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Reddit is a social platform that has proved itself to be of great use to its users. Their people can talk on any topic and get advice regarding their questions. Plenty of the users are students and they have a great interest in educational topics, including essay writing help. Thus, we tried to take a look at the best essay online service Reddit has to suggest. We will go into more details about such services, how to use them, how to select them, and what to expect.

For starters, we will see what a Reddit user has to say about such services and their opinion of several services.

They say that they have used a lot of writing services and that it has been hard for them to find a high-quality one. Still, some of their recommendations include


Noting that they have a wonderful eye for the important details. Reviews have stated that they are impressive, as well as highly professional.


With one review stating that they offer efficient delivery with good prices. It was said they are amazing from delivery and overall service.


It was said that they offer services of wonderful writers and they do have slightly slow support but papers and essays have been amazing with no revision needed. One review also states that the prices are good for the quality offered.


One review mentions that the customer has had an amazing experience with the support managers being there all the time to ensure constant communication when needed.


The same review we mentioned above talks about EssayService and notes that they always deliver on time for the customer in the question, even when it was about complex topics with short deadlines. They also state that the urgent papers weren’t the top quality but still allowed for good grades. 

The services mentioned are an excerpt of a review from the Reddit user mujalaround2265.

Then, according to Frienship_Jealous,

PaperHelp has been an amazing service with easy navigation and the option to have the assignment delivered for as short a deadline as three hours. They note that the price is calculated depending on the type of the essay and the deadline. The website promises that their assignments will be plagiarism-free. Also, they can offer a sample of the paper so as for the customers to be sure they are getting what they want. An option for revision exists. Also, the review mentions that they are options for discounts, but they also state that if the deadline is short, one needs to be prepared to pay more. It has been also noted that sometimes the writers had missed the deadlines or had delivered lower quality works that needed revision. Due to this, the reviewer suggests that future customers ensure long enough deadlines.

They also do a review of ExpertWriting, stating that this service is easy for navigation and order can be placed for a few minutes. The review also says that they offer timely delivery with high-quality work. But it was also said that shorter deliveries will cost more. With that in mind, the reviewer says that for longer deadlines the price is quite good. They also note the plagiarism-free guarantee that the site offers. It was said, though, that the customer service had been less than perfect, and in some cases, the writers had delivered a bit lower quality.

And those services are the ones that Reddit users have talked the most about. Others have been mentioned, but we didn’t find enough high-quality reviews to compile in this article.

Why Would One Need an Essay Writing Service?

Yes, there are people who don’t have a lot of trust in such services. But when it comes to essay writing platforms, there are many beneficial things. We plan on taking a look at them to make you feel more confident in your decision, no matter what it will be.

First, students are showered in assignments. They have a huge deal of work to do. Especially in 2020 and 2021 within the midst of the pandemic. The current situation brings troubles to students all around the globe. For good grades now many teachers and professors want more papers, essays, other projects. Lots of students have little time for this, though, for they have personal matters and jobs, some even full-time. Thus best essay wiring service Reddit users have to offer will bring help for getting through with all the assignments.

Also, the subjects are quite difficult. Not everyone can master them at the desired pace. Sometimes we may find hardships in comprehending the subject, while in other cases it may be difficult to understand the core concepts. For such scenarios, professional aid will be of huge assistance. Yes, we have teachers and professors, but they also have other students and, with all the pandemic going on, they are hard to get to. The world now is digital and it makes sense that students are counting on digital services. Some of them are about essay writing. That will give you the chance to benefit from professional help with the assignment and you will understand how professionals handle such cases. This will let you learn more things about the essay writing process. You will also see more important aspects of it. By doing so you will comprehend more about that and you will be able to navigate easier through the academic field which can prove to be of aid in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Essay Writing Services?

As it is already clear, you will have a professional write your essay. But how can you trust them? Well, the online essay writing services are doing their best to ensure that the writers are capable of achieving magnificent work. They are putting the applicants through various processes. The first is submitting a CV for review. In this process, the employers are going through the resumes to pick the candidates that have the necessary qualifications. That includes experience in an academic field with a diploma to prove it, as well as experience in the field of academic writing.

Another step is the test job. Employers assign test jobs to qualified applicants to see how well will they do. If they are unable to complete the job with great success, they are not given work in the service. Should they be able to do the assignment properly, they will be able to keep working with the company.

Some services also do an interview to make sure they keep the quality of their employees at a top-notch.

Those steps are taken in order to ensure that only the qualified, experienced, good-writing writers will be given essays to complete for the payment you provide.

What Does One Need to Become an Essay Writer?

Well, the top thing is a degree in some of the academic fields. For instance, someone who’s majored in business can be given topics in business, while another whose major in biology will be given such topics. Here we wanted to point out that the writer for your essay will be selected based on their qualifications in the academic world.

Also, they shall need to be good with writing and, preferable, have experience doing so. For instance, if a person cannot put a good idea in proper words, the idea won’t seem so interesting and worth noting. Afterward, the essay will not be eye-catching and this will probably take some points off. But if an idea is well-written, it will certainly be able to gain more interest and prove the point better. So, the writers who apply to essay writing services need to have a good grasp not only of the everyday language but of the academic writing as well.

Writers need to be able to research, too. If they are unable to do so properly, then they cannot compile a good academic assignment. In the field of academia, people need to research the topics in order to create a well-written piece to be presented to the professor. This includes also citations, bibliography, and other necessary materials. The data should be gathered from various independent and reliable sources of which one can be sure to be true.

Reviews of Best Essay Writing Service Reddit Users Have to Offer

Mike L. shares his experience with 99Papers and stated that he had heard good things and used them for a history assignment that was done in two days and had been with an excellent quantity, including quite impressive references.

Jamie L. shares that he needed a 12-page paper for his History major. He says that he used PaperHelp and, while he was unsure about them at first, he had been impressed by how well they followed his instructions.

Marie K. says she had been a customer of EssayPro on different subjects. She has had an excellent experience with them for they had provided excellent quality.

Jacob L. had been a customer of MyAdmissionEssay and says they offered professional essays that were beneficial for his application. He had been satisfied with the experience.

Those are only some of the numerous reviews of online essay writing services that we deem to be most useful for students. There is plenty of information on Reddit and on other websites, and that data can greatly aid you in your choice.


  • Is using an essay writing services legal?

Yes, such services are legal to use. What we want to mention, though, is that plagiarism isn’t. Thus, you would do best if you always, always run a plagiarism scan on every assignment you will submit. That will ensure that you are giving unique writing work and will not get in any trouble. This is even more important if you are using an essay writing service for you don’t know how the writer has selected and written the piece.

