How to Write an Essay Fast


So, your deadline is coming with a huge velocity and you are needing some tips on how to write an essay fast. That is why we made essay writing services reviews and researched how to write good papers. Yes, doing essays is not the easiest thing. Topics vary, subjects vary, deadlines are sometimes too short. And not everyone can simply sit down and scribble something on the page to get an A. Most of the students need plenty of time to prepare, draft, review, revisit, edit, etc. But there are instances where you cannot afford to take too long. Let us say you have found yourself in one of those scenarios and you need to know how to write an essay fast and easy.

Well, writing is not exactly an easy thing to do. But there are some things you can do to aid yourself in the process and still get a good grade. As always, we do recommend that you sit down earlier and write the essay with plenty of time in advance, but we understand that this is not always possible.

That is why we have gathered some interesting and important information on how to write an informative essay fast.

Getting Started

To begin with, you shall need to prepare yourself on the topic. Say that you have got to write an essay on a business topic, or an essay on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Well, you do not have time to read everything from your textbook, neither to go through Macbeth fast enough. And you probably need to know how to write a 3 page essay fast. Well, you need to get prepared somehow.

Go online. That is the easiest source of information nowadays. Of course, you should be careful on what sources you choose to take data from for some of them are merely there for advertising purposes. So, open several websites, say, five of them.

Now check what they are saying. Do the diagonal reading. If you are not informed about that type of technique, that is when you do not focus on each word and the exact line of the text, but you loosely scan the general writing and direction which allows you to pick up some clues that shall give you context. Diagonal reading means to read the book in somewhat a “Z” manner. You are tracing one line to the right, then going diagonally leftwards with one or two lines, then make the same diagonal line to the right, and continue towards the end.

Also, reduce the subvocalization. That means the silent speech, aka the internal speech you make while you are reading. By doing subvocalization you are imagining as if you are hearing the word while you read it. But that takes time and slows you down. To speed things up and really get the hang on how to write an essay really fast, you shall need to silence that inner voice of yours that comes about when you are reading. Of course, you should not completely silence your thoughts but lessen them to an extent that allows you to read quicker.

Okay, we understood some basics on how to read faster. Now it is time to put them in practice. While you are preparing on how to write a fast essay, you shall note that reading is one of the most important things. For when you are putting those words on the page, they should mean something, and they cannot do so if they are incomprehensible in respect to the topic.

Another point we should check here is the topic. If you are allowed a free choice of one, then definitely go for something that interests you and that you have at least a general knowledge about. That will allow you to get it done quicker, with less effort, and better.

But we supposed that you need to write on a topic that is not your choice, or maybe you need to know how to write an essay fast in an exam… Okay, we continue.

You have the pages opened in front of you. You skimmed through them diagonally, you gathered enough context to understand the general notion of the idea, book, presentation, etc. whatever it is. Now it is a time to start thinking about how to put those thoughts of yours on the page.

First Lines

Quickly draft the first few things that come to mind. Yes, they may not be perfect, they may not be coherent, you may not know how to expand them further. But if you need to know how to write a fast essay, you shall need to know how to brainstorm.

To brainstorm is to simply let your brain come with unconscious ideas on its own without you asserting it in a specific direction.

Let the information sit in your brain for a few seconds. Now open a blank document or get your pen and a piece of white paper and scribble the first things that come to mind.

Okay, we already have something to work on.

Say you drafted a few sentences. Now see which of them gives you the best idea. For example, let us pretend we have the sentences:

‘The joy of the reader is impressive.’

‘The magnitude of the sadness in the book makes it hard to read.’

‘Macbeth proves to be a character with many virtues and vices.’

‘The book proves revenge comes back at us.’

‘Problematic relationships are at the core of the character’s development.’

Okay, five ways to start. And we need to pick one and work from there. One should see which of the ideas gives them the most material to work with. Let us see…

The first sentence gives us just a vague notion of feelings. It does not give us plenty of things to derive from there.

The second one is better, but it posies the hard problem of not being concrete enough to work with.

The third one is already a nice starting point for it opens the topic of virtues, vices, and how the character expresses them, but one should remember that here they need to provide plenty of examples, so that is not the best option for a person who’s merely skimmed through the book.

The last two are on a more vague but still concrete enough topic to be relatable, to be good enough to get you started, to be good point around which one can create an essay for even a topic they know a little about.

So, that is one example of how you can reason through your brainstorming ideas and select those who give you the most benefits when you need to see how to write a really good essay fast.

The Topic

If you are given a topic, then your choices are narrowed down. Still, you can reason plenty of things from the topic. Let us say you need to write on ‘The Top Ten Business Trends That Are Flooding Today’s Market’. Well, you can easily go online and search for top business trends that are growing up these days and go up from there.

Sometimes, of course, it is not that easy to find the information you shall need for the essay. Usually, the textbooks are the best source, but you need to be well aware of where to search the information among the 1000-pages long textbook. If you have not read a lot on the topic and do not know where exactly to read from, then the Internet is your best shot. Just remember to be careful with what sources you trust. Then use our techniques that we gave above. At any time when it is necessary, go back to the sources you are using for more data and inspiration on the topic.

If you are not given a topic but only a material to work on, like it was with our example above for Macbeth, then you are better off for you can choose the topic for which most thoughts come up in your head. Go for something that sparks your interest because that will make the essay better. Still, pick a topic that you can defend for simply a thesis stated without arguments in its defense is not an essay.

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While you are trying to comprehend how to write an essay fast and easy, structure is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Still, it is an important part of the whole process. If you have simply scribbled down something without any structure, then the reader (and examiner, of course) will have a harder time understanding you and this will reflect on your grade.

The easiest rules to follow are:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • First argument in support
  • Second argument in support
  • More arguments, if necessary and available
  • Any points against the thesis
  • Conclusion.

