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Deadlines can be hectic, especially for an underslept student living on a budget. The internet offers a way to mitigate some of your busy-work. It is not recommended to outsource essays when it comes to your specialization’s main subjects.

Yet, student curricula are packed with filler subjects that are more or less a waste of time. Here is where an online paper writing service shines, as it offers to handle your most annoying and uninspiring essays.

We will give our opinion on one of the most controversial paper writing services found online for this review. There are very few nuanced opinions regarding reviews. Some Internet reviews bash the service as fraudulent and accuse it of not delivering on its claims. At the same time, others praise it as a high-quality business. There is a question “Is College-Paper legit?”. My review will hopefully clear us some misconceptions, based on my first-hand experience with their page and their writers.

Services provided by

The list of services is broad, as this company offers a wide range of papers. Customers can select reaction papers, case studies, admission papers, movie reviews, programming assignments, statistics projects, dissertation writing, and regular essays.

Regardless of your needs, they have you covered. reviews are all over the place and do not help a potential customer make up his/her mind. Yet, none of these reviews seems fake, so how can two contradictory impressions both be accurate?

The issue does not stem from the company itself. It is a quirk of the industry.

Sites such as hire mostly freelance writers, as it is rare for such a business to have in-house writers.

 When dealing with freelancers, you are rolling the dice. 

The quality offered by freelancers is often inconsistent, and this is a source of frustration for both the business and its clients. It is possible to hire someone that keeps to his/her word and puts out great work. However, you can get an unmotivated writer that puts in minimal effort resulting in a lackluster paper.

In most cases, it’s the luck of the draw. This situation explains why some clients have an excellent experience, while others regret pricking the company. Still, most other paper writing services suffer from the same problem to some extent, so the blame does not lie solely with

The paper I ordered turned out great, and it passed both grammar checks and Copyscape verification.

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Pricing and website

A little expensive

In this category, most reviews are right. The service is highly overpriced. There are better, more professional companies that charge less than

I have used dozens of such services, and an average price would be around 11-13$ USD per page. Their higher rate would be justified if they offered something extra or special. Yet, this is an average, regular paper writing service with no bells and whistles attached. 

I tried to find something that would justify such high rates, yet no reason was found. Still, I assume a market for their papers, given that the price was not lowered to be more competitive.

At the moment, the cheapest offer includes:

For a regular, single-page essay of standard quality, the price goes up to $19.99. Paying almost $50 for a 5-page essay is not worth it for most college students. And here lies the issue.

Most people using these sites are students, living on a student’s budget. Sure, an overdue paper may cause you to be desperate enough to contract such a job, but there are cheaper options available. 

There is another particularity mentioned by reviews: the quality level. With other sites, it is assumed that they will assign the best man for the job, and he/she will write the best essay possible. 

In my opinion, it is a terrible marketing strategy to sort tasks by quality level, explicitly stating that you will have to pay extra for something decent. reviews

However, after further reading their descriptions, that impression is wrong. Other paper writing services adjust their prices based on the academic level.  They start from high-school, all the way to PhD-level writing. does the same thing, yet it calls it “quality level.” 

The quality system implies that cheaper papers are poorly written and have less quality. A name swap to “Academic level” would solve that problem.

I distinctly remember reading a review bashed this criterion, thinking that Standard quality articles will only be assigned to newbies and more incompetent writers. 

Coupons and discounts

This service has built a progressive incentive structure that rewards and encourages loyalty. The more a client orders, the larger the discount will be. When a member orders somewhere between 15-50 pages, his account will get a “Silver member” status with a 5% discount. For 51-100 pages, the account will be upgraded to a Golden discount of 10%. Finally, for clients with more than 101 pages ordered, a permanent 15% price deduction will be applied. 

Also, we have the College Paper coupon code “ offer15” which gives you a 15% discount for your first order only. 

A well-made website website

If a single term were to be used to describe the website, that term would be “cookie-cutter”. Their web development team earned its wages, as the site is highly functional, informational, and intuitive. I intentionally sought out flaws, yet I could find none. 

It is in web design that it lacks inspiration. Yes, I understand that in color theory classes, blue and white combinations are viewed as optimal.

However, this combo has been done to death. If you were to look at the computer screen from afar, you couldn’t tell if the opened page is or any other of the hundreds of thousands of similar sites.

Uninspiring design choice aside, I stand by my assessment that their website is top-notch. 

Staff and customer support

The attitude of many companies can be easily described as lazy and uncaring. Even multi-billion dollar companies are guilty of implementing automated voice responses and endless menus instead of investing in proper customer service infrastructure.

College receives my highest praise, as they have implemented both a direct phone line and a live chat function. I do not appreciate waiting for an email response when I need my issues resolved immediately.

When I called them, the customer support representatives were friendly and eager to resolve any problem. 

The best essay sites boast of their writers and even present their pictures and profiles in my experience. This confidence shows that their claims are valid, and the staff is not formed out of dodgy freelancers. 

While also boasts about its quality writers, there is a lack of transparency regarding their actual identity. There is no way to verify if their claims are real, and the constant complaints by other clients suggest otherwise. Most likely, they use freelancers with vague backgrounds.

I was lucky enough to receive a good article for my money, yet many people cannot say the same thing. 

Is safe? Is it cheating?

Data security is essential in the age of data harvesting. I have found no security complaints regarding this site, not even among the harshest reviews. It seems that their servers are secure, and they were never hacked. 

Also, the website does not share your data with any other party. Clients can rest easy knowing that their info will be safe if they order a college paper.

As far as the morality of your arrangement with an essay writing site, it depends on your reasons for using it. For example, you can order an essay just as a college research paper example. You don’t have to turn it in, as you can use it as a template to write your own.


Overall, is a mediocre site that sometimes overestimates its quality. While it is far from being bad, it does not deliver on the excellence that its marketing guarantees. New clients can be disoriented by reviews that fall on both positive and negative extremes. service order

By far, its worst feature is the pricing, which charges unreasonable rates for a middling product. Still, it gets the job done. The papers are decent and plagiarism-free. Such an essay will get you a passing grade for a secondary subject.


How to head a college paper?

It depends on the style of the paper. For most tasks, you can use MLA style. Do not forget to include the headings, margins, and names ( both yours and the teacher’s).

How to write a college paper?

First, do your research. Pick at least 2-3 sources, and read them twice. This will be made easier by the Internet, and you won’t have to read an entire book just for a single relevant section. After, create a basic framework and outline for your work. Start with an introduction, followed by your basic premise. Then, present 3-4 of your most relevant arguments. Finally, wrap everything up in the conclusion. Try to underline how each argument leads to that conclusion.

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