  • Is it safe to go for an essay writing service?

Depends on the service. Some may be unsafe ones for they are simply a scam. But there are plenty of magnificent such services. To ensure you are going for the latter ones, make sure you are looking through the reviews of the service prior to ordering. Read some reviews, comments on social media, testimonials published on independent websites.

  • Will my data remain personal?

It will remain, as long as you are using a legitimate and safe essay writing service.

A Few More Words on Using an Essay Writing Service

As briefly mentioned above, using an essay writing service needs some research to be done. You need to go through reviews and comments about the service you want to use to make sure you are going for something legitimate.

Also, the unsafe ones may be counting on writers who are mostly copying others’ work. This can then lead to accusations of plagiarism which are good for no one.

Thus, make sure to check the writing for plagiarism and read through it to understand what is written and why. If you don’t do so, it will be simply handing in something that you know nothing about.


Essay writing services provide a way for students to get some help doing their assignments. The world is fast-paced and we have thousands of things to attend to, sometimes not having any time to get through them. Those services are dedicated to helping with such scenarios. Plenty of students are finding it hard to finish all their assignments on time and learn all the needed material. At the same time, they have jobs, house duties, as well as social duties. Thus, they can really benefit from a professional helping them handle everything.

Essay writing services offer a means of connecting to such a professional, without having to guess whether they would be of any use. This is because those services have a rigorous process of selecting the writers to ensure the best quality. So, with some review and our tips above, you can make good use of such help offered.

Best Essay Services Radar Scholarship


Students are often interested in getting their scholarships nowadays. It allows them to continue with their education easier and provides them a solid sense of safety. A scholarship program of the Best Essay Services Radar is something that students have at their disposal each academic year. When it comes to the USA concrete, the amount of it can rise to $2000. Naturally, it depends on which country the student is situated in at the particular moment. The point of this scholarship from the Essay Radar is to raise the awareness of the students of how important a role it can have. The impact of the scholarship is immense and each student would gladly accept it. Let’s find out something more about it. 

How To Get Selected For The Scholarship Program

Usually, students who would like to get into the scholarship program need to pass a few steps in order to apply for it. For the majority of the youngsters, it represents a hard thing to do, and only ones with the strongest will and biggest need, eventually get to scholarship. Getting the scholarship affects multiple factors such as students’ results, grades, an average, etc. Of course, if you manage to get it, you are allowing yourself a lack of stress and some benefits too. 

  • Satisfy The Sponsors – The first thing you should do to get to the scholarship program provides the scholarships’ sponsor what it requires. It is often the case that sponsors are part of some scholarship program. It typically demands some criteria that need to be met. You can check online about the sponsor and what its expectations are. Make sure to fulfill them.
  • Act Like A Professional – College students are mature enough to bring their own judgments and have a firm attitude about everything. For smarter ones, it will be much easier to act like a professional. But what does it mean? Well, you can erase all the unnecessary stuff from all of your social media profiles and leave only the relevant ones. If you type your name in a Google search and find yourself, it means that you have a presence online as all the experts do. 
  • Pay Attention To The Optional Questions – Optional questions are often part of the scholarship programs. It is often the case that students visit search engines related to scholarships. They often contain several optional questions that you must not avoid giving an answer to. Reply correctly and be honest.
  • Seek For Any Engagement That Contains Essays – A lot of “competitions” in the colleges consist of providing an essay. Students are frequently not willing to participate but if you want to stand out, get yourself in there. Every activity that you are part of can increase your chances of getting a desirable scholarship.

What The Judges Look Up For?

To get into the scholarship program, students always get evaluated by a committee that is well-organized and created from reliable members. It will be beneficial if you know what they are looking for while checking your application, right? Well, the most important thing is to be unique. Don’t use others’ ideas and try to stand out from them. Copying thoughts from another student won’t lead you to success and your application will get declined. Judges also often like to see the previous essays that you have been working on, such as the grades you achieved. Therefore, try to get the highest grades possible and also pay attention to your essays. Write them with passion and high-quality. 


Scholarships can determine the near future of the applicants. Individuals who reach it will get the new doors opened while the ones who fail can quit their studying due to financial reasons. In such examples, we can see the true importance and value of it. 

Privacy Policy for Scholarship:

NOTE: Best Essay Services Radar’s Privacy Policy for all scholarship applicants’ submissions ensures that personal information will not be shared and is for our own internal use only. No information collected during this process will be given to 3rd parties, but reserves the right to use the submitted articles as we wish. By submitting an entry to Best Essay Services Radar Scholarship, you still retain all rights and ownership of submitted content to, regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. 

The winner will be confirmed ONLY after providing proof of enrolment in the form of a copy of a tuition bill, a picture of a current student ID, official or unofficial transcripts, or letter of proof from the accredited college, university, or school at which the winner is enrolled. In the event a winner cannot prove enrolment at a college, university, or school, a secondary winner will be chosen.

What’s the Best Way to Write an Essay?


Academia certainly has its ups and downs. Writing an essay can represent one of its greatest pleasures or a tedious activity that must be completed regardless of the hassle. Thankfully, due to the internet, there are several options to choose from, each with its advantages and drawbacks. This article will look at the best essay writer for you and evaluate each option based on its merits or flaws. 

Online essay writer

An online essay writer does what its name suggests: it provides the customer with a ready-made paper. This requires the least amount of input from the student, aside from the service’s fee. 

Some variations come with each essay writer online. However, the basic formula remains the same. One needs first to select which company to trust with the task. There is a multitude of options available, so feel free to shop around. The internet is filled with essay writer websites, so it can get a little confusing at first. An excellent way to orient yourself is to read some essay writer reviews before committing to a specific service. 

Once selected, you will communicate with a writer and provide him with your specifications. During this process, you can also set a deadline, send source material, and negotiate the price.

You just pay and wait for the task’s completion. 

As previously mentioned, this method should deliver a ready-made paper. You only need to spend time during the negotiation phase, and then you’re done.

As far as drawbacks go, the paper cannot reflect your exact vision because it is written with the essay writer help. Of course, he/she should do his/her best to follow your exact specifications, but nobody knows your teacher better than you. Each teacher has specific quirks and pet peeves. A third-party writer can’t be aware of these details. 

There is also the issue of pricing. Is an essay writer cheap? Well, the answer to this question depends on the person asking. For those living on a student’s budget, it can get pricey, especially if you have the free option of writing it yourself.

Automatic Essay Writer

Thankfully, AI has gotten so advanced that it can write our papers for us. Instead of choosing a cheap essay writer, there is the option to employ an auto-writer. In terms of your contribution, this is a middle-of-the-road approach. 

