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Myadmissionsessay Feedback in Details

Myadmissionsessay writing service doesn’t offer too much information about its writers or the company itself. On its website, you wouldn’t find a single bad review. So is Myadmissionsessay a good company or not? Is Myadmissionsessay legit? Should you trust it with your essays?

That’s why we took a closer look at My Admissions Essay review. Keep reading to find out a detailed description of how the company works, the answers to frequently asked questions and our Myadmissionsessay rating.

The ordering process at MyAdmissionsEssay Service

The ordering process at Myadmissionsessay is very easy. First, you choose your academic level: high school, undergraduate, or Ph.D. Then you can choose from the list of various kinds of papers the service can do for you. The list is quite extensive. Besides the kinds of papers you can expect from any writing service, you can also get a CV or a resume. Since the service positions itself as admission help, it’s good to know you can get everything you need for your application on the same website. 

On the next page, you put in all the details about your assignment. You can choose between a quick form and an extended form. If you’re short on time, you can choose the quick one which only asks you for a few words about the assignment, asks you to pick the writer’s category and click on the extras you want. An extended form also lets you determine the number of sources you would like your writer to use. For half of your price per page, you can also get charts and slides added to your paper. 

Both application forms also include a “Simple English” option that we haven’t seen anywhere else. It can be a good idea for ESL students. However, with that option, you’re running a risk of working with an ESL writer. 

Myadmissionsessay lets you choose between Basic, Standard, and Premium level writers. 

  • Generally, basic level is a good option for people whose native language isn’t English and in cases when you don’t aim for a high grade. 
  • With Standard level, you will most likely end up with an ENL writer who has some expertise in your subject. 
  • According to Myadmissionsessay reviews, Premium level writers usually do a very good job both in terms of English and overall paper quality. If you’re considering using this service for an important paper such as a thesis or dissertation, consider paying for a Premium writer. 

Myadmissionsessay prices

Myadmissionsessay pricing system is quite straightforward. You don’t need to wait for the writers’ bets or contact customer support. To get an estimate for your paper’s price, you can use the calculator on the main page or the Prices section in the menu. There you can see the prices for the services Myadmissionsessay offers writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple choice questions, problem solving and admissions help. 

Myadmissionsessay calculator

For a website that chose admission essays as their main service, their admission help is priced quite reasonably. An admission essay from scratch would cost you $38. If you only have 3 hours left until the deadline, the price would go up to $102. Considering how important an admissions essay can be, it is not too expensive. If you can’t afford an essay from scratch, opt for editing and proofreading. It is half the price of a new essay. 

Regular essays are, of course, cheaper than admission essays. Prices for high-school level essays start at $11 per page, while a college-level page would cost you $14. These are the prices you get if you order 20 days in advance and don’t get any extras. While it’s a reasonable price, 20 days is not a reasonable deadline. If you order an undergraduate paper a week in advance, expect to pay at least $20 per page. For an essay by a Standard level writer, that is a high price to pay. 

Myadmissionsessay extras

To make this My Admissions Essay review even more helpful to you, we decided to include the list of extras the service offers. This way you’ll know what to expect from your paper and can make sure it includes everything you need. 

  • Previous writer

Choose this option if you’ve had a good experience with a writer and would like to work with them again. This extra is only available for orders placed at least 24 hours in advance. My Admissions Essay review doesn’t state how much it would cost you. At any rate, it is a great way to play it safe, since you never know if the writer you’re assigned with will be any good.

  • Writing level

As we mentioned before, Myadmissionsessay lets you choose between 3 writing levels: Basic, Standard, or Premium. Compared to Basic, Standard prices are 30% higher and Premium ones are 58% higher. That’s a big change, so think carefully whether you need a high-quality paper or a regular one would suffice. 

  • VIP customer service

Supposedly, this option makes your order their top priority and includes sending all the notifications directly to your phone. You can also opt just for text notifications only for $3.99. Therefore it’s unclear what perks you can get with this extra.

  • Plagiarism report

We’re always suspicious of the services that offer an additional plagiarism report. Myadmissionsessay can make you one for $9.99. Unless a special report is the only way you can get an original paper, we’re not sure why anyone would want one.

  • Abstract page

Paying $14.99 for something that takes half an hour to do is just ridiculous.

  • Sources used

If you have time and money, you can closely examine the sources your author used. If you think it’s something you need, expect to pay $4.99 per source

  • Outline

We believe a table of contents should be included for free. Myadmissionsessay adds them for $9.99.

  • Editor’s check

Another extra that makes us question whether the service is trustworthy. Editing would usually cost you around 25% of your paper’s total price.

