This is bad practice and more details should be available for browsing. It is not enough to display:  ‘Staying on this website means you agree with our Privacy Policy and the way we use them for your experience’

Having put my mind at ease, I decided to proceed with my review of WriteMyPaper4Me.

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Other people’s WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews

In the dark days before the internet, customers would rely on hearsay to spread the word about a business. This provided an inconsistent view of a service’s quality.

The internet has changed the entire business landscape for the better. Potential clients can easily research tens, if not hundreds of WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews to obtain an informed and mostly accurate opinion. There will be people who outright bash a service in their review for Writemypaper4me, while others will praise it without merit. Still, most impressions will be somewhere in the middle, trying to provide an accurate picture.  This section does not reflect my personal opinion, but a compilation of what can be found online.

Is Writemypaper4me legit?

I have read as many WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews as humanly possible, and the conclusion is that the service excels in presentation, yet offers a mediocre product with underwhelming results. This would not be a bad thing in itself, as it just delivers what’s necessary. The issue comes from the fact that it promises excellence. Disappointment is created by the contrast between its marketing promises and the actual essay itself.

Writer quality should also be taken into consideration. Almost the entire experience depends on the quality of the writer that is assigned to your task. This could help explain the difference in reviews. Some were just unlucky and got a bad writer. It may be as simple as that.

Still, there are universally praised features in every review of WriteMyPaper4Me that I’ve come across. First, I could not find any criticism of their website, or its design. It is pretty, sleek, and very user friendly. Younger web developers often forget that not every potential client grew up with a smartphone, and that some people have issues navigating a web page.

WriteMyPaper4Me understands that fact and has implemented a web page that even a toddler can navigate with ease. First impressions regarding a site are important. This service scores a high mark in this regard.

Another noteworthy perk is that the company is willing to give your money back if the product is underwhelming. Many paper writing services outright refuse to adopt a refund policy. They compensate through an endless series of reviews, rewrites, and writer changes. This can be highly frustrating when you intend to get your money back and simply move on to another site.

High scores for the refund policy.

You can find hundreds of WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews online, and few of them are genuinely positive. Most of them express either frustration or mediocrity. Some even claim that it is a scam, but there is no evidence to suggest that fact. These accusations may result from paid reviews from their competitors. Is Writemypaper4me legitimate? Absolutely!

Based on the experiences and impressions of other people, WriteMyPaper4Me has the following characteristics:

●     A mediocre service that provides passing grade levels on quality

●     Beautiful website design with a user-friendly interface

●     Somewhat obscure marketing regarding its policy and security

●     Refund policy

●     Inconsistent writing quality

●     Missing auto plagcheck

●     Even positive reviews mention the inconsistent quality

Review of WriteMyPaper4Me’s staff

At this point in my research, I’ve formed mixed opinions based on second-hand accounts. From now on, everything will reflect on my personal experience:

One of the most important factors for me is customer service. I care about how I am treated, and how I am spoken to. It is infuriating to need urgent communication, only to be thrown in an endless pre-written FAQ loop.

The presence of a live chat feature is very important as far as many clients are concerned. It’s good to see that WriteMyPaper4Me cares enough about its clients to talk to them directly. 

Both the staff of the site itself and the writers are polite and helpful, scoring top marks in this regard.

The site’s PR and marketing are also good, although their efforts seem to be wasted. The negative and mediocre WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews overshadow any attempts to put their service into a positive light.

It is standard industry practice to post some pledges of quality that promise the client an outstanding service. However, even my browser grammar plugin can detect many spelling and grammar errors in the site itself. It is bad when a site that advertises high-level academic writing has spelling errors in the section where it’s supposed to impress you.

●     Helpful and polite staff

●     Great marketing

●     Live chat feature

●     A significant percentage of bad writers

●     Grammar mistakes while promising perfection

Writemypaper4me prices review

My impression is that WriteMyPaper4Me is an affordable service. It would not be justified for them to raise their prices, given the middle of the road service delivered. The rate for one page of content depends on two main factors: the academic level of the paper, and the deadline set by the client. At its cheapest, a page’s price can be 15$, going up to 60$. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but not many. For the average student just wanting to get a passing grade on a subject, WriteMyPaper4Me can fit in their budget.

This is not one of those obscure internet services that only accept payment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The most popular and prolific payment options can be chosen. This includes American Express, Visa, PayPal, and Mastercard. It should be mentioned that not every academic topic has an American Express or PayPal option. A majority accept only standard credit and debit cards.

The range of payment options is a bonus, removing one more barrier to entry. This makes the service not only affordable but versatile and easy to access.

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My experience with WriteMyPaper4Me Writing

When I accessed their site, I was greeted by a simple and colorful design. It was pleasant and functional. As previously mentioned, a cookie consent banner was at the top of the page. It was not very intrusive.

