How Long Is 500 Words Essay?


 Writing is an art form, a method, and a science. It does not fall neatly into any category, given that writing is used for both communication and artistic expression.  In fact, most writers are specialized in their particular niche, as each domain requires a very distinctive skillset. While some writers are very organized and can plan out their craft’s logistics, others are more aloof and artistic. Regardless, your content needs to be optimized to generate revenue.

From the outside looking it, it may seem that the writing industry does not require as much planning and care as other fields such as programming. However, that is a misconception. There are ways of writing, practices, and formats that are optimal for monetization.

Online content creation depends heavily on the search engine used to find your content in the first place. Issues of aesthetics and capturing the ever-shortening modern attention span must also be considered. 

It may be nice not to care about questions such as “how long is 500 words?” or “which font should I use?” but these issues can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business.

Operating on a limited budget; How many pages is a 500-word essay?

All indicators point to a future economic shift. If current trends continue, we will move more towards service and information-based economy instead of a traditional or agricultural industrial model. This direction is made possible by the Internet and its universal adoption into people’s businesses and personal lives.

Given these facts, content marketing has become a booming new industry. Many companies are diverting marketing dollars and hiring online marketers.

For most content managers, marketers, and online site owners, there is tremendous pressure to stay within your allotted budget.

During your monthly or quarterly meetings, you will be assigned or decide on a specific amount of money. This investment is supposed to bring in an estimated value in profits. 

The length of your content must be tailored to balance many things, including costs. Still, before you can make these decisions, you must first understand how long is 500 words?

Word counts and their importance; About how many pages is a 500-word essay?

If you are an avid blog reader or a consumer of online written content, you might have

noticed that most content seems to fall into specific length categories. 

For blog posts, list articles, and news stories, the 500-word standard is very common.  However, is this length proven to get you the most amount of views and clicks, or is it just a round number that people superstitiously use as an arbitrary limit?  How long is 500 words really?

The following piece will analyze the properties of 500-word articles, along with various alternative word counts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to every single piece of content.

Still, there are general trends that can be observed. 

How long is a 500-word essay?

The first step is to look at the boilerplate 500-word format, seeking to understand where it belongs on the content spectrum.  

As previously mentioned, this length is used chiefly for category pages, blog posts, white papers, essay writing, etc. But questions such as “On average, how many pages is a 500-word essay?’ must be asked.

Page count can alter your profit margins, given that multiple pages translate into multiple clicks for the same piece of content.

Yet, this must be balanced against the fact that people are hesitant to commit to reading overly-long pieces.

Or, you may have a school assignment with a set amount of words.

About how many pages is a 500-word essay? How many pages is a 500-word essay in MLA format? Is a 500-word essay too short, causing you to get a bad grade? 

If you are a student or are working as an essay writer, these are things that you should know.

But how do you even begin to start evaluating that question? What can be counted as long?

500-word length is how many pages?

We sometimes forget that the Internet hasn’t been around for a long time. In fact, many millennials can remember growing up without an online connection. Word counts are more relevant in digital formats, given that schoolwork requires you to count by page. 

After all, it can be hard to hit that 500-word mark without a program keeping tally of each written word. 

Even for newbie writers, counting by page can be advantageous, as it affects online revenue generation dynamics. 

So, 500 words is how many pages?

With a single-spacing document, standard margins, and a 12-sized font, 500 words can fill a single page. This is the typical benchmark for most content. 

However, it is not always precise. Written essays and articles with 500 words can go beyond a page, depending on the terms used. For example, scientific articles tend to use longer, multi-syllable words that take more physical space when they are displayed. 

For most other content, the average word will contain about five letters. The average sentence usually runs for about 15 words, while a medium-sized paragraph has seven sentences. 

SEO practices can affect this layout. For example, the Google search engine has a much easier time identifying shorter paragraphs, leading to more clicks and advertisement revenue. 

Writers specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often receive instructions to construct short, three-sentence paragraphs. Also, the sentences themselves should be on the shorter side. 

