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How To Work With Essaybot

In our Essay bot review, we’ll highlight the steps you need to take to get through the process of getting your paper done with it. You may start with the questions, ‘What is Essaybot?’ and “Is Essay bot legit?”. The simple answer is that it is an essay writing service that offers you aid in getting through with your assignment. Let’s see how it works.

  • Search a topic
  • Start the draft
  • Modify your paper until you’re happy with it
  • Run a grammar check
  • Run a plagiarism check
  • Create an account
  • Download the paper

What Does Essaybot Have To Offer?

No review of Essaybot will be complete without having seen what does the service has to offer. And our Essay bot review aims to be full, throughout, and give you a comprehensive understanding of the process.

First, the service offers you an unlimited search database. It searches information from lots of websites that are credible. Then it gives you the most relevant for your search topic information.

Also, many Essay bot reviews mention that it gives auto writing suggestions. What does this mean? Well, when you type a phrase, the automated writing suggestion tool offers you aid with finishing the sentence in various ways.

Third, Essaybot provides a sensitive plagiarism checker that can also paraphrase the content you’ve written to ensure that it is 100% unique.

Worth mentioning are the MLA and APA citations. They are standardized and generated by clicking the button.

Not to forget the access to unlimited paper downloads.

Essay bot reviews also have noted the top-notched grammar checker. After all, no one can be a grammar expert but that no longer should be a problem. The paper writing service offers you a grammar checker that catches and corrects grammatical mistakes.

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Essay bot Essay Writing

You can start by simply typing out your topic in the search bar. Use the appropriate keywords. Our Essay bot review will try to guide you through the process of using the services.

When you’ve written the keywords in the search bar a pop-up window will appear. Up top you’ll see the three main steps – title, paragraph, and ‘start writing’. In the first row, you will be asked to enter the title of the paper. An optional second area will offer you the option to write an introduction of what you are going to write about.

Then you will see various pre-written paragraphs on your topic. You can browse through them until you find the one that suits your needs. When you like a certain paragraph, place the arrow on top of it and click on the green ‘Start with this.’

Now you will see a green area that shows you the difference between a traditionally written paper and an Essaybot essay. Our Essay bot review will touch on some of that. The main differences are that the traditional paper requires that you search for the information you need, rewrite the contents, find citations, and do everything manually.

Whereas Essay bot reviews show us that the service searches relevant content, rephrases it, finds the proper citations, and does it all automatically.

Below you’ll see the chosen paragraph. The neutral words will be shown in black. The words that Essaybot offers you to remove will be crossed and shown in red. The offered suggestions come right after the red words and are shown in light blue.

To continue, click on the green “OK”.

Now in our Essay bot review, we’ll see how exactly do you write the essay with the service.

After you’ve clicked on “OK”, you’ll see a typebar where the first paragraph is automatically added. You’ll have the option to bold, italicize, or underline the text, and do other edits. Below you’ll see the references.

On the right-hand side are the suggested paragraphs that you can add. 

You can search for information using various keywords. Or you can see more paragraphs. If you want to add one of them to the essay, place the arrow on it and click on “Rephrase and add”.

Then a pop-up with the paragraph will appear. You can choose to rephrase it or directly add it to the essay. Our Essay bot review suggests that you choose to rephrase. Click on the green button to do so and the automated service will do the rephrasing for you.

Afterward, you can undo the rephrase or add it to the essay.

The second step is to add citations that the bot will guide you on how to do.

Up top, you’ll see the buttons “Check Plagiarism”, “Check Grammar”, “Save”, and “Download”. To save and download an essay, you need to sign up or log in (that can be done with Facebook).

Is Essaybot Cheating?

Our Essaybot review also wants to clarify that question. No, Essaybot is not cheating. It’s using the automated service to aid you in writing your essay. You will still be able to write a unique and personal essay but you’ll be simply guided throughout the process and provided with relevant information.

Essaybot Plagiarism

Since Essaybot is an automated service, the paragraphs it adds can appear as plagiarized. So you need to do some rewriting yourself and run a plagiarism check with the built-in option.

As other Essay bot reviews have stated and as shown on the service’s page, Essaybot offers you a plagiarism check service. It shows what sentences correspond to what sources and how much alike they are. Then you can rewrite and paraphrase to make the essay unique.

What about Grammar at Essay bot?

Essaybot also gives you the option to check the grammatical state of your essay. The mistakes will be highlighted and you can correct them.

Conclusion on Essay bot

If you are having a hard time doing your essay, you can use the help of various essay writing services. Many Essay bot reviews have shown that it is a reliable service but not the one that provides you with a good result. Our Essay bot review also wanted to touch on that and provide a complete guide through the process of getting the essay done with this service.

As you can see, Essaybot is easy to use and can allow you to quickly get done with your essay. It’s legal and legitimate. Our review of Essaybot also wants to point out that the service offers you grammar and plagiarism checks that can be highly important for your essay.

Still, as our review of Essaybot tried to show you, the service can give you access to numerous sources of relevant information and will aid you in writing the best essay possible. It will offer you different paragraphs that can be useful for your assignment and lets you automatically paraphrase them to make them more unique. It also gives the option to make citations and references. For best results, though, do some rephrasing yourself and add some of your thoughts. Anyway, it is not a skilled person who does your assignment that is why the result cannot be great, and you must remember this before paying for the paper.

FAQ about Essay bot

What is Essaybot?

As our Essaybot review tried to highlight, Essaybot is an automated essay writing service that offers you help with having your essays done. It doesn’t offer you a complete essay but rather lets you choose different paragraphs, have them rewritten, and gather them into a complete essay.

How can I use Essaybot?

To use Essaybot, you need to start by typing a keyword for your essay. Then you’ll see various paragraphs. Start by choosing the first paragraph for your essay. Then you’ll be sent to an essay writing page where you can choose other suggested relevant information. Rewrite, paraphrase, and continue adding paragraphs until you feel like the essay is ready.

Is Essay bot Legal? Is Essay Bot legit?

Another question that Essay bot reviews should aim at is, ‘Is Essay bot legal?’ There’s nothing illegal in using help to get through the essay writing process. You won’t be doing anything against the law.

Am I lying if I use Essaybot?

No. You’ll simply be using an external service that gives you access to lots of relevant information and helps you with complying with this information together into a comprehensive essay. That way you can automatically search numerous sources to be able to do the assignment quicker and more easily.

How reliable is Essaybot?

It is reliable but not perfect. Still, as with any automated service, it cannot do everything as a person. After all, we haven’t reached the times of artificial intelligence. So, when using Essaybot, remember that it can make mistakes. They are most frequently not completely rephrasing the offered paragraphs and this can lead to plagiarism reports. To avoid being accused of plagiarism, use the “Plagiarism check” option, and rewrite when needed.

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