My admissions essay review of discount policies

No Myadmissionsessay review can leave out the company’s discount policies, since it is a question that is of interest to the majority of students. Luckily, you don’t have to try very hard to find a Myadmissionsessay discount code. In fact, you can find one right on their homepage: every customer gets a 5% discount for their first order that costs over $30. Considering the service’s prices, you would probably qualify for it. For big orders that cost over $500 or $1000 you can get 5% or 10% off respectively. 

Surprisingly, Myadmissionsessay doesn’t have a referral program. However, you can find many promo codes from former users scattered all over the internet. That may mean they do have a referral program even though they don’t talk about it on their website. 

Is Myadmissionsessay legit?

Myadmissionsessay – is it legit? If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself, we think the best place to start is the companies guarantees. In this My Admissions Essay review, we compiled a summary of the guarantees the service offers so that you don’t have to go through them yourself.

  1. Moneyback guarantee

There are several cases when you can get a refund from Myadmissionsessay. Let’s take a look at them.

100% refund 

  • You can get a full refund if you accidentally placed the same order twice. However, if the writers have already been assigned to both orders, you’re not eligible for a full refund anymore.
  • If no suitable writer is available, you can get all your money back. However, that barely happens.
  • If the deadline was missed, allegedly you can get a 100% refund, although in such case you won’t get any materials at all.

75% refund

  • If you want to cancel your order after the writer has started working on it, but less than 50% of your deadline has passed, you are eligible for a 75% refund.

50% refund

  • If the writer isn’t available to provide you with revisions, you can get a 50% discount for your order
  • If you’re already more than halfway to the deadline, you can still cancel your order and get a 50% discount.

Keep in mind that once you approve your order, you’re not eligible for any sort of refund anymore. According to the company’s policies, if you’re applying for a revision, you are approving your paper and only want some minor adjustments. The extras can’t be refunded either. 

  1. Revisions guarantee

On their website, Myadmissionsessay also provide a description of their Revision policy. First of all, your revision instructions can’t contradict the initial instructions you gave to the writer. Secondly, you can only get revisions for a limited time once you approve your order. For shorter papers, you can request them up to 7 days after the approval, for papers with 20 or more pages the revision period is extended to 14 days. Every customer can get 3 revisions for free. If you need more revisions or your revision request doesn’t meet the company’s requirements, you’ll have to place a new order for Editing/proofreading. 

  1. Privacy guarantee.

On their website, you can find a very detailed page with Myadmissionseessay Privacy Policy. There you see how your personal data is collected, what information they are asking you to provide, and how it will be used. We conducted a thorough examination of the policies for this Myadmissionsessay review and came to the conclusion that it is safe to provide Myadmissionsessay the information they are asking for. 

Myadmissonsessay reviews

Many students seek reviews before deciding what company they should ask for help. Luckily, there are plenty of Myadmissionsessay reviews online. Of course, one place to start is the reviews on Myadmissionsessay itself. Every single review on the website is very positive, which is suspicious, but common for essay writing services. You won’t find any instructions regarding how you can leave a review on Myadmissionsessay website either. 

We’ve managed to find some reviews from former writers and they were all positive. Independent review platforms such as SiteJabber and Trustpilot, you will find a curious mix of 1-star and 5-star reviews with almost all of them written by people who have only ever written one review. This raises questions to whether any of these essay writing services reviews are genuine or they are all paid for by Myadmissionsessay and their competitors. 

Conclusion on My Admissions Essay Review

After conducting a thorough review of Myadmissionsessay, we can say that this service is good for its price. You can find all you need for your admission process and this is the main thing that differs this service from the others. Just like any other service, Myadmissioosessay have both satisfied and unsatisfied customers, but it is a common thing in the essay writing world. To know for sure you need to work with them and make your own opinion. The facts and our vision you can read above.

FAQ about MyAdmissionsEssay Review

Where can I get a Myadmissionsessay coupon code?

First, take a look at the company’s website: they offer a first-order discount for everyone and special discounts for big orders. Besides, you can find many affiliates reviews scattered across the internet. Many of them feature a special promo code too. However, keep in mind that the discounts on Myadmissionsessay don’t add up.

Is Myadmissionsessay safe to use?

If you want to use Myadmissionsessay, you don’t have to worry about your money or private information ending up in the wrong hands. The company has a detailed Privacy Policy on its website and several secure payment methods.

Is Myadmissionsessay cheating?

That depends on how you use the work you get from the website. Myadmissionsessay claim they are just “a library” and provide students with samples, not ready-made papers. If you plan to submit a paper from Myadmissionsessay without changing it in any way, be careful. For the majority of educational institutions submitting someone’s work as your own is cheating.