This may cause you to deviate from the average a bit, but mostly you will be able to fit 500 words on a single page. As far as the software being used, Google Docs and Microsoft Word are very well represented. Word especially has become the standard for what a word processor program should be. 

If you are asking: “in Word, how many pages is 500 words?” the answer is still about one page. Of course, this depends on the formatting, given that Word offers a plethora of personalization settings. 

How many pages is a double-spaced 500-word essay?

Formatting requirements are not always standard. For professional writers, the demands of their clients are paramount, and they must follow strict guidelines. Also, students will receive assignments that can require them to use double spacing. 

So, how many pages is a double-spaced 500-word essay? To answer this question, you must also consider other variables such as font size and the type of font being used.

The extra spacing will not change your average paragraph’s length, but the number of pages will nearly double.

How many paragraphs can you write with 500 words?

Some base assumptions must be considered when calculating the answer to this question. As a benchmark, we will take the average written sentence without SEO standards’ unique requirements.

A medium-sized sentence will contain somewhere around 15 words, while a paragraph will be formed from about seven sentences. This translates into most paragraphs averaging 100 words. Of course, there is no hard rule that dictates the lengths of any section. These values are just averages.

Five hundred words will fit into about five paragraphs, given the 100-word average.  However, you will rarely see such paragraphs online unless they are scans from books. But why is that?

The human brain is not suited for non-stop internet use. Instant gratification causes us to have reduced patience and attention spans. This low attention span reduces the popularity of any piece of content that is not brief. 

Sure, some podcasts and videos last for three hours, but people can passively consume them while eating, working out, or multitasking.

Reading text represents much more of a commitment, and most people skim over the page rather than reading it in detail. We tend to scan content with our eyes, catching a vague impression based on titles, headers, and keywords. This method is quick yet superficial. 

And here we get to the crux of the issue: large paragraphs represent a sizable block of

text that is hard to skim. Hence, there is a growing need to keep paragraphs short, up to 3-4 sentences. 

The writer can easily split five hundred words into six, seven, or even eight paragraphs

with ease.  Requirements aside, you have to be careful to tailor your text. Brief sentences can seem formulaic and robotic, so it’s a good idea to throw in something lengthy from time to time. 

Considering other word count formats

The standard five hundred word format is very popular in digital marketing, but there are others. You will come across situations that demand you use more or fewer words than what you are accustomed to using. 

The most popular word counts that writers employ are: 

  • one hundred words 
  • two hundred words
  • three hundred words
  • four hundred
  • five hundred words
  • seven hundred and fifty words
  • eight hundred words
  • a thousand words
  • two thousand words

List of word counts

Although this article will analyze each word count separately, here is a brief summary of how much space they take: 

1.   One hundred words fill about a paragraph and take up a few inches of screen space. 

2.   Two hundred words occupy somewhere around a half-page in length. 

3.   Three hundred words fill a little more than half a page, depending on the vocabulary used. 

4.   Four Hundred words can nearly fill a page. In fact, if you take out an article’s Conclusion section, most likely, you will be left with 400 words. 

5.   As discussed, five hundred words represent about a page of content. 

6. Seven hundred and fifty words, and eight hundred-word papers are similar and can fill nearly two pages.

7.   Two pages will contain about a thousand words, perfectly suited for more in-depth articles.

8.   Two thousand words will fit onto four pages. 

How many paragraphs is 100 words?

Calculating 100 words is by far the most straightforward estimation that can be made.  While considering the standard format of a paragraph as containing seven sentences, one hundred words will fill a single paragraph.  

This estimation is not only easy, but it will form the basis for all future calculations. 

One hundred words, double spaced, is a bit more complicated. This extra padding between words, in addition to the margins, will result in that single paragraph taking up more space.  

Writers can expect 100 words to take up nearly a third of a page if they use double spacing. 

How long is 200 words?

Moving forward to a limit that is a bit longer, two hundred-word articles will allow the writer to include more content. It is still relatively limited and will not allow you to include much information. Still, you will have a bit more wiggle room when compared to one hundred words.  Most likely, the written piece will have a title, heading, a small description, and one paragraph. 

Given this limited number of words, why use it at all? 

