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Reddit is a social platform that has proved itself to be of great use to its users. Their people can talk on any topic and get advice regarding their questions. Plenty of the users are students and they have a great interest in educational topics, including essay writing help. Thus, we tried to take a look at the best essay online service Reddit has to suggest. We will go into more details about such services, how to use them, how to select them, and what to expect.

For starters, we will see what a Reddit user has to say about such services and their opinion of several services.

They say that they have used a lot of writing services and that it has been hard for them to find a high-quality one. Still, some of their recommendations include


Noting that they have a wonderful eye for the important details. Reviews have stated that they are impressive, as well as highly professional.


With one review stating that they offer efficient delivery with good prices. It was said they are amazing from delivery and overall service.


It was said that they offer services of wonderful writers and they do have slightly slow support but papers and essays have been amazing with no revision needed. One review also states that the prices are good for the quality offered.


One review mentions that the customer has had an amazing experience with the support managers being there all the time to ensure constant communication when needed.


The same review we mentioned above talks about EssayService and notes that they always deliver on time for the customer in the question, even when it was about complex topics with short deadlines. They also state that the urgent papers weren’t the top quality but still allowed for good grades. 

The services mentioned are an excerpt of a review from the Reddit user mujalaround2265.

Then, according to Frienship_Jealous,

PaperHelp has been an amazing service with easy navigation and the option to have the assignment delivered for as short a deadline as three hours. They note that the price is calculated depending on the type of the essay and the deadline. The website promises that their assignments will be plagiarism-free. Also, they can offer a sample of the paper so as for the customers to be sure they are getting what they want. An option for revision exists. Also, the review mentions that they are options for discounts, but they also state that if the deadline is short, one needs to be prepared to pay more. It has been also noted that sometimes the writers had missed the deadlines or had delivered lower quality works that needed revision. Due to this, the reviewer suggests that future customers ensure long enough deadlines.

They also do a review of ExpertWriting, stating that this service is easy for navigation and order can be placed for a few minutes. The review also says that they offer timely delivery with high-quality work. But it was also said that shorter deliveries will cost more. With that in mind, the reviewer says that for longer deadlines the price is quite good. They also note the plagiarism-free guarantee that the site offers. It was said, though, that the customer service had been less than perfect, and in some cases, the writers had delivered a bit lower quality.

And those services are the ones that Reddit users have talked the most about. Others have been mentioned, but we didn’t find enough high-quality reviews to compile in this article.

Why Would One Need an Essay Writing Service?

Yes, there are people who don’t have a lot of trust in such services. But when it comes to essay writing platforms, there are many beneficial things. We plan on taking a look at them to make you feel more confident in your decision, no matter what it will be.

First, students are showered in assignments. They have a huge deal of work to do. Especially in 2020 and 2021 within the midst of the pandemic. The current situation brings troubles to students all around the globe. For good grades now many teachers and professors want more papers, essays, other projects. Lots of students have little time for this, though, for they have personal matters and jobs, some even full-time. Thus best essay wiring service Reddit users have to offer will bring help for getting through with all the assignments.

Also, the subjects are quite difficult. Not everyone can master them at the desired pace. Sometimes we may find hardships in comprehending the subject, while in other cases it may be difficult to understand the core concepts. For such scenarios, professional aid will be of huge assistance. Yes, we have teachers and professors, but they also have other students and, with all the pandemic going on, they are hard to get to. The world now is digital and it makes sense that students are counting on digital services. Some of them are about essay writing. That will give you the chance to benefit from professional help with the assignment and you will understand how professionals handle such cases. This will let you learn more things about the essay writing process. You will also see more important aspects of it. By doing so you will comprehend more about that and you will be able to navigate easier through the academic field which can prove to be of aid in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Essay Writing Services?

As it is already clear, you will have a professional write your essay. But how can you trust them? Well, the online essay writing services are doing their best to ensure that the writers are capable of achieving magnificent work. They are putting the applicants through various processes. The first is submitting a CV for review. In this process, the employers are going through the resumes to pick the candidates that have the necessary qualifications. That includes experience in an academic field with a diploma to prove it, as well as experience in the field of academic writing.

