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Paperhelp Essay Writing Review

Paperhelp is one of the most famous essay writing services. The company started out in 2013 and has won many students’ and writers’ hearts since then. The Paperhelp reviews are all great. If you are skeptical about them, you can check some independent review websites. However, reviews there are almost all perfect too.

So what’s the deal with Paperhelp? We decided to write our own review to find out why it is considered one of the best writing services. Keep reading to find out more about Paperhelp’s prices and writers, as well as whether there are any Paperhelp fraud allegations you should be aware of. Prices

PaperHelp website

If you want to find out more about Paperhelp prices, there’s a helpful calculator on the main page, as well as a detailed Prices section on the website. There you choose between High School, College, University, and Ph.D. level, which is one of the aspects that influences the paper’s final price. The other two factors are, of course, the number of pages and your deadline. For a college level paper prices start at $14 per page if you have 14 days left till your deadline. If you have only 3 days, you would pay $22 per page. In the most urgent cases, when you’ve only got 3 hours, one page would cost you 41$. 

Most of the Paper Help reviews believe the prices are reasonable. They aren’t the lowest on the market, but considering the company’s reputation, they are not too high either. Editing, multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving are quite affordable too. For admission help, expect to pay at least $25 per page. 

Paperhelp extras

If you’re considering using Paperhelp, you should consider the prices for extras. Since the papers themselves aren’t very expensive, the extras are quite pricy. Here’s a list of extras you can get at Paperhelp:

  • VIP customer service for $14.99. Most of the Paper Help reviews agree it is unnecessary. Unless you’re asking them for the information you’re not supposed to know, Paperhelp customer service agents do their job quite well without extra payment.
  • The plagiarism report starts at $9.99. Of course, if you really don’t trust Paperhelp, you might want to get one. But why did you decide to use it then?
  • Preferred writer. For an extra price, you can choose an Advanced Writer or a TOP writer. These legitimate essay helpers deliver a good result due to your demands. While it sounds appealing, be ready to pay a hefty sum. If money is not an issue for you, it can be worth it. Paperhelp reviews from their previous customers report the work they got from advanced writers was very good indeed.
  • An abstract page for $14.99. This is unreasonably expensive. Unless you don’t have time to go through your paper at least once, paying for an abstract is a waste of money.
  • Sources used for $4.99 each. If you can afford it, it might be a good idea. It would sure come in handy for people who are ordering thesis or dissertation help.
  • Table of contents for $9.99. Another expensive unnecessary feature. It takes 10 minutes and 0 dollars to learn how to make one.
  • Editor’s check. Use this if you really don’t trust the writer or if your English is not good enough to find the mistakes by yourself. Paperhelp’s legitimate essay helpers deliver a detailed check of the texts for you.
  • Charts for $9.99. This might be the most useful extra. Some papers specifically require charts and graphs, and it’s good to know that Paperhelp can do them for you.

Paperhelp discounts

Every single Paperhelp review mentions the discount system. Paperhelp offers a wide array of discounts, so you can basically find one for every order. In fact, when you open their homepage, you can see a PaperHelp discount code straight away.

First of all, there are discounts for big orders. For orders which cost more than $500 you can get 5% off. If it’s more than $1000, you’ll get a 10% PaperHelp discount. 

For your very first order, you can get 5% off immediately and 10% off in credits for your next order. If you think you could be eligible for some other type of discount, try your luck with Customer Service. Some Paperhelp reviews suggest they are quite generous.

Finally, there’s a referral program as well. You can get 10% from every order your friend makes. Besides, the PaperHelp discounts add up, so many students end up saving quite a lot of money. 

PaperHelp referral program

Is Paperhelp Reliable?

For this review, we took a closer look at Paperhelp’s writers and customer service. This will help you find out if Paperhelp is a company you can trust with your essays.

Paperhelp writers

Unlike many other writing services, you can find a Paperhelp writer review on the internet as well. All of them are positive. Paperhelp writers say they get the orders assigned by Shift Managers who know the writers’ experience and expertise very well, and thus only assign the papers to the writers who can write them well. They claim every paper has to go through the Quality Assurance department too. Supposedly, the department hires professional editors. One review from a former writer says she got a few pay raises too.

Paperhelp Customer Service

You can reach Paperhelp’s customer service in many different ways. There are toll-free numbers for different countries, email, Facebook messenger, and a chat on the website. You can reach out to them on Social Media too.

You might have seen encountered a review that claims Customer Support staff aren’t native English speakers. It might be true. However, they respond very fast. You can reach out to customer support if you want a discount code and they usually don’t refuse anyone.

Paperhelp Guarantees

Money-back policy at PaperHelp Writing Service

Paperhelp has a fair money-back guarantee policy. In different cases, you can get a 50%, 70%, or 100% refund.

There are several situations when you are entitled to a full refund. The first one is if you get a plagiarized paper. Another pleasant surprise is the fact that you can get a full refund if your paper isn’t delivered on time. Not many writing services can promise you that. Finally, just like any other company, you will get all your money back if they cannot find a writer for your assignment or if you accidentally paid twice for the same order. 

If you’re less than half-way through to your deadline, you can cancel your order without stating a reason. In this case, you would get a 70% refund. This is quite generous too. 

Keep in mind that you can’t get a refund for a paper you have already approved. To us that makes perfect sense.

Revisions from PaperHelp

Although you can’t get a refund, you can get a revision if you have already approved your paper. Every Paperhelp customer is entitled to 3 revisions. In most cases, students apply for them before approving the order. However, if you have approved your essay already, you have 7 more days to ask for a revision. If your order is large – 20 pages and more, the revision period is 14 days, which is more than enough to make sure you’re satisfied. 

legitimate essay helpers deliver

Conclusion on

We researched different aspects of Paperhelp to find out why there’s not a single negative review on Paperhelp. And there are quite a few reasons why. It offers many PaperHelp discount codes, has a fair money-back policy, and treats both their clients and employees very well. So if you’re still asking yourself “Is Paperhelp a good service?”, don’t hesitate. It is among the best ones you can find.

FAQ about PaperHelp

Is Paperhelp legal?

You don’t have to worry whether Paperhelp is legal or not. On their main page, they state their work is for “research and sample purposes only”. So from the standpoint of law, it’s perfectly fine to use Paperhelp. However, if you don’t plan to make any alterations to the paper you got, be careful. The vast majority of educational institutions don’t allow submitting someone else’s work as your own. So even though it’s legal, you might face some unpleasant consequences.

Is Paperhelp safe?

We’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews and we can assure you it is safe to use Paperhelp. Of course, every company will have some clients who wouldn’t be fully satisfied with the result. However, you wouldn’t find a single Paperhelp review that would suggest the company has an unsafe payment system or uses your personal information in an unfitting manner. There is no Paperhelp scam allegation that would be worth your attention either.

Where can I get Paperhelp coupons?

Actually, in many places! You can start by opening their webpage, where you’ll see a PaperHelp discount code for your first order. Try looking at Paperhelp’s social media profiles or just googling “paperhelp promo”. Besides, all registered customers get promo codes in their emails. If you write smart reviews on the Internet, you can get a special PaperHelp discount too.