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Essay Pro Essay Writing Review in Details

Essay Pro is one of the giants in the essay writing market. It’s been around for more than a decade and has a great number of followers on social media. And yet, some essay writing services reviews say Essay Pro isn’t as reliable as it looks like.

That’s why we analyzed the company’s website as well as a number of Essay Pro reviews to answer your most common questions. Is EssayPro legit? How trustworthy is Essay Pro? Is EssayPro legit? Keep reading to know if Essaypro fraud and find answers to all of these questions, and a detailed description of how it works.

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How Does EssayPro Work?

It offers several different services.

  • Writing

Naturally, writing is the most popular service on the website. It offers a wide range of writing companies. You can order any type of essay or research paper and even dissertation help. 

  • Editing

If you have already written your paper, but you’re not sure whether it’s good enough, its editing services might be useful to you. It is twice as cheap as ordering a paper from scratch. Besides, you can be sure your work is original and your result doesn’t fully depend on someone else.

  • Proofreading

Proofreading services are aimed at ESL students or any other students who don’t feel confident about their grammar and spelling. Getting a lower grade because of such technical mistakes can be really disappointing. Proofreading ensures it doesn’t happen.

  • Rewriting

This is a tricky one. On their website, it claims many companies choose not to do rewriting because it’s more difficult and doesn’t give you as much freedom as writing from scratch. However, there’s a plagiarism issue as well. Even though the writers are probably capable of rewriting a text in a way that you don’t get caught with a plagiarism checker, this isn’t truly original work. So can EssayPro be trusted? It’s up to you to decide.

Essay Pro pricing

The first features you notice when you open the website is the price calculator. It asks you for the paper’s type, length, and deadline to determine a minimum price per page. According to the calculator, the price range starts at $10.8 per page. You can expect to get a similar price for an essay at least 5 days in advance. That’s the minimum. If you have a more complicated paper or are short on time, the price will go up. When you’re 12 hours away from the deadline, you’ll pay at least $14.36 per page. Compared to other services, the prices are reasonable. 

But there’s a catch. The minimum price is, indeed, minimum. EssayPro essay writing service uses a bidding system, so the writers themselves decide how much they want you to pay. Naturally, more qualified writers will bid much higher than the minimum. 

There are several paper writing companies with a bidding system. Some people like to chat with their writers and pick the best one by themselves according to their budget and preferences. But several Essay Pro reviews refer to the bidding system as tedious and unnecessary. In a search for lower price students can end up with underqualified writers. Writers may have to bid on too many projects to get a job. Essentially, it is a matter of preference. If you have enough time and specific requirements, talking to the writers can be useful. If you don’t, it can be a burden.

Payment process

After you provide your requirements, you will start receiving bids. Wait for them for the next few hours and chat with the writers. When you make the decision and choose the writer, you have to deposit the money onto the website. 

It claims this policy ensures the writers will not work in vain. This way, if you place an order and then change your mind for whatever reason, the writer will still get paid. They claim that they hold onto the money until you are satisfied with your paper and only then release it to the writer. That sounds fair. One Essay Pro review, however, complained that their funds were released immediately and the writer didn’t make sure the result was satisfactory. But we’d rather consider this an unfortunate exception to the rule.

Essay Pro Discounts

As far as the discounts are concerned, EssayPro paper writing is one of the most generous services. You can get a discount as a new or recurring user. The percentage depends on the number of pages you’re ordering and on the number of times you’ve ordered. The percentage varies from 10% to 33%. 

Again, some customers claim it’s a special Essay Pro scam. Allegedly, after giving the discount, they charge the user several times for the same essay. Hard to say whether it’s true or not.

Although it’s not mentioned in the reviews, the FAQ section of the website says they have a referral program as well. They say you can get a $10 PayPal transfer for every customer you bring. 

EssayPro discount

Essay pro Writers

Writers’ background

According to the information on Essay Pro writing company website, there are several requirements for potential writers. First and foremost, native English. They say they employ expert writers from the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. The candidates must have at least 3 years of experience in custom essay writing and a university degree. Finally, online availability 24/7 is very important as well. 

However, previous investigations doubt that professional writers from first world countries would work for such a modest price. There’s evidence that the website gets a lot of traffic from Kenya. As a former British Colony, Kenya has many English-speakers. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with hiring Kenyan writers, but it shows that the company is not as transparent as it seems.

Choosing a writer at Essay Pro Website

You can take a look at the writers’ profiles even before you place an order. There are subject areas you can choose from, so you can see the writers’ specializations. However, if a writer has written just one paper on Agriculture, you will see him/her on the list. If you look at the top-writers’ profile, you will see the range of the topics they work with is quite impressive. Perhaps even too impressive. One writer working under the alias Top Grade Expert has written papers about liberal arts, medicine, business, education, and computer science. I find it hard to believe this person has a degree in all of these areas. And if he does, it’s surprising he is satisfied with modest pay.

EssayPro order

It may happen that you have a bad experience with a writer. In such cases EssayPro lets you block them so that they can’t bid on your orders in the future. At the same time, if a writer did a good job, you can invite them to bid on your essays again. 

