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If you have ever tried to find a reliable paper writing services, you might have seen one of the numerous positive reviews of Papercoach. If you look at the company’s website, you won’t see a single negative review on Papercoach. Besides, the prices seem very affordable too.

So is Papercoach really as good as the reviews say it is? We decided to conduct our own research to find out everything you need to know about Papercoach. 

papercoach review

How to Order a Papercoach Paper?

Papercoach website is very easy to navigate, and the ordering process takes no longer than just a couple of minutes. Once you open the order application, you’ll be asked to provide Papercoach with all the necessary information about your assignment. Just like on any other paper writing service, on Papercoach, the first thing you need to do is state your type of paper, subject, topic, paper details, materials, and formatting. 

You can order pretty much any assignment from Papercoach. They do simple assignments like essays and book reviews as well as theses and dissertations. If you are applying to a college or looking for an internship, Papercoach can also help you with your CV and cover letter. The range of subjects is quite impressive, too. Even if you don’t find yours on the list, you can choose “Other” in the subject section, and Papercoach will get it done. You should keep in mind that your topic influences your final price. If you need a science assignment, it will be slightly more expensive than a liberal arts assignment of the same length. 

When it comes to providing paper details, make sure you include as much information as you can. Give the author an exact name of your paper, all the instructions your teacher gave you, your notes, and any other essential materials. 

Papercoach Prices

papercoach review prices

The second part of the ordering process is finalizing the price of your paper. As we mentioned before, your essay’s price depends on your topic, but it is also influenced by your academic level, type of work, deadline, and the number of pages ordered. There are four academic levels on Papercoach: high school, undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Papercoach doesn’t only write essays. You can also get Papercoach editing, problem solving, paraphrasing, multiple choice questions, or Questions & Answers services. The deadlines you can choose from vary greatly, with the shortest one for simple assignments being just 6 hours and the longest one 14 days.

As for the prices themselves, you can get familiar with them in the website’s Prices section. There you can find a chart with all the prices for different deadlines and assignment types. For even quicker calculation, you can also use the calculator on the main page or get a free quote for your essay by filling out an application form on the company’s website. Whichever way you do it, you will probably be pleasantly surprised with the prices on Papercoach. If you order a one-page undergraduate essay 7 days in advance, it will cost you $15. If you are further away from your deadline and put in your order 14 days in advance, you’ll have to pay $10 per page. Finally, if you’re really short on time and only got 6 hours left, your price per page will be $29. Although that’s slightly more expensive, it’s a very reasonable price for papers with such a short deadline. For Master’s assignments, the prices are approximately 30-40% higher than for undergraduate, while high school rates are 30-40% lower than that. 

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Papercoach Extras 

When ordering a paper from an essay writing service, you should also keep in mind that the prices you see on the charts are the minimum prices, without any extras or discounts. Naturally, if you choose to get an extra, your price will go up, so think carefully whether you need them. For this Papercoach review, we compiled a list of the company’s extras and our opinions on them.

  • Plagiarism report + $9.99

On the main page of the Papercoach website, it is stated that every paper goes through several plagiarism and proofreading checks before it is delivered to the customer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can get a copy of your plagiarism report for free. If you’re really worried about plagiarism and your assignment is important, you can get one for more peace of mind. 

  • Progressive delivery +10%

Arguably, that’s one of the best extras you can get from a paper writing service. For just 10% of your final price, you can choose to have your paper delivered to you in parts so that you can have better control of the process. If you’re ordering a dissertation or a thesis, we highly recommend you to get it.

  • Summary of your paper +275 words cost

If you add one page’s price to your paper, you will get a summary page too. Unless it is a long, complicated paper, this extra doesn’t seem necessary. 

  • Draft of your paper +275 words cost

For the price of one page, you can also get a draft of your paper within the first 30% of your paper’s deadline. It might be useful for papers that require more creativity on the writer’s part. This way, you’ll know which way the writer intends to go before the paper is already written and it’s too late to rewrite it. 

Papercoach Discounts

One thing that every single student is interested in are discounts, so we couldn’t leave them out in our Papercoach review. Luckily, Papercoach is quite generous with discounts. If it’s your first order, you can get a Papercoach discount code that will give you 11% off your order. For other customers, Papercoach has special occasion discounts. For example, you can get 40% off on Black Friday or a 12% discount for International Youth Day. To see what deals are available at the moment, check out the Discounts section of the company’s website. 

papercoach discount

Papercoach Writers

Every review on Papercoach says that the company’s writers are excellent. Is it really true? For this Papercoach review, we did some research to answer that question. According to Papercoach, all their writers have to fulfill several requirements. They need to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, have a GPA of at least 3.00, pass all the Papercoach tests for at least 80%, and get an 80% quality score for their texts on Grammarly. Frankly, those requirements aren’t very high — 3.00 is not a great GPA. Allegedly, Papercoach usually finds their writers on LinkedIn in specialized groups. It’s not clear whether the writers are native English speakers, but looking at the Papercoach reviews on independent review platforms, most of the customers are satisfied with their papers. 

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For this review, we looked through dozens of Papercoach reviews and conducted our own research about the company. All in all, Papercoach is a reputable paper writing company that can complete your assignments for a small amount of money, even if you don’t have much time left till the deadline. Many reviews of Papercoach claim that the company’s writers are great, but in the end, the quality of your essay mostly depends on your writer. Papercoach doesn’t have very high demands regarding the writers’ qualifications, but it does have fair money Back and Revision Policy. So if something goes wrong, Papercoach will have your back. 


How to work for Papercoach?

If you want to become a Papercoach writer, you should check out some communities for academic writers on LinkedIn. According to the company’s FAQ section, that’s where they hire their writers.

Is Papercoach legit?

After conducting a thorough review of Papercoach, we can assure you it is a legit company. The quality of your essay depends on the writer, but if you get lucky, there’s a high chance you’ll be left satisfied.

Is Papercoach safe?

After looking through dozens of Papercoach reviews, we came to the conclusion that yes, Papercoach is safe to work with. Their services are legitimate, they don’t misuse their customers’ personal information, and their payment system is secure.

Where can I get Papercoach coupons?

Papercoach is very generous with discounts. If you want to get one, go to the “Discounts” section of the company’s website. There you’ll see all the discounts the company has at the moment. If there aren’t any discounts available at the moment, you can also try contacting customer support and just asking for one.

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