Of course, an auto-writer cannot hope to match the flair of a sentient pro essay writer. The technology simply isn’t there yet. However, it does follow the standard formula and generate most of the work. 

Getting started is often the most challenging part of any task. Once the wheels are in motion, completing the paper is only a matter of time. This is the logic behind the auto-writer: it sets up the framework of the essay, and you only need to trim, edit, and mold it into shape. 

The AI gives you more creative control than simply handing off the task to another person. 

I favor auto-writers when dealing with important subjects that I cannot fully trust to outsource.

It does take more time in terms of drawbacks, especially when compared to hiring an experienced academic essay writer. In my personal experience, the auto-writer is great for getting the bulk of the work done and aids in avoiding procrastination.

Becoming the writer

How does the saying go? Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will never go hungry ever again. 

Premium or free essay writers online are great for situations when I am in a pinch. Yet, they are substitutes for tasks that I should be doing myself. For cases when I am short on time or too unmotivated, I fully endorse these services. 

However, a student should never rely on third-party writers entirely, be they human or AI. Becoming a writer enhances you as a person. After all, we use words and language to think. The better your language skills, the greater your thinking process. 

You will also get to control every minute detail, every comma, and every line of every sentence. There is absolute satisfaction in sculpting an essay into existence and crafting it into a top-notch paper.

You may ask: But what if I’m not great with words? In this regard, the internet can provide you with answers. There are many guides on how to become a good essay writer. You can also choose a free essay writer online and simply learn by example.

In terms of drawbacks, the main issue is time. College curricula are bloated and filled with useless subjects designed to keep you in school longer. Thus, you will deal with endless papers on topics that do not interest you.

The skill cap is also higher. As the writer, you will have to do everything: research, writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, etc.


So, which is better, becoming a writer, hiring a writer, or using an auto-writer?

Successful people always tend to avoid simple thinking, as life seldom offers simple answers. Each of these methods is good for a specific time or predicament. Each is a tool for a time, an arrow in your quiver.

Short on time? Hire an essay writing service. Are you procrastinating and feeling unmotivated? Use an auto-writer to do the bulk of the work while you just trim and prune. 

Finally, when the stars align, if you get a subject that interests you, and you have the motivation and time to do so, write it yourself. 

Maybe you’ll get good enough to write other people’s essays someday, and then you can work for an essay writing service.

How to Write an Essay Fast


So, your deadline is coming with a huge velocity and you are needing some tips on how to write an essay fast. That is why we made essay writing services reviews and researched how to write good papers. Yes, doing essays is not the easiest thing. Topics vary, subjects vary, deadlines are sometimes too short. And not everyone can simply sit down and scribble something on the page to get an A. Most of the students need plenty of time to prepare, draft, review, revisit, edit, etc. But there are instances where you cannot afford to take too long. Let us say you have found yourself in one of those scenarios and you need to know how to write an essay fast and easy.

Well, writing is not exactly an easy thing to do. But there are some things you can do to aid yourself in the process and still get a good grade. As always, we do recommend that you sit down earlier and write the essay with plenty of time in advance, but we understand that this is not always possible.

That is why we have gathered some interesting and important information on how to write an informative essay fast.

Getting Started

To begin with, you shall need to prepare yourself on the topic. Say that you have got to write an essay on a business topic, or an essay on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Well, you do not have time to read everything from your textbook, neither to go through Macbeth fast enough. And you probably need to know how to write a 3 page essay fast. Well, you need to get prepared somehow.

Go online. That is the easiest source of information nowadays. Of course, you should be careful on what sources you choose to take data from for some of them are merely there for advertising purposes. So, open several websites, say, five of them.

Now check what they are saying. Do the diagonal reading. If you are not informed about that type of technique, that is when you do not focus on each word and the exact line of the text, but you loosely scan the general writing and direction which allows you to pick up some clues that shall give you context. Diagonal reading means to read the book in somewhat a “Z” manner. You are tracing one line to the right, then going diagonally leftwards with one or two lines, then make the same diagonal line to the right, and continue towards the end.

Also, reduce the subvocalization. That means the silent speech, aka the internal speech you make while you are reading. By doing subvocalization you are imagining as if you are hearing the word while you read it. But that takes time and slows you down. To speed things up and really get the hang on how to write an essay really fast, you shall need to silence that inner voice of yours that comes about when you are reading. Of course, you should not completely silence your thoughts but lessen them to an extent that allows you to read quicker.

Okay, we understood some basics on how to read faster. Now it is time to put them in practice. While you are preparing on how to write a fast essay, you shall note that reading is one of the most important things. For when you are putting those words on the page, they should mean something, and they cannot do so if they are incomprehensible in respect to the topic.

Another point we should check here is the topic. If you are allowed a free choice of one, then definitely go for something that interests you and that you have at least a general knowledge about. That will allow you to get it done quicker, with less effort, and better.

But we supposed that you need to write on a topic that is not your choice, or maybe you need to know how to write an essay fast in an exam… Okay, we continue.

You have the pages opened in front of you. You skimmed through them diagonally, you gathered enough context to understand the general notion of the idea, book, presentation, etc. whatever it is. Now it is a time to start thinking about how to put those thoughts of yours on the page.

First Lines

Quickly draft the first few things that come to mind. Yes, they may not be perfect, they may not be coherent, you may not know how to expand them further. But if you need to know how to write a fast essay, you shall need to know how to brainstorm.

To brainstorm is to simply let your brain come with unconscious ideas on its own without you asserting it in a specific direction.

Let the information sit in your brain for a few seconds. Now open a blank document or get your pen and a piece of white paper and scribble the first things that come to mind.

Okay, we already have something to work on.

Say you drafted a few sentences. Now see which of them gives you the best idea. For example, let us pretend we have the sentences:

‘The joy of the reader is impressive.’

‘The magnitude of the sadness in the book makes it hard to read.’

‘Macbeth proves to be a character with many virtues and vices.’

‘The book proves revenge comes back at us.’

‘Problematic relationships are at the core of the character’s development.’

Okay, five ways to start. And we need to pick one and work from there. One should see which of the ideas gives them the most material to work with. Let us see…

The first sentence gives us just a vague notion of feelings. It does not give us plenty of things to derive from there.

The second one is better, but it posies the hard problem of not being concrete enough to work with.

The third one is already a nice starting point for it opens the topic of virtues, vices, and how the character expresses them, but one should remember that here they need to provide plenty of examples, so that is not the best option for a person who’s merely skimmed through the book.

The last two are on a more vague but still concrete enough topic to be relatable, to be good enough to get you started, to be good point around which one can create an essay for even a topic they know a little about.

