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Grademiners Essay Writing Review

If you’ve ever been looking for a company to write your essay for you, you’ve probably come across Grademiners. Grademiners have been on the market for 10 years now, so there are many Grademiners reviews scattered all over the internet. While all the reviews on Grademiners website are positive, some students aren’t that satisfied with the service.

We decided to conduct our own Grademiners review to answer all of your questions. So is Grademiners legit or not? Can you trust the writers? Is it possible to get a refund? Keep reading to find out.

Grademiners calculator

Grademiners services

On their website, Grademiners say they can write literally “any” assignment. Indeed, the list of the areas of their expertise is quite impressive, just like the list of the types of assignments they can do. According to Grademiners, they receive orders mostly in the following areas: MBA, nursing, medical science, law, humanities, computer science, English and psychology. If your topic doesn’t fall into any of these categories, you can choose “Other” at checkout and you will be matched with the most suitable writer for the job. After selecting your topic, you can choose between 5 academic levels: high school, college, undergraduate, master, and Ph.D.

One special thing we wouldn’t want to miss in our Grademiners review is their range of very short deadlines: 3, 2, or even 1 hour. Probably not many writers will be available for such an urgent job, so you’d have to deal with whoever has time at the moment. In any case, if your paper is not too complicated, it can be a great life-saver.

Grademiners prices review

Naturally, when you open a website of an essay writing company, one of the first things you would like to find out is the price you’ll have to pay for the services. On their homepage, Grademiners have a calculator that lets you do just that. To figure out the price of your order, you need to choose your paper type, your deadline, academic level and the number of pages/words. Possible deadlines range from 1 hour to 20 days. Now, it is the first time we see a company that claims they’ll be able to write an essay within one hour. For orders with such urgency, you’ll have to pay $44.74 for one page of a college-level essay. Although it’s a high price, it is not unreasonable for such an extreme deadline. However, it is hard to imagine that the company will be able to deliver a brand-new paper in just an hour unless it is a 2-page high-school essay. 

Now let’s take a look at the prices for papers with a more adequate deadline. A college-level paper ordered 7 days in advance would cost you $18.19 per page, while for orders 3 days away from the deadline you’d have to pay $21.63. That’s a surprisingly small difference. 

However, not every surprise on Grademiners is pleasant. It is very unusual for a writing service like Grademiners to not have a special Prices section on their website. So the surprises start only after you open the order form. First, you find out there are 3 levels of writers. To get a Top writer you’ll have to pay around 25% more and for a Premium writer 50% more. There’s only a brief mention of this system at the bottom of the website’s main page, so not many users will come across this information before ordering. According to Grademiners, Top writer is a top-30 writer in your discipline, while Premium is among the top-10. 

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Grademiners extras

Then at the third and the last part of your ordering process, you find out there are extras you can get from Grademiners. As is the case with many companies, they are ridiculously overpriced. The list of extras includes:

  • Plagiarism report

Grademiners claim they do a plagiarism check for every paper. However, if you’d like to actually see the plagiarism report, you’ll have to pay $14.99. That just doesn’t make sense.

  • Full text of sources

You can request to get all the sources your writer used for 15% of your paper’s price. Not many students will need that, but if someone does, the price is not too high.

  • High priority status

This extra says it will make your order “get to the writer faster”. Well, what does it say about the orders without that extra? If you don’t want to find out, you’ll have to pay $4.90.

  • Quality check

If you would like to have your paper checked by a professional editor, you’ll have to pay an additional 30% of your paper’s price. Although on their homepage, Grademiners claim every paper is revised by an editor. So is it or isn’t it?

  • Get initial draft

For 20% of your paper’s price you can get “30% of the work halfway to your deadline”. Sorry, what? It’s unclear what purpose does it serve and who would want to get it.

  • 1-page summary

Your paper’s summary would cost you $24.99. That’s quite expensive and unnecessary unless you’re ordering, say, a Master’s thesis and don’t even plan to read it before submitting it. Then yes, it would be a good investment.

Grademiners discounts

Getting a Grademiners promo code is not very easy. First of all, there aren’t many cases when a customer is eligible for a discount. If it’s your first order, you can get a 15% discount which will be applied automatically when you proceed to checkout. It is a quite generous discount, but, unfortunately, it might be the only one you’d get with Grademiners. We haven’t found any Grademiners review that would suggest they got another type of discount from the customer service. Looks like they don’t have big-order discounts either.

