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StudyBay Website Review: trustworthy, experienced, friendly

According to the Marketing of Educational Services: Research on Service Providers Satisfaction by Nataliya Kalenskaya, Ilshat Gafurov, Aida Novenkova educational service providers, more than anything, need to be competitive. It is not only their key to success but also their clients’. Indeed, it is impossible to separate educational services from its client. They are a unit. And when we talk about an essay writing service this idea gets even more perceptible.

Today, I would like to present to you the essay service that has earned my trust and never let me down. I prefer to start the StudyBay review with a simple truth – if you’ll make even one person in the world happy your mission in this world is completed. 

Now, let me analyze the StudyBay, is it trustworthy? 

StudyBay is Fake. Or not? How can I be sure?

I am glad this is the first question that popped up in your head as it is crucial. 

StudyBay is a legit service that provides high school and college students with academic writing help since 2013. When the StudyBay appeared on the market, it was huge news. The team of young bachelor degree holders offered their help at extremely low prices. That is what helped them to attract the audience. 

Now, it is a team of professionals from all over the world. It is a group of writers, professors, and narrow experts who spend their time helping you enjoy your way and reach the desired destination. 

If you reach their Terms and Conditions page you will find everything that has to be there. The service has all the needed documents about its practice. Moreover, it willingly answers any questions concerning it. 

However, do not believe what you see or what others say (including me). Check it on your own. Twice.

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How StudyBay Works?

There is nothing special about the StudyBay’s routine besides it keeps the promises and doesn’t cheat. 

Like any other trustworthy essay writing service, StudyBay offers you a variety of possibilities. You can make an order via the special form; connect with the customer specialist via the chatbox or send an inquiry in the window under the conversation in the chatbox. 


Cool feature!

Probably, you are wondering ‘Is StudyBay real’? Can I be sure they really exist and provide the service I need or is StudyBay illegal? 

Check this out! StudyBay is so real and close that you can find them on Instagram! Many young people today who are the main customers of StudyBay spend a lot of their time on this platform. So, they don’t even need to get used to some different or academic websites. 

StudyBay instagram

Look for the Study Bay reviews on Instagram, too

Follow StudyBay on Instagram and make use of all the incentives they offer.


Due to StudyBay ratings all over the internet, it almost never misses the deadlines. Its success score is 96% which is absolutely fair according to my experience, too. 

Next, you have to specify as many details as possible, choose the deadline, choose the writer, provide the payment, and wait for your paper to get done. 

How to Use StudyBay? 

It is effortless, to be honest. 

The easiest way is to go to their webpage and fill up the form. When you will be filling up the form you will have to leave your email address. Thus, this way is the most protected as you will get information about the process on your email. 

Also, you can find them on Instagram and let them know you are interested in their service in direct messages. 


Cool feature!

They claim that your order will be started working on three minutes after they receive the details. Unbelievable, but they do! 

StudyBay services

Okay, maybe not three, sometimes it could be four or five minutes, but it is still impressive. 


You can call or write an email. Anything will do. Just make them know you need their help and they will do everything else. 

The Price Question at StudyBay

After making sure the service is reliable, clients ask how much it will cost them. What is full price StudyBay requests for its job?

As I mentioned earlier in my previous reviews, good essay writing services couldn’t be cheap. The prices on StudyBay is fair and affordable. Each college paper costs different money, so it is difficult to generalize the situation. 

However, there is a start price for the page and it is only 5$! 

StudyBay website

What is full price StudyBay writes essays for? It starts from 5$

You can catch such an amazing opportunity if the writer that earns her authority will be free to work on your assignment or one of the experienceв writers decided to find new clients and make a special discount. Anyway, you’ll get a paper of high quality, edited, and proofread. There is nothing to worry about. If the price is a problem for you, choose this service. As even young writers here are hard-workers. 

To add, every newbie customer gets a 5$ discount for her first order, so the final price will be fine for sure. 

study bay reviews

5$ discount improves StudyBay ratings significantly

StudyBay’s Writers

StudyBay cooperates with writers all over the world. Thanks to the technologies we get, there is no need to invite writers to a full-time job. They could write papers for you from any place in the world. Thus, they have different native languages, fields of expertise, life experiences, and views. It is a great mixture to guarantee clients they will get exactly what they need. 

StudyBay’s writers present almost every profession in the world. They are software and web developers, graphic designers, biologists, pediatricians, tutors, telecommunication specialists, filmmakers, sound directors, etc. They have jobs in popular and well-paid fields and it makes them extremely interesting for essay services and their customers as well. 

My StudyBay review wouldn’t be complete without the fact that the company offers you to meet the writers if you want. You can go to the Writers Page and read about each of them. 

There is not only information about the degree, hobbies, and academic views, but also thoughts on random ideas. So, you can choose the writer based on their academic achievements and lifestyle as well. Sometimes, the second one is even more important. For example, when your order is an admission custom essay writing. 

In the bottom, you can also find the reviews for StudyBay writers left by students. Unfortunately for those who are only deciding on the service, it is impossible to contact the reviewer to know more useful information. Nevertheless, it is the question of privacy and it is fantastic that StudyBay doesn’t ignore it. 

The Communication at StudyBay

This is the major strength of StudyBay. From my experience, StudyBay has the best customer support department and digital marketing team. They react to your request immediately. And it adds to them +100 points in their success story. 