That way you have something to fall back on while writing for your thoughts should be structured in such a way that allows their expression in the proper manner.

Still, if you are stuck on writing on one of the points, go to the next, or skip two, even three if you should, just remember to go back and fill them later as not to leave any gaps in the completed assignment.

As we already said, deciding how to write an 3000 words essay fast is not the easiest thing and structure is not the most important thing you think about but it is nonetheless vital for your final grade for not only it provides you the basis to write on but is also sometimes (most of the time) required by the teachers and professors.

The Personal Essay

We can full-heartedly say that this is both the easiest and the hardest type of essay to write.

Foremost, that means the topic is either of your choice or as vague that you can turn it in any way you desire.

Then, personal essay means you already have all the necessary data to support your thesis and know what statements can be held against it.

Also, one can say a lot of things about memorable events in their life or about their viewpoints towards various things.

The minus is, not every person is willing to go deep in a personal essay, knowing that it will be read, judged, and even graded.

In conclusion, there are a lot of pluses but not everyone is well-suited for a personal essay.

See, above we just gave you a truly brief overview of how you can structure and develop your essay. Once you have the main points, you can elaborate on them and develop them further into full paragraphs when you, say, have to see how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast.

But, back to the topic, when you are developing a personal essay, the main point is to be unique. There may be lots of people with experiences like you, but you can delve into a specific part, certain feeling, some inferences that you have made, or whatever else comes to your mind.

Personal essays are good essays to be done fast because there is no need for research. So, if you are given a free pass on what to write, that is one safe bet, assuming you have no problem going deep into personal subjects that you know should be presented to the teacher or professor.

Here we should also note that many colleges and universities require an admission essay. That essay in most cases should be personal one. Here you should allow yourself enough time but if you are facing a strict deadline, just find a unique point of view that you have towards a specific event and work from there one.

The Thesis

The thesis is the thing that your essay revolves around. You shall need to defend it and know how it can be argued against. When you are swimming deep into the world of how to write a long essay fast, the thesis is certainly something that should be well-thought of and taken into consideration.

Here we would also want to suggest the idea of brainstorming.

But, when you have the possible theses out in front of you, make sure to think what you can point out as a proof for it. Because this is simply you state a fact, an opinion, or some sort of thought. And it can be done in one or two sentences. But then, the remainder of your essay should be all aimed at proving or disproving counterarguments. So, you should be certain that you have what to say on the topic.

In the example below we saw that two of our brainstorming ideas had some potential.

‘The book proves revenge comes back at us.’

‘Problematic relationships are at the core of the character’s development.’

Let us say you do not know a lot about the first sentence. Then, you cannot make it into a thesis for your essay because you cannot support it well. And supporting your thesis is what gives you a good grade.

Then, since you are left with the last one, check how well can you develop it. This is somewhat vaguer and can be argued for from more points of view. Voila, you have your thesis.

The Arguments

Arguments, arguments, arguments… no, we are not talking about fighting unless you must prove to your parents that you really have a good idea on why you are reading an article on how to write an essay fast and easy.

No, we are talking about proving your point. Now, you have stated a thesis. That may be your opinion on a subject, a hypothesis that you have suggested, etc. But it is worth juuust a tiny bit if you cannot argue in its favor.

The arguments must be valid. They should not be some out-of-the-tip-of-the-fingers statements that are totally out of touch with reality. One must provide reasonable arguments that are aligned with the overall subject.

For instance, you can do an essay on Macbeth and choose, say, Withering Heights as an example. But you cannot take an argument of law, for example, and point it out to prove your point, unless you have a really good way to make it fit into the style and overall motive of your writing.

Also, do not go against what is believed to be true unless you have made a scientific breakthrough and must show your results. Still, if you have made such an achievement, we should tell you that it needs no essay but an article in a scientific journal.

Still, if you are in the ground of free arts, humanities, like philosophy, for instance, then you can go far-fetched if your understanding is different. Say, you need to prove the point that total freedom is a step closer to the fall of humanity. Well, you can go as far as you would like with that for it leaves more room for explanation, argumentation, and even simply brainstorming your ideas on the go as you are writing. But… here you should also try to put in some arguments out of the real life as to make the thesis really hold. Yes, if you struggle to find such, you can probably get away with coming up with imaginary scenarios, but it is always better to have at least some ground on the real life.

Arguments must be logical. You cannot write, ‘And then the Sun went down because it rose.’ for that does not make a logical sense and, therefore, cannot be taken as true and considered as a part of the support to your thesis. Yes, that is a very basic scenario, but our goal was to simply show that logic must be a part of your essay.

Now, you have come pretty far into the subject of how to write a research essay fast, or any other essay, for that matters.

Just remember, be comprehensible, be logical, try to add structure and good support. After all, a building needs both the foundations and the façade to be complete.

And, when you are writing an essay fast, you will be pressed by the deadline and can easily lost track of what is what. That is why we suggest that you do a few practice runs with our tips so that you can have them in your toolbelt when you need them.


We hope we were able to provide you with a good understanding on how to write a really good essay fast. Before we leave you, let us see some numbers:

How Long Does It Take to Write a 5 Page Paper?

That depends on how much research you must do. If you need to have a well-backed paper, it can take quite a long time. Still, should you be pressed to be quick, you can do well in a week if you dedicate enough time to read, research, write, and edit if necessary. If you have enough time, do not go with your first draft but, rather, make at least some proofreading.

How Many Pages Are 1000 Words?

About three pages with the standard settings on Microsoft Word.

How Many Pages Are 2000 Words?

Something like five pages using the standard settings but can be more than that if the settings differ.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 2000 Words Essay?

It can be done merely in the manner of about five hours but you should still make sure to provide enough time whenever possible.