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Essay box Essay Writing Review

Despite being a relatively new company, Essay box essay writing service has already gathered plenty of great reviews. The company claims they have affordable prices, excellent customer support, and highly qualified writers. Sounds almost too good to be true.

So what is Essay box really like? Is Essay box a good service? Is Essaybox safe to use? Students have many questions about the company. That’s why we decided to conduct our own unbiased review. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

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Essay box Prices Review

At first glance, Essay box has a quite transparent pricing system. On their homepage, they have not one, but two price calculators. Besides, there’s a Prices section with a chart that lets you see how the prices change depending on your deadline and academic level. There is a variety of deadlines you can choose from with the shortest being just 3 hours and the longest 15+ days. They’ve got all academic levels covered too: high school, undergraduate year 1-2, undergraduate year 3-4, Master’s, and Ph.D.

As for the prices themselves, we would say they are quite reasonable. Let’s say you’re a first-year college student and you want to order an essay. If you order 7 days in advance, your price will be $17 per page. In case you are short on time and only have 24 hours left, one page would cost you  $27. Although it is not cheap, unfortunately, many services would charge you even more. Naturally, if you’re a Master’s or a Ph.D. student the price will go up. For example, a page of a Ph.D. essay will be almost twice as expensive as a page of an Undergraduate text. 

The prices may also change depending on your paper type. Essays, research papers, and term papers come at the same price. One PowerPoint presentation slide with speaker notes costs just as much as one page of a paper. If you don’t need speaker notes, the price will drop by 50%. Interestingly enough, you can even order a poem and Essaybox will do it for you! 

If you have already written a paper but aren’t sure about its quality, you might want to consider using editing services. They will proofread your college-level essays at a rate of a little over $5 per page. For some reason, editing/formatting would cost you a bit more – $8.50 per page. 

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Essay box extras

If you’re not a newbie in the world of essay writing services, you wouldn’t be surprised that Essay box offers some extras for an additional price. So what are they and are they worth it? Let’s break it down.

  • Plagiarism report $9.99

Students who order essays from such services always want to make sure they won’t run into trouble in school. Admittedly, a plagiarism report can give you some peace of mind. On the other hand, Essay box claims they scan every paper with not one, but several plagiarism detection systems before submitting it to the client. Besides, in their FAQ section, they also say you can get a free Turnitin plagiarism report if you’d like one. So what’s the trick here? If Essaybox really takes such measures to ensure the originality of every paper, then paying additional money for a report seems unnecessary. Or they are lying to their customers and don’t check the papers at all, which is even worse. 

  • Editor’s check $4.99 per page

Once again, a sneaky way to get more money from the customers who want to play it safe. And yet another contradiction: why would anyone want to order an additional editor’s check if every paper is supposedly reviewed several times and was written by a qualified writer with fluent English? 

  • Copy of sources $9.99

Perhaps, the most reasonable and useful extra. If your order is quite large and important, it might be a good idea to go through the sources to make sure everything makes sense to you. The price wouldn’t break the bank either. 

  • 1-page summary $19.99

Now let’s move on to the most useless and the most expensive extra. Many essay writing services offer overpriced summaries and Essay box is not an exception. But if you can find half an hour to go through your paper and write the summary yourself, it would save you lots of money. 

  • Priority support $9.99

This extra will make you “first in line to get all of your questions and concerns addressed by first-class professionals”. Well, we do have a concern: what kind of service will I receive if I don’t pay $10 extra? Ultimately, many Essay box reviews say that the company’s customer support is very good, so don’t bother paying extra for special treatment. 

is essaybox cheating students

Discount codes

Although Essaybox has quite reasonable prices, a discount would never hurt, would it? One case when you can be 100% sure you’ll get a discount is when you’re placing your first order. You don’t even need an Essay box coupon code, the discount code will be included automatically. 

If you have ordered from Essay box before, you can benefit from their Rewards Club. For every paper you order from Essaybox you will get up to 15% of your money back in Reward Credits. You can use these Credits later to pay for your orders. 

is essaybox cheating us

Besides, we’ve found more than one Essay box review that claims you can get an additional Essaybox coupon if you ask customer support. Essaybox seems to have an extensive marketing campaign too, so you can find some affiliate reviews that feature a special coupon for Essaybox. 

Essay box Writers

Of course, you can’t talk about the prices without analyzing the quality too. Many students would be happy to pay slightly more to be sure the result will be satisfactory. And Essay box claims that’s exactly what their strategy is. 

