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Can I trust Premier Essay?

In preparation for this PremierEssay review, I read dozens of online impressions. While some had their complaints, none claimed that the service was illegitimate or a scam. All customers received the work they ordered.

Academic work can be inspiring and informative at best or turn into boring drudgery at worst. It all depends on the subject and the student’s interest. It is a common occurrence for colleges and universities to load their curricula with many irrelevant subjects. This is done to artificially prolong the study period, increasing profits from tuition. While the credit system is not ideal, there are ways of lessening your burden. In such demanding times, sites like PremierEssay can provide some much-needed relief.

Essay writing services have become an integral part of the student experience. For a certain fee, they promise to write a quality essay that will at least give you a passing grade. Yet, there is skepticism regarding any online service, as the number of internet scams has increased.

There is a general air of negativity surrounding online essay writing services. I can’t tell you if this is from paid negative reviews, high consumer standards, or authentic backlash against an underwhelming service. What I can tell you is that PremierEssay has received a much more positive reception when compared to its competition. 

So, is PremierEssay legit?

PremierEssay website

Review of PremierEssay offers

PremierEssay is an online business that promises to write academic tasks free of any plagiarism. This service offers complete privacy and data protection, in addition to a refund clause for those who are not satisfied with the final product. 

This PremierEssay review is an amalgam of my personal experience with their website, and other Premier Essay reviews found online. It is intended to provide potential clients with the most accurate information possible. I was very careful to watch out for plagiarism, considering that it can bring some of the harshest penalizations in academic circles.

Aesthetics were taken into account, yet my entire decision was not based solely on how the site looked. Still, attention to detail can tell you something about the business that owns the page.

I will deduct a few points from the final score because their site lacks and Services section. It should be easy for a student to do research and find out what exactly can they expect to purchase.

Premier Essay paper writing reviews mention successful homework, research paper book reports, dissertations, personal statements, proofreading, editing, term papers, and copywriting services. Although other sites can offer a broader menu, this covers most academic tasks. Even companies and small businesses can benefit from such a selection.

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Premier Essay Reviews: What other customers say?

As previously mentioned, PremierEssay is unique among online paper writing services. It is common for reviews to be overwhelmingly negative, even for service which I consider being superior. To some extent, expectations do come into consideration. Very few papers produced by third parties can match the passion and knowledge of a student or professor. 

I do not believe the claims of many sites, claims that suggest they only hire experts in Academic writing. Most of them are general freelance writers with experience. A freelance writer is used to handling thousands of topics based on rigorous research. Yet, in this review of PremierEssay, we will take their claims seriously and assume cooperation with Master, and Ph.D. level contributors.

Students must realize that online paper writing services will provide you with only a decent paper. It will rarely turn out a masterpiece dissertation. However, getting a passing grade is superior to being late, or failing and losing credits. 

There are some Premier Essay reviews featured directly on their website. However, I took this with a grain of salt. It is to be expected that a featured review for PremierEssay will be overwhelmingly positive. This can be damaging to be some extent because it raises expectations to an unrealistic level. It would be wiser to manage expectations. 

PremierEssay testimonials

To be fair, such papers are not supposed to be written in a single night or across a few days. The entire purpose is to demand attentive research and writing. In many cases, the writers are just doing the best they can in a limited timeframe.

After reading a multitude of Premier Essay reviews, I came to the following conclusions:

  • It is a solid service which delivers a mostly mediocre product
  • A functional website
  • More positive impressions when compared to other essay paper writing services

PremierEssay Prices and discounts

Is PremierEssay legit in terms of price?

In terms of price, PremierEssay does not impress, nor does it disappoint. It charges a middle of the road price, for a middle of the road service. There is nothing wrong with that, remembering that most of us just want to get a passing grade. The most valuable part is the time freed up from our schedule.

The rates are calculated based on the academic level and requirements. The deadline is also taken into consideration. I find this fair, as higher academic standards will require more work, and the sooner you need it, the harder it will be to write. Premier Essay is not the only company that employs this calculation, given that it is a universal industry standard. 

Here are some examples of prices per page:

High School:

  • 14 days – 12.99$
  • 10 days – 15.99$
  • 7 days – 15.55$
  • 6 days – 16.99$
  • 5 days – 18.99$
  • 4 days – 19.99$
  • 3 days – 20.99$
  • 48 hours – 23.99$
  • 24 hours – 24.99$
  • 12 hours – 29.99$
  • 8 hours – 33.99$
  • 6 hours – 25.99$
  • 3 hours – 39.99$


  • 14 days – 14.99$
  • 10 days – 15.99$
  • 7 days – 16.55$
  • 6 days – 16.99$
  • 5 days – 19.99$
  • 4 days – 20.99$
  • 3 days – 23.99$
  • 48 hours – 24.99$
  • 24 hours – 27.99$
  • 12 hours – 29.99$
  • 8 hours – 33.99$
  • 6 hours – 35.99$
  • 3 hours – 39.99$

A currency calculator is available. While many other sites have chosen only to display their services in USD, PremierEssay went through the trouble of adding rates for GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD. 

PremierEssay prices

Some thought went into their pricing scheme. This is not the first time I am using such a service. Other paper writing sites either offer no discount or just throw a discount code on the screen as an afterthought. 

The PremierEssay discount code is different, as it is variable depending on how much you order:

  • 5% discount for 15 pages
  • 10% discount for 50 Pages
  • 15% discount for 100 pages

Although this may seem generous, it can prove disadvantageous to people with smaller, one-time orders. Still, the PremierEssay discount code is an overall positive, especially for those with long assignments, or multiple orders.

Premier Essay reviews also praise the refund policy. Some of their competitors often refuse to refund any costs, and simply drag you through endless revisions, edits, and even offer to change the writer. Yet, sometimes you just want to get your money back and select another service. This adds another reason why you should try this site, knowing that the financial risk is minimized.

PremierEssay discount

Overall, the pricing is:

  • Affordable for most students
  • Discount codes encourage people to buy in volume 
  • Different currency calculator

Conclusion of my PremierEssay review

This was a run of the mill experience, with nothing to stand out. The writer was polite and punctual, taking my suggestions into consideration. Given the money-back-guarantee, it seems like the business is pretty confident that is can deliver on what’s promised.

I ordered a high-school paper and fully admit to having a small sample size to take into consideration. Maybe things start breaking down when working with a higher academic level. Still, the company claims to employ Ph.D. and Masters level writers. If that statement is true, the difficulty will never become an issue.

While there are some negative Premier Essay reviews found online, most of them are either ambivalent or positive.

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FAQ about PremierEssay

Is PremierEssay reliable?

It depends on your expectations. You can depend on it to follow your specifications, and deliver on time.

Is the PremierEssay paper guaranteed to get me an A?

Not always. You also have to contribute clear instructions, give outlines, and communicate with the writer. He/she can write the work from scratch, but much better results can be had if you collaborate. As a student, you have a feel for your professor’s pet peeves, and what’s he’s looking for in a paper.

Is PremierEssay secure?

Yes, it is. Their service employs multiple firewalls and the information of each client is hidden and encrypted. You can also choose to use a pseudonym on their site. They were never hacked, and no data leak was ever recorded.

What’s the quality of the PremierEssay writers

PremierEssay claims to employ writers with degrees and plenty of experience. Their employment tests include a trail task, an English grammar test, and a review of their credentials. I cannot verify this, but the work I received from them does not seem to contradict that claim.

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