On the left side of the page, a bullet point list was available. The site mentions their commitment to customer satisfaction, their dedication towards privacy, a promise to never fail deadlines, and a pledge to resolve the most challenging orders.

The list itself is well-designed. Every bullet point turning into a checkmark as my mouse cursor hovered over it. Customers respond positively to any attention to detail as it shows the developer’s passion for his project.

This is not the first time I’ve attempted to use an essay writing service. Some sites lack a discount code, while others simply paste the code on their front page. WriteMyPaper4Me surprised me, as they turned their Writemypaper4me discount code into a mini-game. On the bottom left corner of the page, you can play this simple game to get the code. This attention to detail is a pleasant and welcome surprise. Getting personal discount code for Writemypaper4me was fun. In terms of other social categories, I do not know if there is a Writemypaper4me military discount, or a discount for those with disabilities.

The following section showcases a price calculator. It has the following sections:

●     Task type: Writing, Editing, and Presentation drop-down options

●     Academic level: High School, College, University, Masters, and Ph.D. drop-down options

●     Number of pages: features a number dial

●     Deadline: ranging from 10 days to 6 hours

Based on your data, an estimate of the total price will be calculated. It was useful to know the sum before I even started to specify any details. Here are some examples of the offer prices per page:

High school:

●     10+ days – 15$

●     8-9 days – 16$

●     6-7 days – 17$

●     4-5 days – 18.50$

●     3-4 days – 20.50$

●     48 hours – 20$

●     24 hours – 26$

●     12 hours – 30$

●     6 hours – 36$

●     3 hours – 45$


●     10+ days – 17$

●     8-9 days – 18$

●     6-7 days – 19$

●     4-5 days – 20.50$

●     3-4 days – 22.50$

●     48 hours – 25$

●     24 hours – 29$

●     12 hours – 34$

●     6 hours – 41$

●     3 hours – 51$


●     10+ days – 20$

●     8-9 days – 21$

●     6-7 days – 22.50$

●     4-5 days – 24.50$

●     3-4 days – 27$

●     48 hours – 30$

●     24 hours – 34$

●     12 hours – 40$

●     6 hours – 48$

●     3 hours – 60$

These prices were within my budget, and can be afforded by most students. For more information regarding this topic, check out their website. It makes sense that a quicker delivery and a higher academic level would require more money. The work is more intense, the research is more extensive, and the timeframe is limited.

On their price page, WriteMyPaper4Me justifies its prices and takes time to warn against cheaper services and plagiarism. The paper they delivered to me was free from any type of plagiarism, proving that they can provide a quality service.

I shouldn’t have to check the spelling, editing, or use plagiarism checks when I’m paying them to do so. To be fair, this is not the company’s fault. The online rumors made this a necessity, helping to put my mind at ease.

The Process of Ordering at WriteMyPaper4Me

The process of ordering a paper was not complicated. On their main page, I provided my data to a small order form. This kickstarted the process, I followed every instruction, and soon I was able to talk to my writer. I was told he was selected based on the academic level of my paper. There is also a statement that he specializes in the field of study I requested. That seemed unlikely, as I find it hard to believe that they have hundreds of writers available, each specialized in a specific academic niche. I had to pay upfront, but that wasn’t a drawback. It is the industry standard to do so.

Overly-ambitious statements aside, our discussion did not last long. Still, I got the impression that if I wanted to talk for an hour, he would have been available.

After the paper was finished, I could download it from my email, or directly from their site. As previously mentioned, I could not find any errors or plagiarism. This may be due to the lower-level academic requirement of my paper, or simply that the internet rumors were unfounded.

Conclusion of my WriteMyPaper4Me review

Going into this review, I had very low expectations. Unjustified low WriteMyPaper4Me.org reviews have warped my perception. It was a pleasant surprise to receive a decent paper on time. Maybe it was the luck of the draw and I got a good writer, or maybe the service does not deserve its bad reputation. Either way, I am satisfied with the final result.

FAQ about WriteMyPaper4Me

Is Writemypaper4me a legal service?

The short answer is yes. It is compliant with the law and does not breach any local, state, or national regulation.

Will the Writemypaper4me essay be proofread and edited?

The writer must check his work before submitting it. Editors will also verify each paper for any error.

Is this a guaranteed high mark on my WriteMyPaper4Me paper?

Nobody can promise you a maximum score. The service guarantees that the writer will follow your instructions exactly.

Are all Writemypaper4me paper writing reviews negative?

Not all of them, and the negative points brought up in other reviews do not seem to reflect reality.

Is Writemypaper4me reliable?

I have not found any cases of them failing to deliver their promised work.

Is Writemypaper4me trustworthy?

Is Writemypaper4me trustworthy?

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