However, they do have a referral program, and a quite lucrative one. You can find information about it by clicking on the rather misleading “Earn $50” title at the very bottom of the website. Overall, their referral program isn’t too different from any other referral program. There are a few “testimonials” from people who allegedly earn thousands with the program. There’s no way to tell if they’re fake or real, but by looking at the conditions, you can tell it really can earn you a good amount of money. 

Grademiners how it works

Grademiners customer service

While conducting our Grademiners review, we came across different comments regarding their customer service. As we’ve explained before, the company’s website doesn’t give much information. Therefore, it’s very important that customer support agents are always available and ready to answer all of your questions. We’ve found a number of Grademiners reviews that claim that the support is indeed very responsive and helpful. Some students say they had difficulties reaching customer support agents, but in most cases, they do their job quite well.

Grademiners writers

Of course, a Grademiners review wouldn’t be complete without an evaluation of their writers. Let’s start by looking at the company’s website. Just like with anything else, they don’t provide much information regarding their writers. You wouldn’t find any information regarding the writers’ qualifications or English language proficiency. All you get is that every writer is “topic-savvy” and “certified”, although this doesn’t tell you anything about their qualifications. Allegedly, only 9% of applicants get hired and they all have “4 years of experience in helping students achieve academic success”, whatever that means.

If you’ve been wondering what is Grademiners like as an employer, we managed to find several Grademiners reviews from their former employees. All of them are positive. The writers also claim the company has a very strict zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism or any other mistakes. 

Grademiners writer

Is Grademiners trustworthy?

To determine whether Grademiners is a company you can trust, we took a look at guarantees they provide to their customers

  • Quality Assurance

Grademiners claim they have a Quality Assurance Department to ensure every paper’s quality is up to the company’s high standards. They say every essay goes through a plagiarism checker and is never sold more than once.

  • Confidentiality 100%

The company says all their customers remain confidential, and we haven’t found a single Grademiners review that would suggest otherwise. However, every customer automatically agrees to their review being posted, so don’t be surprised if you see your review on Grademiners. 

  • 24/7 Support

Grademiners claim their customer support is available 24/7. Although some students say they had to wait to get in touch with a support agent, the wait is usually not very long.

  • Editing Policy

The company’s editing policy is one of its biggest advantages, so we couldn’t skip it in our Grademiners review. Unlike many other essay writing companies, Grademiners offer free unlimited revisions. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can terrorize the writers forever. The revision instructions cannot contradict your initial instructions. You can apply for revisions up to 14 days after your paper’s deadline, but if it’s longer than 20 pages, you’ll have 30 days to do that. Therefore, if you order a paper well in advance, you will definitely have time to make sure it’s perfect.

  • Money Back

Grademiners’ money back policy is not that generous. If you would like to apply for a refund, you can do it 14 or 30 days after the deadline for short and long papers respectively. In their Terms&Conditions, the company doesn’t specify in what case is the customer entitled to a refund. They only say every request will be closely evaluated by their Quality Assurance team. One thing they do specify is what happens if your order is delivered late. Even though they admit it is a breach of contract, you will only be able to get a discount for your next order.

Conclusion on Grademiners

After taking a closer look at Grademiners, we came to a few conclusions. First of all, it’s a quite mysterious service. Although their website is designed very well, it doesn’t give you enough information about the writers, the company’s policies or prices. They don’t even have a FAQ section, which is quite unusual for an essay writing service. However, if lack of information doesn’t scare you, Grademiners also have a few advantages over their competition. If you’re very close to the deadline, Grademiners can get your paper done in just 1 or 2 hours. Perhaps the paper won’t be of the highest quality, but your grade will be saved. Besides, Grademiners offer unlimited reviews. While they don’t have any discounts for big orders, if you place your order well in advance you will have plenty of time to make your paper perfect. 


Is Grademiners cheating?

According to the Grademiners website, their papers are only meant for research purposes and aren’t supposed to be submitted for academic credit. If you really use Grademiners for research purposes only, then it is not cheating. However, if you submit a paper from Grademiners without making any alterations, it will most likely be considered cheating.

Is Grademiners legit?

Yes, after conducting our own review for Grademiners we can assure you it is legit. The quality of the paper you receive will depend on your writer, but you can be sure your money and personal information will be safe with them.

Where can I get a Grademiners coupon?

Grademiners don’t have a very generous discount policy. Their referral program, on the other hand, is very good. You might be able to find someone’s referral code on the internet. For your first order, you will be automatically given a 15% discount at checkout.

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