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What You Need to Know About PenDrago Writing Service

As a student, being knowledgeable about your subject of study is not enough. High school makes you good at taking tests, yet it fails to teach you other skills that are just as important. One of the most important abilities that most students lack is time management. That, coupled with the ambition to learn and excel can quickly cause you to burn out. 

Writing essays can be very time-consuming and outright boring. For this Pendrago review, we will take a look at a service that promises to lighten your schedule by writing your papers for you. I only needed to specify the field of activity, number of pages, and deadline. 

So, is Pendrago legit, or is it a scam? Based on my personal experience and multiple online Pendrago reviews, I can safely say that no, Pendrago is not a scam. There are no recorded instances of people paying for papers and not receiving them.

However, delivering on time is the bare minimum, and not missing deadlines is not enough to make them a great service. 

Is Pendrago cheating?

The answer to that question is: it depends. There are good and bad reasons to hire a writer to do your work for you. I was in a time crunch that did not allow me to complete everything I had to do. Pendrago saved me a lot of time, time that I spent studying and getting my affairs in order. 

Of course, there will always be people who want to cheat the system, and want to find a lazy solution for their tasks. That can be considered cheating. 

Academia does its best to encourage this type of behavior as well. Adopting a business mindset, most universities try to cram in as many courses as possible. You could shave off years from most degrees, by simply focusing on what is necessary to know. Instead, the timetables are bloated with subjects and classes, just to extend the learning period. 

One could hardly blame an overworked student for reading a Pendrago review and deciding to outsource his most useless essays. 

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Reading online Pendrago reviews, opinions of other clients

Whenever I decide to buy something, I always do my homework. Researching a certain product helps you avoid buyer’s remorse. After all, both your time and money are resources that you do not want to see squandered. 

It is very rare to find absolute praise on the internet, except for paid Pendrago reviews commissioned by the business itself. As expected, most Pendrago reviews are a mixed bag, with clients describing both the good and bad elements. 

There are common threads in all comments, and those will be the objects of our focus. 

Pendrago prices can be higher than average when compared to its competitors. It is still an affordable service, yet this aspect can deter someone living on a student’s budget and just wants to get a passing grade. 

Some Pendrago writing service reviews claim that this increase in price is justified by a higher quality of writing. Yet, others state the quality is mid-tier, industry-standard essay mill output. This debate seems split right down the middle, so I was left cautiously optimistic that I would get a decent paper. 

Almost universal disdain was thrown at this service, as customers claim they were charged for rewrites. Most paper writing companies admit when they deliver a sub-par product and are quick to either rewrite or change the writer. If true, this a black mark that no company can get over. For the vast majority of potential customers, it is a deal-breaker. 

I am not paying for a writer’s time, I am paying for a passing-grade paper. If that product is not delivered, it falls on the company to fix the mistake.

  • Mid-tier quality
  • Charging clients for rewrites

So, is Pendrago reliable? Based on my experience and reading about others, the answer is yes.

Review of Pendrago’s refund policy

However, Pendrago writing service reviews do a Money-Back guarantee system which, with a tiered refund based on the reason:

  1. Canceling an order:
  • If the Order was not picked up by a writer at the moment of canceling, the client will be refunded the entire sum. 
  • If the order was picked up by the writer, but less than half of the allotted time has not passed, the refund can be up to 70% of the amount paid by the client
  • If more than half of the deadline has passed during cancelation, the writer still invested a lot of time into writing it. The refund will be 50%.

Some scenarios guarantee a refund, no matter the time passed:

  • If the customer pays for the paper more than once. This can happen when processing payment online. Latency or page refreshes at the wrong time can mistakenly process an order twice.
  • If the  company does not find a suitable writer on time, you will be refunded the entire sum
  • If the writer fails to meet the allotted deadline, you will be refunded the entire sum. This is a very unpleasant scenario. If I rely on Pandrago to deliver, them failing not to do so can result in me failing that specific subject. The fact that this is a possibility is another black mark.

The final refund criteria for this review of Pendrago is when the writer makes too many mistakes. This is understandable, considering that plagiarism or mistakes can cause you to get a bad mark on the paper, or fail to get a passing grade entirely. Depending on the severity or frequency of the errors, the refund will be between 10-100%.

pendrago essay reviews

Once I received my paper, I could request a refund for a period of 60 days. When compared to their competitors, this is a very graceful offer. In most other cases, you only have 30 days to change your mind.