So, that is one example of how you can reason through your brainstorming ideas and select those who give you the most benefits when you need to see how to write a really good essay fast.

The Topic

If you are given a topic, then your choices are narrowed down. Still, you can reason plenty of things from the topic. Let us say you need to write on ‘The Top Ten Business Trends That Are Flooding Today’s Market’. Well, you can easily go online and search for top business trends that are growing up these days and go up from there.

Sometimes, of course, it is not that easy to find the information you shall need for the essay. Usually, the textbooks are the best source, but you need to be well aware of where to search the information among the 1000-pages long textbook. If you have not read a lot on the topic and do not know where exactly to read from, then the Internet is your best shot. Just remember to be careful with what sources you trust. Then use our techniques that we gave above. At any time when it is necessary, go back to the sources you are using for more data and inspiration on the topic.

If you are not given a topic but only a material to work on, like it was with our example above for Macbeth, then you are better off for you can choose the topic for which most thoughts come up in your head. Go for something that sparks your interest because that will make the essay better. Still, pick a topic that you can defend for simply a thesis stated without arguments in its defense is not an essay.

Картина, която съдържа текст, маса, маса за хранене  Описанието е генерирано автоматично


While you are trying to comprehend how to write an essay fast and easy, structure is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Still, it is an important part of the whole process. If you have simply scribbled down something without any structure, then the reader (and examiner, of course) will have a harder time understanding you and this will reflect on your grade.

The easiest rules to follow are:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • First argument in support
  • Second argument in support
  • More arguments, if necessary and available
  • Any points against the thesis
  • Conclusion.

That way you have something to fall back on while writing for your thoughts should be structured in such a way that allows their expression in the proper manner.

Still, if you are stuck on writing on one of the points, go to the next, or skip two, even three if you should, just remember to go back and fill them later as not to leave any gaps in the completed assignment.

As we already said, deciding how to write an 3000 words essay fast is not the easiest thing and structure is not the most important thing you think about but it is nonetheless vital for your final grade for not only it provides you the basis to write on but is also sometimes (most of the time) required by the teachers and professors.

The Personal Essay

We can full-heartedly say that this is both the easiest and the hardest type of essay to write.

Foremost, that means the topic is either of your choice or as vague that you can turn it in any way you desire.

Then, personal essay means you already have all the necessary data to support your thesis and know what statements can be held against it.

Also, one can say a lot of things about memorable events in their life or about their viewpoints towards various things.

The minus is, not every person is willing to go deep in a personal essay, knowing that it will be read, judged, and even graded.

In conclusion, there are a lot of pluses but not everyone is well-suited for a personal essay.

See, above we just gave you a truly brief overview of how you can structure and develop your essay. Once you have the main points, you can elaborate on them and develop them further into full paragraphs when you, say, have to see how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast.

But, back to the topic, when you are developing a personal essay, the main point is to be unique. There may be lots of people with experiences like you, but you can delve into a specific part, certain feeling, some inferences that you have made, or whatever else comes to your mind.

Personal essays are good essays to be done fast because there is no need for research. So, if you are given a free pass on what to write, that is one safe bet, assuming you have no problem going deep into personal subjects that you know should be presented to the teacher or professor.

Here we should also note that many colleges and universities require an admission essay. That essay in most cases should be personal one. Here you should allow yourself enough time but if you are facing a strict deadline, just find a unique point of view that you have towards a specific event and work from there one.

The Thesis

The thesis is the thing that your essay revolves around. You shall need to defend it and know how it can be argued against. When you are swimming deep into the world of how to write a long essay fast, the thesis is certainly something that should be well-thought of and taken into consideration.

Here we would also want to suggest the idea of brainstorming.

But, when you have the possible theses out in front of you, make sure to think what you can point out as a proof for it. Because this is simply you state a fact, an opinion, or some sort of thought. And it can be done in one or two sentences. But then, the remainder of your essay should be all aimed at proving or disproving counterarguments. So, you should be certain that you have what to say on the topic.

In the example below we saw that two of our brainstorming ideas had some potential.

‘The book proves revenge comes back at us.’

‘Problematic relationships are at the core of the character’s development.’

Let us say you do not know a lot about the first sentence. Then, you cannot make it into a thesis for your essay because you cannot support it well. And supporting your thesis is what gives you a good grade.

Then, since you are left with the last one, check how well can you develop it. This is somewhat vaguer and can be argued for from more points of view. Voila, you have your thesis.

The Arguments

Arguments, arguments, arguments… no, we are not talking about fighting unless you must prove to your parents that you really have a good idea on why you are reading an article on how to write an essay fast and easy.

No, we are talking about proving your point. Now, you have stated a thesis. That may be your opinion on a subject, a hypothesis that you have suggested, etc. But it is worth juuust a tiny bit if you cannot argue in its favor.

The arguments must be valid. They should not be some out-of-the-tip-of-the-fingers statements that are totally out of touch with reality. One must provide reasonable arguments that are aligned with the overall subject.

For instance, you can do an essay on Macbeth and choose, say, Withering Heights as an example. But you cannot take an argument of law, for example, and point it out to prove your point, unless you have a really good way to make it fit into the style and overall motive of your writing.

Also, do not go against what is believed to be true unless you have made a scientific breakthrough and must show your results. Still, if you have made such an achievement, we should tell you that it needs no essay but an article in a scientific journal.

Still, if you are in the ground of free arts, humanities, like philosophy, for instance, then you can go far-fetched if your understanding is different. Say, you need to prove the point that total freedom is a step closer to the fall of humanity. Well, you can go as far as you would like with that for it leaves more room for explanation, argumentation, and even simply brainstorming your ideas on the go as you are writing. But… here you should also try to put in some arguments out of the real life as to make the thesis really hold. Yes, if you struggle to find such, you can probably get away with coming up with imaginary scenarios, but it is always better to have at least some ground on the real life.

Arguments must be logical. You cannot write, ‘And then the Sun went down because it rose.’ for that does not make a logical sense and, therefore, cannot be taken as true and considered as a part of the support to your thesis. Yes, that is a very basic scenario, but our goal was to simply show that logic must be a part of your essay.

Now, you have come pretty far into the subject of how to write a research essay fast, or any other essay, for that matters.

Just remember, be comprehensible, be logical, try to add structure and good support. After all, a building needs both the foundations and the façade to be complete.

And, when you are writing an essay fast, you will be pressed by the deadline and can easily lost track of what is what. That is why we suggest that you do a few practice runs with our tips so that you can have them in your toolbelt when you need them.


We hope we were able to provide you with a good understanding on how to write a really good essay fast. Before we leave you, let us see some numbers:

How Long Does It Take to Write a 5 Page Paper?

