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Wiseessays essay writing service: How it works

It is common knowledge that the internet has changed the landscape in every conceivable field of activity. From academics to farming and medicine, nothing was left untouched by the greatest information revolution in history.

While the academic establishment remains an essential pillar of society, its infrastructure and procedures have evolved. For example, students do not have to spend countless hours browsing library books, when the same information is readily available online. 

The same logic can apply to term papers and essays. In this Wiseessays review, I will take a look at a service that promises to write your paper for you, giving you back some of your most precious resource: time. 

So, is Wiseessays cheating? Did I somehow outsource my responsibility by using this service? In essence, no. It is optimal to outsource some of your busy-work, especially for some secondary, non-essential subject. Colleges have been known to stuff their curricula just so they could prolong the tuition period. As far as I’m concerned, I was just evening the scales. 

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Review of Wiseessays website: General first-impressions 

Wiseessays calculator

If I would have to use a single term to describe their website, it would be “industry standard”. This is a perfectly decent page, with a functional, non-offensive design. The color scheme is not too aggressive, nor is it too calming and benign. The page has a combination of orange, white and green, which all work well together. 

It seems like the company hired a competent web development team, and it shows. 

In terms of PR and customer support, this can be a mixed bag. I wasn’t surprised to see negative reviews of Wiseessays. In general, paper writing services receive a lot of criticism online. The only way to form an accurate opinion was to try it out myself. 

As a customer of any business, I care not just about the product itself, but how I am treated. In the modern, hyper-competitive landscape, I refuse to waste my time waiting for a client support representative to contact me back. This may just be a personal pet peeve, but a live chat function is mandatory. 

While a live chat function is promised in their statements, I could not get anyone to talk to me directly. Searching online, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Other reviews of Wiseessays mention the same issue. An email response came in 30 minutes, yet it is not the channel I wished to use. The answer was well-phrased and overly-polite, but I am hesitant to give them any bonus points for that. After all, it is the bare minimum of conduct. 

In its general statement, the company pledges to deliver each paper on paper, without compromising quality. 

  • A functional and decent website
  • Agreeable customer support
  • Problems accessing the live chat feature
Wiseessays writer

Review of Wiseessays prices and order process

This Wiseessay review is not the first time I’ve decided to use a paper writing service. In terms of price, Wiseessays closely walks the line of being overpriced. It is still affordable even on a student budget. However, it is possible to shop around and get a better deal. The quality is inconsistent. It is not hard to find Wiseessays reviews that complain about the quality of the received paper. Still, that happens to ever similar business. 

The issue stems from the fact that they all draw from the same large but limited pool of freelance writers. Freelancers will always be a wildcard, capable of both excellence and mediocrity. Do not expect a single service to represent the gold standard of the industry. In my opinion, some negative Wiseessays reviews are overly-negative, not understanding the general trends of the industry.

A truthful Wiseessays review cannot omit its diverse range of services. Very few competitors have such a broad range of tasks that they are willing to complete. This includes response essays, discussion posts, homework, question-answer paper, persuasive essays, outlines, article critiques, term papers, research papers, coursework, and many more. Instead of simply separating their services into academic tiers like their competitors, Wiseeasys broadened their scope. In general, any action that shows extra effort and attention to detail will be appreciated by potential customers. The paper I ordered for this Wiseessay review was in the “Homework” category.

If you are a writer yourself, you can even hire them to edit your work. For good measure, the “Other” category covers anything that the sprawling lists may have missed. Needless to say, I am very impressed by the spectrum of writing that they are willing to offer. 

My only concern in this Wiseessays review is the aforementioned pool of writers. I doubt that they hire college professors to do their work, so mostly they will work with freelancers. Yet, if they can stick to their claims, Wiseessays will be the most impressive paper writing service I’ve seen to date.

  • A vast array of services that covers almost every conceivable niche
  • Prices are somewhat higher
  • Many other Wiseessays reviews complain about inconsistent writing 
Wiseessays prices

Conclusion on WiseEssays Online Service

In conclusion, Wiseessays stands out from the pack. It almost seems like any other online paper writing site. That changes when you read its selection of services. 

Aside from its main strength, it is unremarkable and mediocre, filling the ranks of the growing online paper writing service trend. The few pages I ordered were decent, with no outstanding grammar errors or plagiarism detected.

FAQ about WiseEssays

Is Wiseessays safe?

It is a safe service, and I’ve found no evidence to the contrary. One of their main pledges is towards data safety and protection. It is stated that user data is not shared, and they only use mainstream payment processors.

Is Wiseessays trustworthy?

I have found no history of scams, undelivered papers, or monetary misconduct.

Is there any special offer, such as a Wiseessays discount code?

Wiseessays offers a decent range of discounts. For first-time orders, customers will receive a 15% rate of discount. On their second order, the discount will be 10%. Besides, there is a cumulative life-long discount code that improves the more you order. For a total of 20-49 pages, the rate is 5%. For 50-99 pages, the rate is 10%. And for 100 or more pages, the rate is 15%.

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