So what does Essaybox say about their writers? Just like any other service, they claim all of their writers have advanced university degrees, even though for privacy reasons you won’t be able to get any proof. Essay box doesn’t hide the fact that they hire ESL writers. That is true for nearly every company, so at least we can appreciate the fact that they don’t hide it. 

But there are unpleasant surprises too. Although Essay box claims all their writers are amazing, when you fill out the order application you’ll be asked to pay extra money for a writer with proven experience. Overall, there are 3 writer levels on Essaybox:

  • Standard writer

Essaybox says all their writers went through several tests and are really cream of the crop. Supposedly, that’s what you get when you choose a free of charge Standard writer option. Or do you?

  • TOP writer

According to Essay box, a TOP writer is someone who has proven experience in your discipline. While many students think it’s a given, not an extra, Essaybox will charge you an additional $7.59 per page for this option. 

  • ENL writer

For $8.54 per page, Essay box can ensure your order is completed by an ENL writer with more than 30 successfully completed orders. Unless you’re a postgraduate student, that would mean your price will be 50% higher. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a single Essay box review from the company’s former or current writer, so it is hard to say whether the writers really are highly qualified professionals who have to go through many tests.

essaybox paper writing reviews

Essay box Reviews

There are plenty of Essay box paper writing reviews from former clients to help you decide whether Essaybox is reliable or not. Although there is a Testimonials section on the website, that’s definitely not the place where you would find an honest Essay box review. If you take a look at the independent platforms, there will be plenty of reviews, both negative and positive. Most of them come from inactive profiles, so it’s hard to say whether these reviews for EssayBox are legit or not. Still, you can find a review from an experienced contributor too, and most of those are positive. Some former customers admit they had to apply for a revision, but after that, they were satisfied with the result. As far as the writer level is concerned, it seems like there’s no need to spend money on the most expensive options since many positive reviews of Essay box are from people who choose a Standard writer for their papers. 

Is Essay box Legit?

It is always better to choose an essay company that has fair policies in case something goes wrong. That’s why we decided to include summaries of the Essaybox revision and refund policy in our Essaybox review. 

Essay box revision policy

After your paper is delivered to you, you have 10 days to apply for a revision. If your paper has more than 20 pages, your revision deadline will be extended to 20 days. It’s important that your revision instructions don’t contradict your initial instructions and refer to something you have mentioned from the very beginning. Essaybox paper writing service also gives you an option to have your paper revised by a different writer, which is a great bonus.

Essay box refund policy

While the company’s moneyback policy is quite fair, it has a few details to be mindful of, so it’s better to look through them before ordering. For example, you can get a refund if you’ve accidentally placed the same order twice, but you have to notify the customer support of your mistake in a timely manner, otherwise, two writers will start working on your orders. If you want to cancel your order for that or any other reason, it’s important that you do so before the writer starts working on it. If some work has already been done, you can still apply for a partial refund. You are entitled to a full refund if your paper was delivered late, but you won’t be able to use it anymore. According to Essaybox, they always try to deliver a satisfactory paper before the deadline. So if your revised paper was delivered after your initial paper deadline, you are eligible for a partial deadline as well. Finally, if you don’t like the final result even after the revisions, you can apply for a refund. Essay box will discuss it with your writer and will decide if you will get your money back or not. 


The Essaybox website doesn’t lie. Essay box really has student-friendly prices, responsive customer support agents, and fair policies. So if you’re still not sure whether you should use Essaybox or not, we can assure you that it’s one of the best essay writing companies on the market. 


Is Essay box trustworthy?

Overall, yes. To create an honest Essay box review for you, we looked through many Essay box reviews from students who used the service. Most of them were satisfied with their papers. Some of them had to apply for revisions, but the end result was satisfactory.

Is Essaybox cheating?

Depends on how you use it. If you want to use Essaybox for research purposes, there’s nothing to worry about. But if you submit your paper for a grade and your school finds out you didn’t write it yourself, you might get in trouble.

Where can I get a discount code for Essaybox?

Unfortunately, Essaybox doesn’t have a very generous discount policy. But they partner with many blogs and influencers, so you might find an Essaybox promo code in an affiliate Essaybox review.

Is Essaybox safe?

We haven’t found a single Essay box review that would accuse Essaybox of scamming their clients or mishandling private information. So yes, it is safe to use.

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