That depends on how much research you must do. If you need to have a well-backed paper, it can take quite a long time. Still, should you be pressed to be quick, you can do well in a week if you dedicate enough time to read, research, write, and edit if necessary. If you have enough time, do not go with your first draft but, rather, make at least some proofreading.

How Many Pages Are 1000 Words?

About three pages with the standard settings on Microsoft Word.

How Many Pages Are 2000 Words?

Something like five pages using the standard settings but can be more than that if the settings differ.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 2000 Words Essay?

It can be done merely in the manner of about five hours but you should still make sure to provide enough time whenever possible.

Types of Essays


There are different types of essays that one may be required to write. They all have varieties in the way they should be written, and they are each graded based on various aspects. Here we shall look at 4 types of essays that one may encounter throughout their academic life. We shall briefly discuss each of them so as to allow you to see how they differentiate and what should you do if you are expected to write such. We will cover the four types of essays that we deem more important for academics and we should note that all types of essays follow the same basic rule – prove your point as well as possible.

What Are the Types of Essays?

Well, there are three types of essays that we mainly want to focus on with a fourth that we shall include for we deem it important. The basic ones that we shall look at, and that are among the common types of essays in college, but also in school and university, are : Argumentative Essay, Personal Essay, Philosophical Essay, with the fourth that we would like to include being the Admission Essay that is required by nearly all educational institutions.

So, three types of essays as a baseline and the fourth one in order to make you better prepared for application to colleges and universities.

5 Types of Essays

Yes, we mentioned that we would give you four types of essays that are the most vital for your success in school, college, and beyond, but we would want to do a brief list of 5 types of essays that one may encounter, including the ones that we will discuss here:

  • Argumentative essay
  • Personal essay
  • Philosophical essay
  • Admission essay
  • Persuasive essay

So, that briefly answers the question of what are the types of essays that are most commonly found. Of course, all types of essays require different scenarios when it comes to research, writing, editing, and submitting them for essay review and grading. Below we shall stop further on those things for 4 types of essays.

Argumentative Essay

The first of the 4 types of essays that we would like to take a look at is the Argumentative essay. It is among the most commonly found types of essays in college. It may be on various topics. Sometimes the topic will be given to you, other times you shall be simply given a broad overview of what the grader wants you to accomplish and you shall need to select the topic that you deem most appropriate. This is among the most straightforward types of essay for it is written via a specific structure:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Arguments for
  • Possible arguments against
  • Conclusion

To start with, you shall need to briefly write an introduction about what you will be stating in this one of 3 types of essays that are probably the most used in academics. Then you state the thesis – that is, the statement or fact that you wish to prove with your essay. Next, you will be required to prove your thesis.

This is done by providing arguments. That is why you would need to do research prior to writing this one of the three types of essays that we deem most important for your academic success. To prove your point, you shall need to find logical and reasonable arguments that lead one to properly conclude that your thesis may be correct. Of course, you would best be prepared with some counterarguments and how you can work out a defense of your thesis against them. If you have such ready, do include them in the essay in order to make it better, more well-written, more interesting, as well as more persuasive.

The conclusion should briefly note what was achieved through the essay, what does the data you have stated say, and how does that support your thesis.

Personal Essay

Among the 3 types of essays that we think are most likely to be found throughout one’s academic journey is the personal essay. That is why we included it in the 4 types of essays that we would like to share with you today.

As with all types of essays, this also follows a structure close to the one above for the argumentative type. The thing here is that you have more freedom, and you can easily choose not to use that structure but come up with an entirely new one if you think that this makes the essay look better and be better supported.

With personal essays you choose to write on an important aspect of your life and what has that taught you. It can be for the happiest moment of your life, for the lessons that you learned from your parents, for your role model, for the memory that has built you who you are today, etc. The topics are all around us. One can write a personal essay on pretty much every topic and there is a lot of freedom. Actually, among the different types of essays, this is probably the easiest for you can pick up arguments from your own life, rather than doing research on numerous sources. Sure, for some people it is hard to go personal on their essays, knowing that they will be read and graded, but once you get past that point, you will probably start to love personal essays for they can be easily and rapidly written, and can be seen from numerous points of view.

Philosophical Essay

When looking at what are the types of essays, we should definitely include the philosophical one for it can commonly come about in humanities. Here you also have room for personal arguments, but it is always better to select arguments from different sources and it is even better if you are able to construct various scenarios in order to prove your point.

Philosophical essays include topics such as ‘Is absolute freedom valuable?’, ‘What is the most important thing in love?’, ‘How has the role of women changed?’. Sure, there are many more topics out there and, if you are given a free pass on it, you can select the topic that interests you the most and that you have the best arguments for.

Also, when writing different types of essays, including philosophical ones, you should always remember that they must be valid. Yes, you can include various scenarios, proofs, arguments, etc. but the essay should follow the basic rules of logic. Also, do not include religious aspects (unless the topic is a religion), political statements (unless you are writing about politics), racism, discrimination, offensive statements, and sarcasm in the assignment.

Here you can clearly state your point of view, but there is still the need to prove it for otherwise it is simply a statement without being an essay. So, you shall have to provide arguments for it, no matter from what scenario do they come.

Admissions Essay

This is an important type of essay for admission to college, grad school, university, etc. It needs to prove why you are a good fit for the institution you are applying to. Before starting it, do research what the institution wants to see – whether they prefer specific topics, do they have special requirements, etc. Stick to their guidelines and do a unique essay for each of the schools you are applying to.

Admissions essays are frequently personal essays, although they can be different types as well. The main point here is that you need to prove what makes you the best fit for the particular institutions – what qualities do you possess, what can you bring to the table, why are you aiming to enter the program, what are your plans for your education, etc.

Of course, arguments are still necessary, as with all other essay types. To prove your point, you need to show the examiners why your beliefs, expectations, and desires are such, how can you achieve them or support them, why should they give you the chance to study in their institution.

The Vital Parts of the Essays

As already stated, the arguments are among the most important parts of any essay. The allows the grader to see that you are able to defend your point of view, regardless of what it is. Even if the examiner does not agree with the thesis you are stating, if you are able to defend that thesis, you have all the chances to succeed.

Arguments should be valid and logical. They should not be unreasonable. For instance, you cannot say that drinking coffee has made you comprehend better the structure of society for that simply have no logical connection.

Philosophical essays give you more freedom than argumentative ones for they allow for a broader understanding and a wider choice of arguments from various sources.

As mentioned, the most freedom comes with personal essays because there you can use arguments from your own personal life to defend why are you thinking the way you have stated.

