EssayPro review: my experience using the service


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The Essay I Bought From EssayPro​


  • Type of paper: Essay (Persuasive)
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: Single-Sex Colleges Provide a Better Education
  • Level: High School
  • Length: 1 page / 275 words
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 10 days

EssayPro Essay Analysis and Evaluation​

Grammar and Spelling: 7/10
  • There are no grammar or spelling mistakes
Style and word choice: 7/10
  • I think that the word ‘fact’ is used too much. It is used 18 times in the text.
  • “the earth is flat” – “the Earth”
  • “by” is used two times in one sentence: “Those who complain today about bias in the classroom are usually motivated by a dislike of the perspectives taken by their instructors”
Punctuation: 8/10
  • In a complex sentence, there should be a comma after “with”
  • “If we want to complain about instructors teaching things as facts that they do not agree with we will end up with the absurd result that nearly nothing can be taught without charges of bias.”
Formating: 10/10
  • The essay was formatted due to the APA standards.
Plagiarism: 8/10
  • Grammarly finds this text plagiarized but Copyscape says it is original. The writer also sent a screenshot that shows that this essay plagiarism-free.
Documentation and evidence: 10/10
  • The author used the relevant sources.
Following instructions: 10/10
  • The writer followed all the guidelines they were given.
Punctuality: 10/10
  • The essay was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery: 10/10
  • The ordering process was very easy.
Communication with support: 10/10
  • The customer support always replied fast.
Communication with the writer: 10/10
  • The writer is easy to communicate with.
Payment: 10/10
  • The payment was made without problems.
Ideas and content: 10/10
  • The writer presented some interesting ideas that were relevant to the essay’s topic.

What was good​

The text has good formatting according to APA. The communication with the support and writer was great. They were very helpful while dealing with plagiarism problems.

What was missing​

There were some lexical and stylistic mistakes that were very obvious. The text is a bit hard for understanding.


The job was done OK. But there were some issues with plagiarism of the text but it was figured out. Also, there are some punctuation errors and stylistic mistakes. Nevertheless, the help of the support was great and all issues were fixed quickly. The text is well-formatted according to the APA format. And in general the ideas and content are good. The overall score can be 8 out of 10.