Another step is the test job. Employers assign test jobs to qualified applicants to see how well will they do. If they are unable to complete the job with great success, they are not given work in the service. Should they be able to do the assignment properly, they will be able to keep working with the company.

Some services also do an interview to make sure they keep the quality of their employees at a top-notch.

Those steps are taken in order to ensure that only the qualified, experienced, good-writing writers will be given essays to complete for the payment you provide.

What Does One Need to Become an Essay Writer?

Well, the top thing is a degree in some of the academic fields. For instance, someone who’s majored in business can be given topics in business, while another whose major in biology will be given such topics. Here we wanted to point out that the writer for your essay will be selected based on their qualifications in the academic world.

Also, they shall need to be good with writing and, preferable, have experience doing so. For instance, if a person cannot put a good idea in proper words, the idea won’t seem so interesting and worth noting. Afterward, the essay will not be eye-catching and this will probably take some points off. But if an idea is well-written, it will certainly be able to gain more interest and prove the point better. So, the writers who apply to essay writing services need to have a good grasp not only of the everyday language but of the academic writing as well.

Writers need to be able to research, too. If they are unable to do so properly, then they cannot compile a good academic assignment. In the field of academia, people need to research the topics in order to create a well-written piece to be presented to the professor. This includes also citations, bibliography, and other necessary materials. The data should be gathered from various independent and reliable sources of which one can be sure to be true.

Reviews of Best Essay Writing Service Reddit Users Have to Offer

Mike L. shares his experience with 99Papers and stated that he had heard good things and used them for a history assignment that was done in two days and had been with an excellent quantity, including quite impressive references.

Jamie L. shares that he needed a 12-page paper for his History major. He says that he used PaperHelp and, while he was unsure about them at first, he had been impressed by how well they followed his instructions.

Marie K. says she had been a customer of EssayPro on different subjects. She has had an excellent experience with them for they had provided excellent quality.

Jacob L. had been a customer of MyAdmissionEssay and says they offered professional essays that were beneficial for his application. He had been satisfied with the experience.

Those are only some of the numerous reviews of online essay writing services that we deem to be most useful for students. There is plenty of information on Reddit and on other websites, and that data can greatly aid you in your choice.


  • Is using an essay writing services legal?

Yes, such services are legal to use. What we want to mention, though, is that plagiarism isn’t. Thus, you would do best if you always, always run a plagiarism scan on every assignment you will submit. That will ensure that you are giving unique writing work and will not get in any trouble. This is even more important if you are using an essay writing service for you don’t know how the writer has selected and written the piece.

  • Is it safe to go for an essay writing service?

Depends on the service. Some may be unsafe ones for they are simply a scam. But there are plenty of magnificent such services. To ensure you are going for the latter ones, make sure you are looking through the reviews of the service prior to ordering. Read some reviews, comments on social media, testimonials published on independent websites.

  • Will my data remain personal?

It will remain, as long as you are using a legitimate and safe essay writing service.

A Few More Words on Using an Essay Writing Service

As briefly mentioned above, using an essay writing service needs some research to be done. You need to go through reviews and comments about the service you want to use to make sure you are going for something legitimate.

Also, the unsafe ones may be counting on writers who are mostly copying others’ work. This can then lead to accusations of plagiarism which are good for no one.

Thus, make sure to check the writing for plagiarism and read through it to understand what is written and why. If you don’t do so, it will be simply handing in something that you know nothing about.


Essay writing services provide a way for students to get some help doing their assignments. The world is fast-paced and we have thousands of things to attend to, sometimes not having any time to get through them. Those services are dedicated to helping with such scenarios. Plenty of students are finding it hard to finish all their assignments on time and learn all the needed material. At the same time, they have jobs, house duties, as well as social duties. Thus, they can really benefit from a professional helping them handle everything.

Essay writing services offer a means of connecting to such a professional, without having to guess whether they would be of any use. This is because those services have a rigorous process of selecting the writers to ensure the best quality. So, with some review and our tips above, you can make good use of such help offered.