Different Types of Essays and Examples

We shall briefly give some examples of the various types of essays:

Argumentative – “The tragedy of love in Romeo and Juliet”, “The role of The Big Brother in 1984”, “Loneliness in A Hundred years of solitude”, etc. See, here are included literature essays for most of the time when you need to do an argumentative essay, it will be on literature. Of course, it can be on scientific topics, but then it falls into a separate category that is rarely used for scientific assignments that are more specific and are mostly dissertations, theses, papers, and others of that line.

Personal – “Who is my hero?”, “My biggest childhood fear”, “The best year of my life”, etc. As one can easily deduce, personal essays are all about you. That does not mean that you cannot include other people. They can be used as an example of why you are expressing that point of view or how they have shaped your understanding and comprehension of the world.

Philosophical – “The vast unknown in the human soul”, “How does one define courage”, “What is the meaning of hope”, etc. In the philosophical essays, one discusses a topic that falls into the category of, surprise, surprise, philosophy. Those are the ever-lasting questions whose answers may vary from one person to another. The point here is not always finding something new, being absolutely right, or changing the view of the reader. Rather, when you are doing a philosophical essay for an assignment, the point is to show the grader how well you can argue in defense of your statement in the thesis.

Admissions – topics can vary from school to school, or one can have the freedom to choose the topic. As stated, the goal here is to show your qualities in order to make the examiners decide that you are a good fit for their institution.


There are, of course, other types of essays. But we decided to stick to the basic ones in order to give you a better appreciation of them for they will be required throughout your entire academic journey. Follow the basic guidelines for each type of essay, go in-depth into the topic, research it well so you can have good arguments to support your statements. Do not try to dissect the whole topic, rather, try to find a way to pick the thing that you can support the best, that is your own opinion, and that is reasonable and logical.

When writing essays, it is important to always look at it on both sides so that you can know whether the argument will be able to persuade the reader that it can support the thesis. For arguments that do not achieve that are simply irrelevant to the assignment. So, one should use logic and the rules of good academic writing.

To finish off, we shall mention that essays actually always include some level of personal opinion, even if they are the argumentative type for you are always defending a statement that comes from your own point of view. Of course, it can be aligned with others’ views or it can come from analyses that had been done, but there is always at least a bit of personal opinion.

What is College Essay Format?


If you are a writer or have a passion for writing and your dream is to become one, you should know everything about what college essay format to use. Each essay should include a specific format in which it should be written. It is often the case that many students and writers have issues and concerns about it. Like any printed or written document, its formatting can have a crucial role in your application. Essays often determine the difference between the applicants and the way how you write it can decide your future. Now, let’s see what college essay formats exist and what are the best ones to use.

What My Essay Should Include?

When we write our thoughts on paper or just typing it, we can get confused sometimes. It is a completely normal thing. In the beginning is mostly the hardest to understand and get everything right about writing essays, especially if you are a student without much experience in it. Formatting texts is something inevitable when it comes to essay writing and it is one of the most important things to know. It is not a rarity for the students to have typical questions about essay writing reviews and essay formatting. 

What is the number of paragraphs I should include in the essay? Whose examples should I follow? What should be the length of my essay? How to make people notice my essay?

Those are some of the standard questions that are wandering through students’ heads all the time. Hopefully, this article of ours will give you some answers and provide you a relief about that. So, let’s see what parts you would have to pay attention to when writing your essay.

  1. Proper Use Of Paragraphs – Many students have problems with this particular theme. They are often unsure of how many paragraphs they should include in the essay. It is not rare that students are disturbed about this question and without proper guidance, they often get over the line. The first thing you should know is that you have to pay attention to the length of the paragraphs and their number. Well, the truth is that it only depends on you, and only you. There is no specified number of paragraphs you should use in the essay. Usually, people’s personal statements are different. So, there is not much useful advice about this. Just write the number of paragraphs you think will be enough to convince the judges of approving your essay. Just focus on that you don’t make it too long because sometimes they will prefer efficiency rather than quantity.
  2. The Length Of The Essay – While writing an essay, students frequently forget about what college application essay format to use and how long should it be. Naturally, you should not be bothered too much about this either. It is almost the same as about paragraphs. Paying attention to the details and efficiency will provide you better results than just blindly accumulating the words. However, some application systems can give you the limit of the words you can use. For example, “Common Application” will provide you a limit of 650 words. Nevertheless, if you have what to write about and your skill range is large, don’t hesitate to fulfill all the space available.
  3. Examples To Follow – Everything in life requires us to have some examples which we must follow in order to make our talent and effort paid off. Whether it is a sport, economy, medicine, or any other area. Of course, the same is with essay writing. If you have struggled with motivation and proper style, you should follow some examples that will help you grow as a writer and can increase the quality of your content later on. So, is there any college essay format template you can use? Actually, the answer is negative. There are no specific college essay format examples online that you should follow but you can learn from some examples that are available online. Don’t let this depress you as it is truly a good thing for you. Do you know why? Because it will make you think more, with more effort, passion, and determination. On the other hand, if you possess an idol, or have a person who can guide you, use it to your advantage and learn from him/her. 

How Should I Format My Essay?

Something that constantly produces some of the most painful headaches to the students across the globe is what format of a college essay should they be using. First and foremost, if you want to solve this problem once and for all, try to clarify your intention in your mind and make your idea as clean as possible. The most important thing is to declare whether your application will be in a text box form or it will be attached as a formatted document.

As the development of technology is on a high-level today, most of the schools will prefer to get an online application, rather than written on paper. If you don’t have other choices, send your paper form, it is not forbidden or inappropriate, of course. But if you can make an online one, it is highly recommendable to use it. Your form of an essay will not truly affect your chances of getting an admission, but if you follow the college preferences it will be a wise choice.

Also, you shouldn’t be hesitating on using some word processor or grammar checker before sending the application, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. It will have a significant impact on your application and will boost the quality by far. Anyway, there are a few more things you need to know about formatting your essay. We can provide you some advice on what you should pay attention to according to the type of your application.

If you want to use it as a text box, be aware of this:

  • Check everything multiple times before sending
  • Pay attention to the words count as it can become messed up by your shaky formatting
  • Make sure to get the right spaces between paragraphs as they can get mixed up 
  • Declare the font of the words you would like to use and apply to a whole text (the most popular one is Times New Roman with a font of 12)

If you want to use an attached document, make sure to set up the margins firstly, and spacing second. Besides, you should be aware of those things:

  • Try to use margins that are 1 inch, it is the most typical ones that have been using
  • Don’t forget to use the tab when delineating the paragraphs
  • Use fonts that are not hard to read such as Arial, Cambria, or Times New Roman
  • Avoid using symbols and emojis, and hashtags as they are often unacceptable 

At the end of your application, don’t forget to use an appropriate file format. There are cases when only specific file formats can be accepted. So, don’t be lazy and save your application in the format that will be approved.