Often, students open a few tabs and write to different essay writing services simultaneously. They continue reading StudyBay reviews and reviews on its competitors while waiting for the answer. Usually, essay writing services try to contact you in 5 minutes. StudyBay answers in 3! And that’s what makes clients cooperate with them in the first place. 

Sure, after the customer service specialist contacts you it will be around 5 more minutes to discuss your order. Sometimes, you have to wait on the line. But that immediate “high five”, “how can I help you?” from a real person is outstanding. 

Besides that, the company keeps an eye on StudyBay reviews on the Internet, and work with those customers who have complaints. They talk about the problems honestly and make a big deal from each problem their clients have met. 

I know that some of you don’t like this rush around clients. I don’t like it either. Anyway, it is a sign of good service and a reliable company that values its clients. And who doesn’t want to feel valuable? 

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StudyBay Quality Guarantee 

StudyBay strives high quality as any other reliable essay service. When I was ordering papers from StudyBay all my requirements were met, even if not at the first try. I think, here you will find the most highly trained writers. 

StudyBay team has one truly unique feature that helps them to stand out. They tailor each project to your preferences. Sure, there is some kind of routine after so many years of practice, but still, the client is a person above all. 

The high quality of the essays StudyBay is based on:

  1. Writers’ expertise and talent

I ordered different assignments here. There were creative writing tasks, biology report, coursework on history, etc. Each of the times I cooperated with the passionate professionals who chose their career path consciously. They loved what they did, thus, their writing was splendid. 

Besides that, StudyBay has an Editing and Proofreading Department. Its employees make your papers polished and free of grammar or spelling mistakes. This double-checks save you even more time. 

  1. Free plagiarism checker 

Nevertheless, all essays are written from scratch on StudyBay, the editors check the papers using their plagiarism checker. It is free, fast, and effective. I can do it by myself, but I like I haven’t to. 

  1. Direct contact with the writers

Obviously, this is why the service is so helpful and popular. When you talk to the performer directly, it is much easier to understand each other. Sometimes, you say unclear rubbish to the writer as you aren’t sure what you need. But she understands you! Perhaps, she has already worked on a similar project. Or maybe she has similar thoughts. It eases the process unbelievably! I can’t imagine how long it would take if there were an assistant between us. 

StudyBay Money Back Guarantee 

Preparing this StudyBay review, I have been looking for the comments from other clients of this service about the refund policy. But I have found nothing. I believe, it means there are a tiny number of those who did request it. And probably all of them were satisfied. 

However, there is a statement on the StudyBay website that explains the details of payments and refunds. 

StudyBay testimonials

Is StudyBay legit? Yes, it is. And here is why…

According to it, after you have chosen the writer, the funds on your StudyBay account is blocked. They are put on hold, and will be released when you get the final version of your college paper and when the 20-day warranty period expires. Before that time you can request a refund. 

This sounds solid to me. In this case, StudyBay acts like any bank you use. We are going through the same procedure when paying for vacation accommodation or reserving books in the bookshop. We don’t pay money until we receive a product. However, we have to confirm we are able to pay. 

StudyBay Revision Policy

A free revision is available on the StudyBay by request. 

You can order it using the common form if: 

  • You caught grammar or spelling mistakes

If you see that your essay wasn’t edited and proofread (or you think so), you have all the rights to order a revision. 

  • The essay isn’t original and/or contains parts from other copies 

It could be citations. Then you will find references in the bibliography and can be sure this is not an issue. But if it isn’t linked to other sources, it is a reason to order a revision. 

  • You aren’t satisfied with the final version of your essay

It happens more often than it seems. But it is normal. Sometimes we just see things differently and it is hard to read the customers’ minds. As you can’t just ask StudyBay delete order or rewind the transaction, the essay service expects you to write as precise and thorough comments and suggestions as possible. In case, you and the writer still don’t understand each other, you can order a revision. 

Though the revision is not a magical pill, it solves the problem in 9 cases out of 10. For the other 10% there is a money back guarantee option. 

Is StudyBay Cheating?

I don’t think so. When I go through the history of my orders at my old StudyBay account, I don’t see any delays or arguments. 

There were discussions and revisions, though. I didn’t like the papers a few times. One of them was my chemistry report. We had a project and the report has to be written according to a unique plan our professor has provided us with. I added it to the order request and informed the writer it was essential to use it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. If I had more time, I’d more likely found the other essay service and request a refund from StudyBay. But I didn’t. Instead, I have sent the paper for the revision and got it in 2 hours in the format I expected before. 

So, my issue was solved relatively fast and with no pretenses. The writer admitted the mistake and fixed it. This is what makes me write a review on StudyBay in the first place. 

To Sum Up about StudyBay

This StudyBay review is personalized and subjective as any other review on the Internet. The main advantage of it that the author has made use of more than 20 such services and has a possibility to compare. And the main advantages of StudyBay essay service are:

  • Reliability

StudyBay has been helping students from 2013 and now, in 2021, keep up with times.

  • Promptness and politeness

Your request is answered in 3 minutes. Your personality is treated with all due respect. 

  • High quality of the papers

Experienced and professional writers apply all their knowledge and talent to create a perfect essay for you. 

  • Direct cooperation with the writer

StudyBay is just an exchange service. The customer communicates with the writer without intermediaries. It makes the process easier, faster, and more effective. 

  • More than affordable prices

5$ for the page! Such prices don’t need to be promoted. 

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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