Regardless of the reason for the refund, the customer can either get his money back or store it as a credit token on the site. This can be later used on other orders.

  • Detailed and reasonable refund policy
  • Although unfortunate, missed deadlines are an option
  • Extended refund period

Is Pendrago safe? 

Data protection and anonymity is a legitimate concern when doing business online. I could find no Pendrago reviews that mention any security leaks. Also, no cases were recorded in which the company sold user data to a third party.

When it comes to the internet, hacking concerns will always be an issue. Yet, that is a concern that plagues any website, from government pages to personal emails. It is a factor to take into consideration, but it should not deter you from using Pendrago.

Pendrago prices review

As previously mentioned, the prices can be higher than the industry standard. This is not the most expensive service on the market, yet it can deter those who are on a budget. While other platforms have a starting price of 11$, Pendrago can start at 17.56$.

I like sites with fixed rates. Yet, this service allows the writer to set his price. I do not like to negotiate my paper’s price. If I wanted to do that, I would just search for a writer on a platform that deals with freelancers. 

The only positive is that you can negotiate a more reasonable price, yet such occasions are rare. The volume of work is rather large, and writers always have the option of turning you down.

As a bonus, they offer payment in multiple installments. If the project costs more than 500$, these payments will require zero interest. With a starting price of 17.56$, it won’t take much to reach that sum. A 15%  Pendrago discount is also available through their loyalty program. 

It should be mentioned that they offer other services, aside from writing. Editing is available for 11.70$ per page. You can also ask them to proofread, grammar check, remove typos, and verify the punctuation for 9.96$ per page.

They work with most mainstream payment processors such as Discover, Visa, American Express, and Master Card. This should put to rest anyone who is doubting if Pendrago is legit

  • Hard to get over the high prices
  • Reasonable discount
  • Possible to pay in increments
  • Offers proofreading and editing for a similarly inflated price

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Pendrago website review

Overall, their website is well-designed yet it fails at a website’s most important task: the offer as much information as possible. 

This was not my first time using an essay paper writing service. In a majority of other cases, the website is simply crammed with information. While I considered this a negative at the time, I would much rather deal with excessive information rather than being left in the dark. 

As mentioned, they employ a charming and minimalist design with a white and blue color scheme, contrasted by orange buttons.

pendrago promo code

The price calculator has become an industry standard. On most essay writing service websites, you can calculate the estimated price of the orders. While this may not be entirely accurate, it will get you a ballpark number. 

Pendrago paper writing reviews often complain about the lack of this feature, and I tend to agree. I do not know if this oversight was intentional. It may have been a smart marketing decision, as posting their inflated prices up-front may discourage potential clients. 

Either way, as a consumer, I want to know how much I have to spend before committing.

Pendrago did not let me order or even browse most features, without creating an account. This is a severe black mark. No section of their site should require me to create an account to view it. Maybe I am just browsing and do not want to waste my time. 

pendrago reviews online

Once created, they used my account email to spam me with promotions and messages. Although my spam filter took care of them, this practice is bothersome, to say the least.

Pendrago support service review

There is nothing wrong with offering a standard service. Pendrago’s support system is what you would expect from an essay writing service. Everyone you talk to is polite and eager to help you out. 

It is refreshing to see that you can call them and talk to a real human, rather than being neglected through support forms and email contacts. At least for this category, Pendrago gets high marks. 

pendrago essay review

Conclusion of this review

Pendrago is a functional essay writing service that gets the job done…most of the time. The paper I ordered from them was well-written and decent. They delivered nothing less, and nothing more than I expected. This brings us to their most obvious flaw:

Pendrago charges extraordinary prices for ordinary service. If they would just set their rates at an industry average, they would shine as one of the best in the business.

Also, they need more transparency when it comes to their prices and services. 

FAQ about PenDrago

How good will my Pendrago essay be?

Your essay will be as good as the writer himself. The company claims a very detailed selection process, to assure that only the best contractors will be hired.

Is the payment secure via PenDrago?

Yes, they use major payment processors. A lack of PayPal support may be a downside for some.

Am I guaranteed to pass my class with PenDrago Paper?

If the instructions you have given are good, they will write exactly what you required. However, at the end of the day, only your professor can pass you.

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