Well, digital marketing will often involve sales pitches and emails. People will outright ignore or delete any long content messages. Most business people are very busy, and unless they hire a digital secretary, they can’t afford to waste their time reading your emails. 

The writing itself must be coherent, short, and to the point. This type of writing crosses the bridge between creative and business writing. Given that people don’t like to do business with robots, writers must take all measures to humanize their content. 

In order to personalize each pitch, the writer must make sure to include humor and witty catchphrases. Knowing how to write correctly is not enough.  Creativity is an essential and rare skill. 

The best marketing campaigns and commercials stick to people’s consciousness even decades after they are implemented. 

How long is 200 words typed?

Header and descriptions aside, if you simply typed a two-hundred-word document, it will take up two paragraphs. This calculation is based on single-spacing. 

How long is 200 words double spaced? 

Covering how long on average is 200 words is relatively straightforward. But what if the double spacing is used?

Readability is key when dealing with the online world. As was previously mentioned, attention spans are short. Articles or emails that are hard to read will get ignored. 

Some writers receive instructions to use double spacing when writing 200-word pieces. It makes them far easier to skim. The added space will fill out the page more, but the final tally will still be under one page. 

On average, a 200-word piece will take up nearly 50% of the page. If double spaced, two hundred words can fill the page somewhere between 65-85%.

This counting of each space can seem very tedious. However, most companies’ profit margins are very thin. Every dollar spent or saved will make a difference, especially for a start-up.

Over-time, digital marketing will become ingrained on an instinctual level as the business owner learns and practices the rules.

Ebooks and novels

Most online writers will work with short-form content. Yet, there are exceptions to that rule. Sometimes, clients will contract you to write novels, scripts, and eBooks. 

Two hundred-word pieces were just analyzed, but what about two hundred pages?

Although larger numbers may seem daunting, scaling previous calculations is the only requirement. If it is known how many words can fit onto a single page, multiplication will provide the answer. 

So, how many words long is 200 pages?

If the average page fits five hundred words, then it is necessary to multiply 500 by the number of pages. 

If your current order requires 200 pages, then the final word count will be 100,000. It will be a sizable commitment to write such as large volume, but the rewards are proportionate. 

Estimated, how many pages is a 200-300 word essay? 

Just like a 200-word piece is a slight upgrade compared to 100-words, a 300-word tally is superior to 200-word papers.  In fact, orders for professional writers will rarely specify either of these counts. They will be lumped together as a general, 200-300-word requirement.

 They take up a similar amount of space, and each can convey about the same volume of information.

 How long is 300 Words?

Three-hundred-word articles still fall into the category of short pieces of writing.  It represents a perfect compromise between short and concise while still allowing for the expression of more complex ideas. 

In terms of paragraphs, it is easy to organize 300 words. The length and format are often used for miniature blog posts, summaries, reviews, and more. 

If the average-size used for every paragraph is 100 words, then a 300-word piece will be three times as long.  If the requirements also demand a title and a short intro, then you can include just two paragraphs, using the last one for the essentials. 

How many pages is a 200-300 word essay double spaced?

Unlike advertisements that use the “spray and pray” method of distribution, essays are different. 

Marketing campaigns target as many people as possible. It is assumed from the start that most people interacting with the content will ignore it. However, even if 5% of them actually buy what is advertised, the effort will be considered a success. 

Essays, on the other hand, are meant to be read. If you want to make the writing easier to follow, especially on high-contrast screens, you can use double-spacing.  This added space can possibly increase the page count or at least fill-out the current page.

You can expect the essay to stretch between 80% of the current page to somewhere around one and a quarter pages. This margin may be significant, but we must consider that essays often imply academic work. Academia usually has longer words with multiple syllables. 

Can I use four hundred words? 

Online marketing rarely uses this specific word count. The lower-length content falls between 100-300 words, and 500 words represent the standard medium size; 400 is the middle child that nobody uses.

The ambiguous nature of 400-word pieces will make this word count more versatile. It fits both categories. 