Communication with writers via Essay Pro Website

Although you can chat with the writers to determine which one you like the most, communication with them might be complicated. Many Essay Pro reviews claim the writers aren’t responsive. If you ask them for more details regarding their degrees, they stop responding. Customer help doesn’t reply to such inquiries either. There’s no way to know why they act this way. It might be a way to hide the truth or just a matter of privacy.

There are also complaints that the writer’s responses in the chat sometimes sound robotic and resemble chat-bots. 

Essay Pro Guarantees

Money-back from Essay Pro

Although hidden at the bottom of the main page, EssayPro refund policy is available to all the users. There are several cases described when a client is entitled to a refund. 

Don’t expect a full refund in many cases. If the writer hasn’t been assigned yet, you can get a full refund. If you already hired a writer or if they submitted the paper after the deadline, the exact amount is to be discussed with customer support. In a case of a delay, there will be an investigation. It will have to be determined whether it was the writer’s or the customer’s fault. If the customer didn’t provide the necessary materials on time, the delay is not the writer’s responsibility.

If you’re using EssayPro editing, proofreading, or rewriting services, you can’t get a refund either. Since the final paper contains your original work, the company frees itself from any responsibility. A similar principle applies to the grades. Essay Pro claims they don’t guarantee a high grade, only a high-quality paper. Your grade may rely on other factors too. 

In any case, if you want a refund, you can apply for one. Then there will be an investigation to see if any of the above-mentioned rules may be applied to your case. 

Zero plagiarism tolerance at Essay Pro

EssayPro claim they have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Still, their plagiarism guarantees are somewhat tricky. They say every writer has to check their final work with Turnitin. After that, the Quality Assurance team will go through it once again to see if the work is indeed unplagiarized. 

Therefore, you can only ask for a plagiarism refund if the paper doesn’t pass the Turnitin test. Essay Pro say they don’t use any other plagiarism checker and don’t respond to plagiarism complaints if you use anything else than Turnitin.

If your school uses any other platform, be careful. You might not only lose your money but get in trouble as well.

Anonymity from Essay Pro

At EssayPro anonymity is taken seriously. They claim they only use the clients’ emails for communication purposes. Besides, their payment system is secure and doesn’t disclose your personal information. There aren’t any Essay pro reviews that would deny that, so it’s safe to say that it’s true. 

Is EssayPro Legit?

If you’re thinking about whether EssayPro is a good service, there’s no one way to answer this question. However, if you’re wondering whether you can consider EssayPro legit, the answer is yes, you can.

Essay Pro Background

Essaypro is one of the oldest academic writing companies on the market. It’s been around for 20 years already and its reputation is still quite good. Such a long history shows that the company has a big number of customers who use the service repeatedly.

Essay Pro Blog

Unlike many other writing companies, EssayPro doesn’t want to stay in the shadow. They have large followings on social media – more than 100.000 on both Facebook and Instagram. Besides, there is an informative blog on their website with writing-related articles. That shows that Essay Pro takes their brand seriously and isn’t afraid to be seen. 

Is Essay Pro Reliable?

If you’re choosing between different writing services, you might be wondering  – is Essay Pro really a service you can trust? There are many aspects to consider to answer this question completely. Still, its customer support and client reviews can give you a good idea of just how reliable is EssayPro.

Essay Pro customer support

Essay Pro is proud of its customer help. There are pictures of the team on the website, as well as claims that you can reach them 24/7. Many reviews about Essay Pro agree with that. However, there are limited ways in which EssayPro support can help you. The more details you’re asking for, the lower is the chance you’ll get a response.

Essay Pro Scam reviews

All the Essay Pro reviews of the website are positive. While it seems unnatural, it is the case with most of the companies. Many services filter out negative reviews. For such an experienced service as Essay Pro, there might also be fake negative reviews from competitors. 

EssayPro ratings on Facebook are quite good with an average of 4.6/5. But it’s hard to say whether Facebook EssayPro reviews are real or fake. Some of them seem natural. Others, however, are written from profiles that show no other activity, which seems suspicious.

EssayPro customer feedback

Summary on Essay Pro

There are many different opinions on Essay Pro on the Internet. Many students have had a good experience with the platform. And rightfully so. It is one of the most affordable services that offer great discounts and respect your privacy. So is EssayPro legit website? It definitely is. Now, “is Essaypro good?” is a more complicated question. It largely depends on the writer. Essay Pro lets you choose the writer yourself, so choose carefully and you will probably be satisfied. 

FAQ about EssayPro

How does EssayPro work?

You put in the details about your order and choose a writer among the ones who bid on your paper. Then you submit the money to the website. When you’re satisfied with the result, the money is released to the writer.

Is EssayPro safe to use?

Yes, EssayPro is safe to use. The services they provide aren’t against the law and they take anonymity very seriously.

Is Essay Pro a scam?

No, we didn’t find any valid reasons to think that Essay Pro is a scam.

How is EssayPro Legit?

Essay Pro positions itself as a helping service that condemns any kind of plagiarism. That way you don’t have to question whether is EssayPro legit or not.

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