Using Of Narrative Structure

Writing a college essay format usually requires some skills and abilities from the person who created it. Like the movies, writing an essay can be much more effective if you are familiar with narration and how you should use a narrative structure.

When it comes to essay writing, there is one particular form of narration that is being used. It is called “straightaway narration”. What does it mean?

Well, this also known as “in-the-moment” narration is the action of sharing different moments as they arrive. When someone narrates events that happened in the past but using the present time, he uses this narration. Today, it is commonly used in historical chronicles. You probably wonder how this has any impact on essay writing, right? Here lies the answer.

When you, as a reader, experience some event from the past by just reading the text about it, you get affected by this narration. It is very useful when writers have the knowledge and capability of using it in the right way. The same is with the students who would like to make an impression with their essay by using it. This form of structure is beneficial if you are about to mention a specific experience that includes hard emotions, or some dialogues for example.

But if you are considering using this structure, you must be controlled in expressing your thoughts and feelings as many get over the line with it. Try to be as explicit as possible and be the one who will not overuse this structure as it can have the quite opposite effect.

Formatting An MLA Style Of College Essay

Throughout your academic career, you will probably be tempted to work on multiple essays. Some of the most used styles of formatting are MLA and APA. If someone asks you: “How do you format a college essay?”, you can try using this style to show him that. MLA college essay format is proved as one of the most effective ones too. So, what is so special about it?

Using the MLA style is referred to as the style that is recommended by a Modern Language Association. It consists of many different mechanics of writing like quotation and punctuation. It is fair to mention that this style is often used by USA scholars, academic presses, and journals.

When you speak about MLA style, something that always goes with it is the works cited page. 

Every work cited entry includes specific elements that are required from the MLA to be used and have a specific order:

  • Author
  • Title Of Source
  • Title Of Container
  • Other Contributors (if there are any)
  • The Version Of A Work
  • The Number Of A Source
  • The Name Of A Publisher
  • Date Of Publication
  • Your Location

This is often used along with the citations that could be found in the text. Those are like a finger and a nail, you cannot have one without the other. 

When you use the MLA format for college essays, you would probably be utilizing page numbers and headers. You can see your last name subsequently to the page numbers. It will be placed in the right corner, usually the upper one. However, you must be aware that this format doesn’t use cover pages. Students oftentimes make a mistake and mix the personal information with the title. Make sure to get your title centered and beneath your personal information data. Put them in the header and separate them from the title. 

Standard & Apa Format Of Essay

Besides MLA, the simplest format of essay that is being used continuously is a standard college essay format. When you write articles or essays, you should know the basics of it. And this format is “a must” to know if you consider even trying to work as a writer or you simply need an essay to do for your college. 

The standard format of an essay includes 3 different parts that you need to follow and write in the exact order. The first is an introduction. The second, and the most important part is the body, and in the end, you should write some conclusion to the text you have provided. Each of these parts has its own purpose. So, don’t take it for granted and try to maximize your efforts in all of these parts.

If you are still wondering what is the proper college essay format you should use, perhaps you should try college essay format APA. After MLA, this is secondly the most used style of writing in the world. It is commonly used in academic documents like journal articles or some books related to scholarly journalism in general. 

When using APA, the header will most likely appear on every single page. Something that makes the difference between this style and MLA is that the title should be emphasized with all capital letters. You will just have to make sure that you flush the title with the left margin. In contrast to  the MLA style, APA does require cover pages. You should write some data on the cover page like full name, essay’s title, and name of the college you go to. Be sure to place it centered and double-spaced.

When it comes to font size, spacing, and margins, APA has distinct demands that should be followed. Use margins of 1 inch and place on all sides. The font size that has to be used is 12 and in Times New Roman.

What About College Admission Essay Format?

Sometimes students find it hard to express themselves in the best way. And we shouldn’t criticize them because of it. People should be aware that we are not all good at expressing our feelings and thoughts. For a person who is not good at it, it can represent a huge amount of pressure. But for every illness, there is a cure. So, if you speak of formatting an essay, it is almost impossible not to mention the college admission essay format. 

This format of an essay usually refers to personal expressions and personal statements. It often consists of some purpose too. In every country, rules and requirements about writing admission essays can be a little bit different. In the USA, it will be offered to you to choose between 6 essays. And that possibility of making a choice is making it to be unlike others. The things you should attach importance to are your true wishes, goals, and hopes. Also, your expectations are something that is appreciated on your application for an admission essay.


The best advice you can get on how to format college essays is to trust in yourself and follow the instructions that have been given to you. Remember that dozens of students didn’t even get an opportunity to use someone’s guidance in the first place. There are a lot of essay formats that can be used in the right manner with the right purpose. If you are not sure which one to utilize, hopefully, we managed to help you to sort it out!

ProWritingAid Review in Infographics


The challenge of being a writer is having to constantly balance work volume and quality. The more you rush a process, the likelihood of small mistakes increases. Both grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin a reader’s impression, regardless of the content’s actual writing quality. 

Thankfully, there are quality services that offer to check your spelling quality and correct any eventual mistakes. 

One of the most prolific writing services on the market is ProWritingAid

Before you purchase any kind of product, it is best to learn about it. Buyer’s remorse is a real thing, especially on the Internet. 

You can also research some essay writing service reviews and find a business that employs professional writers to write your paper for you, instead of just offering editing advice. 

Other ProWritingAid reviews – customer impressions

In general, this is one of the most prolific companies in its field. It would be hard to find a large amount of negative feedback regarding their ProWritingAid app or the ProWritingAid Chrome Extension.

Does this mean it delivers a product that is without flaws? No, but there is enough consistent quality to make it reliable. It acts as a virtual English teacher, can edit style, verify grammar, and guide you through the writing process.

It achieves these results using competently programmed artificial intelligence and an extensive database of knowledge. You can even find ProWritingAid infographics explaining the benefits of the product.

ProWritingAid review features

Of course, you can’t design such a service without being inevitably compared to Grammarly. 

ProWritingAid’s competition

There are many forum threads and articles that tackle the Grammarly vs ProWritingAid debate. There is an entire ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly Reddit section dedicated to this comparison.

In my personal opinion, as a consumer, there are differences between the two, but not enough of a gap to make one or the other vastly superior. I found that Grammarly is better for article writing or tackling more technical topics. 

Its algorithm is more accurate and catches mistakes at a higher rate. It also finds less fake errors in the form of false positives. Yet, you can easily confuse Grammarly when writing a more fictional account. 

The addition of dialogue that can only be understood from the context will short its AI. 