For example, you are trying to write a task, and the instructions strictly require you to fit it into a single page. However, 500 words seem to go over that limit. Maybe the words are longer, or the margins are more limiting. 

Or, you may need to include an author biography or a slightly lengthy conclusion to your articles and cannot afford to use 500 words. 

Also, four hundred words fill the page as much as a double-spaced 200-word piece. It is not a complete match, but the two are similar. In general, a 400-word essay will occupy around 75-90% of your page.

Finally, what if you have to write a 400-word essay using double spacing? You can expect the content to be displayed on one and a quarter to one and a half pages.

How long is 750 words?

Past five hundred words, articles and essays can be considered as being on the longer side. While not as extensive as a two thousand word article, the author can express more complex ideas that require explanation. 

Arguments can be detailed, while news stories can be fully explored. So, how long is 750 words single spaced, and how long is an essay of 750 words?

If no other formatting concerns are applied and subheaders are used sparingly, 750 words will fill a page and a half. Of course, this estimation is viable for pieces that use single-spacing. 

But what if we use double-spacing? How long is 750 words in double spacing?

In the latter case, the author can stretch out content to approximately three pages. Past this point, online articles need to be highly engaging and exciting to retain the reader’s attention. Nobody reads three pages on a whim, or if they aren’t interested. 

How long is 750 words in Times New Roman? How long is 750 words in Microfost Word?

The size of the font that is being used will rarely make much of a difference. Of course, some fonts will take more space than others. But when compared to line breaks, paragraphs, and subheaders, the difference is negligible. 

The word processor software can also affect the overall length. As was mentioned, Microsoft Word is the most prolific typing program, at least for MS Windows users. Google Docs is another viable alternative. 

Ultimately, selecting different fonts or programs will not cause your line count to increase by much. 

How long is 800 words single-spaced?

As a special mention, some articles will require you to consider how long is 800 words? There isn’t much to be said about this content length, as it is only 50 words away from the previously mentioned milestone. 

If you were to copy the body of a 1000-word article and paste it into Word, you would find that the word counter will be around 800 words. The introduction, the author’s bio, and the conclusion will fill the small leftover space. In reality, most thousand-word articles will exceed the neat two-page delimitation, given the other irrelevant elements. 

Now that we’ve dealt with online articles, what about other forms of written content? 

Approximately how long is 800 words when it comes to essays? Essays have a distinct boilerplate format when multiple arguments build up to a conclusion.

Each argument is usually formatted as a subheader, requiring distinctive lines and spacing. These delimitations will need their own lines and spacing. Even though 800 words usually can’t fill two pages, formatting rules can even push past that delimitation.

But what if you have to write an actual paper, by hand? How long is a paper that is 800 words? 

Here, there is no clear answer. Teachers will rarely give out instructions regarding the student’s handwriting. Before the actual length is discussed, another question must be answered: “Why bother with handwriting?”.

The digital age has made typing a near-universal requirement, and very few people practice their handwriting. 

The answer is related to effort. Assignments can be very easily copied, plagiarised, and bought. The student can have no idea regarding the subject and still turn in a paper that he/she didn’t write. 

Studies show that handwriting and taking notes activates a different part of the brain. All people retain much more from writing than from passively reading. As a result, even if the paper is plagiarised; the student will be forced to copy it by hand if a good grade is expected. 

Even cheaters will learn something. 

So, 800 words is how long? 

The odds are that you won’t receive any instruction regarding handwriting. Handwriting is almost like a fingerprint, unique to each individual. Digital letters all have exactly the same size, even if they are typed a million times. Handwritten symbols vary wildly, especially if the writer hasn’t taken a calligraphy class. 

Ordered handwriting can occupy the same amount of space as a digital essay: just short of two pages. But extremes can and will occur.

A thousand words

There is something in human psychology that prefers big, round numbers. Maybe it is because they are easier to calculate. Even in writing assignments, 1000-words is a popular word count. 

There is nothing in writing that states that 1000-word articles are more effective. Nothing, in particular, recommends this word count, aside from the fact that it’s a satisfying number. 

In fact, as we previously mentioned, many 1000-word articles found online are 800 words (at least the body of said articles). Sure, introductions, bios, and other details are important, but the content body is where all the information resides. If we were to trim all of the fat, the most suitable format is 800 words. 

Still, 1000-word pieces represent the lower limit of what can be considered long-form content. Many prefer 1000-word pieces for in-depth articles or essays.  On average, 1000 words allows the author to express 4-5 arguments in addition to a conclusion. 

Or, a writer can narrate a more detailed story. There are longer formats, and this article will analyze them, but 1000 words are about as short as you can make a complex idea. 

But how many paragraphs can fit into 1000 words? Well, how many words is a paragraph? 

We previously discussed that a single paragraph averages at a counter 100 words. As a result, we only need to divide the number 1000 by 100.

You can fill ten paragraphs, more than enough to express an idea. Or, if you prefer, it is as long as two 500-word articles.

How many pages are 1000 words? 

In theory, this word count will fill exactly two pages. However, these are just rough estimations. Nobody can predict which words will be used and how long they will be, not even the writer. In practice, many written works of 1000 words go past the two-page limit. 

Online articles also employ graphs, charts, pictures, lists, and tables. All these elements will take up space.

One thousand words double spaced.

Double spacing seems to have a more sizable impact on more extended forms of content. Past 1000 words; spacing is more influenced by your font size and the number of actual paragraphs. 

For tasks that demand smaller paragraphs, the writer can expect the page count to increase. Still, this article is about averages, not precise measurements. As a result, 1000-words written using double-spacing will fill about three pages. 

How long is 2000 words?

Companies that specialize in optimizing content for search engines will often make use of 2000-word posts. About how long is 2000 words, and why is this word count so popular?

2000-word articles will represent most content that obtains a high position on search engine result rankings. You can even test this yourself. Search for a specific blog post topic, and look at the top ten results. It is very unlike not to find at least a few pieces that contain two thousand words.

We previously touched on the unwillingness of people to read long articles they find on the internet. However, this only applies to topics that do not interest the reader. Some people are actually researching info about their favorite hobby. Also, many consumers can try to read some reviews regarding the product that they want to buy. 

Others prefer tutorials and in-depth guides. A two-thousand-word limit will give the writer a ton of breathing room. Using this count, he/she can formulate ideas and use better and more descriptive language. You don’t have to worry about using too many adjectives and overshooting your mark. 

How long is 2000 words in pages?

Given that the average page can fit 500 words, a 2000-word piece will be able to accommodate four times as much content. When planning such as task, you can assume that the final article will occupy four pages. It rarely fits into this limit, given the nature of the content. 

The answer to the question: “How long is a 2000 words paper written by hand?” is similar, but it does vary wildly depending on the handwriting in question. 

How long is a speech with 2000 words?

Speeches are a unique form of content. At every step of the writing process, the writer must keep in mind that the words need to sound pleasing while being spoken. Back when speechwriters wrote with ink and quills, the situation was much more manageable. 

A quill dripped in ink would write about as many words as can be spoken with a single breath. In this case, the low-tech solution was superior. Speech lines were very organic and natural due to this fact. 

Speechwriters today can stretch out a digitally-written address for many pages, as they assume a specific cadence and speech pattern. 

How long is 2000 words double spaced? 

How long is 2000 words for a paper if the writer uses double spacing? As was mentioned previously in the 1000-word calculation, longer written pieces are more affected by double spacing. Other factors such as font type and size will be more critical when compared to single-page, 500-word pieces.

On average, two thousand words will fit snugly onto five pages of content. 


A creative and inspired entrepreneur is usually bursting with ambition and creative energy. Counting each word can be relatively unstimulating for a person that is in love with his craft and just wants to focus on creativity. However, word count and page formatting are essential. 

If you have a brilliant idea in your head and do not speak it, it will be wasted and locked in your mind. The same goes with content: even the most brilliant written works can be hidden from people’s eyes. 

Search engines prefer particular sizes, keywords, and formats. People will find and see your site based on these search engine algorithms. It is your duty as a writer or business owner to research these specifications and adapt accordingly.