A good spellcheck software will not only catch mistakes, but it will also suggest ways to improve or correct that error. ProWritingAid has a large suggestion pool, and they are mostly valid. It is the superior option when dealing with rich, textured language.  

In terms of pricing, the ProWritingAid free trial is available for all users. There are also ProWritingAid coupons and special a ProWritingAid discount to consider. Overall, the service is cheaper than Grammarly, and both have functional free versions.

ProWritingAid review prices

On a personal note, I find that Grammarly has trouble checking documents with higher word counts. I would often have to copy bite-sized sections of docs into separate folders to verify them. ProWritingAid does not seem to have these issues. 

ProWritingAid review word count

A band-aid, not a cure

We are at least decades away from spelling software, that is 100% reliable. No amount of programming can come even close to the expertise of a human editor. Before you decide to purchase ProWritingAid, first consider why you need it. If you want to dot some I’s before you self-publish or send it to the editor, go ahead. 

However, you shouldn’t rely on this service entirely. It is advisable for a more comprehensive complete experience to search for a good USA academic writing service.

A simple Google search of “ write my essay please” will reveal dozens of qualified essay writing businesses. A top essay writing service can provide you with an expertly phrased paper from scratch, and you don’t have to lift a finger. They also have on-staff editors that can merely check your work after you’ve completed it. 

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

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My experience with the software

I stumbled upon ProWritingAid while trying to write a paper and reading a best dissertations review forum. Overall, my personal experience with this software reflected that of other clients. 

I used to rely on MS Word to catch my most glaring mistakes, yet it would do nothing for more subtle grammar errors that had no spelling errors. I had the option to select a ProWritingAid download that would check my content as I wrote it.

To my delight, the software caught needless repetitions or suggested synonyms when the roster of words seemed limited. I’m the kind of writer captivated by the essence of what he’s writing, and I often overlook smaller detailers. For those with my disposition, ProWritingAid is ideal.

I found that I did not even have to download the ProWritingAid for mac desktop app. I could have simply installed the browser plugin and have it check my docs as I type them. 

As a minor gripe, I should mention that the ProWritingAid Google Docs text-check process was a little slower than my regular experience with Grammarly.

I do not know if this was due to a bad connection, or the AI is a little sluggish. Further use will eventually answer that question.

I would forgive it even if it were. The AI caught filler, redundant words, filled in popular expressions, highlighted cliches, and even did a plagiarism check. All of these things I could do on my own. Yet, the software saved me hours correcting mistakes. 

I tend to rely on ProWritingAid, especially when I’m working while tired. 

Privacy and data

ProWritingAid review privacy

I am not specialized in tech or software, yet I understand that most money made on the Internet is due to data collection and selling. The privacy issue kept me from using ProWritingAid sooner, but the service seems very secure as it handles my writing and personal data.

I perceived the browser plugin as the highest security risk, as it could read every letter and sentence typed in my browser. For those who share my previous concerns, a solution exists. 

It is possible to skip the desktop app or browser plugin, and simply go to their website and copy+paste your text.


In conclusion, this service is affordable, reliable, and versatile. It can be used in any situation, but it is especially useful when checking creative, dialogue-heavy writing.

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

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Top 3 Best Online Essay Writing Services in the USA


Never before in human history has the market been so diverse and rich with options. Regardless of the service in question, you can choose from many paper writing services before they decide to make a purchase. Although this research can take some time, it is worth the sacrifice. 

You do not want to waste your money on a sub-par product that will either get a bad grade or be delivered after it was due. Thankfully, the internet is not lacking in user reviews.

Keep in mind that all impressions are subjective and that your needs and preferences may not coincide with others. 

Best reviewed paper writing service

In terms of customer impressions, there isn’t a clear winner. Some services receive mostly praise, while others get overwhelming negative feedback. Yet, out of all the companies, the top 3 best essay writing services emerge: PaperHelp, Myadmissionsessay, and Writemypapers. 

While there are companies in this niche from across the globe, we will be focusing on the top American essay writing services.

These firms find the right balance between quality and price. After all, most people searching are either students or passionate amateurs. It is essential to be able to accommodate a more modest budget. 

Out of all three, it can be tough to establish the best-reviewed essay writing service. They are all on the same tiers of popularity, quality, and brand recognition. 

Here’s some info on each of them, taking into account that all 3 services offer many of the features mentioned:


paperhelp review

This company leaves nothing to chance when it comes to good communication. Informative guidelines can be found on their web page, in addition to a price estimation tool. It can be challenging to plan out your budget or simply shop around for a site when the site itself only estimates the price after you have already registered and put in your data.

As a customer, I sometimes just want to shop around and not give each platform my email while registering an account. 

A price calculator on the main page solves that problem.

If their website is to be believed, more than 105,000 students have used this service at some point during their academic life. It should also be mentioned that the main page is well-designed and intuitive, with a more vertical layout progression.

Various essay writing service reviews were right to praise this professional brand.


Myadmissionsessay review

When it comes to college, 80% of the battle is actually getting accepted to the place you want to go. In fact, many college dropouts left school not because they were lazy, but because they got into their fifth choice University instead of their first.

While researching the best paper writing service reviews, I consistently found people throwing praise at MyAdmissionsEssay. Many happy customers credit their college acceptance success to this website. 

Of course, the main page features a price estimation tool. Getting into college is so essential that even a more pricy service is well worth the trouble.

Ask ten people on the street if they would pay 300$ to get into what University they want, and you would be met with an almost universal “Yes!’. 

Directly on their website, this service keeps track of its stats. It is usual for a company to know its numbers, but it shows supreme confidence to display them for the world to see. 

At the time of writing this review, there are more than 141,450 completed orders. They claim to have 21,450 referred clients and 31,160 returned clients.

The rates are also meager, starting at 11$ for each successfully written page. Overall, this is one of the best write my paper professional service

Still, aside from the top 3 best essay writing services review you should also use your browser to look for alternatives. I have used many paper writing sites during my academic life, yet I have not seen all of them. Perhaps there is a gem that I simply missed, or a negative add campaign brought down the score of a genuinely useful site. Regardless, the time invested in shopping for essay writing service reviews will be repaid with quality work and academic success.


WriteMyPapers review

Another excellent site I found while researching professional writing services online. WriteMypapers claims to have more than 1000 expert-level write with valid academic degrees. They pledge to produce free works on any plagiarism for a price of 11.99$ per page. This is almost a dollar higher than the ideal market standard of 11$, but the quality compensates for the minuscule price increase.

While the site itself is marketed in the US, the case of writers is international. They are recruited from nations that have English as their native language.

Overall, WriteMyPapers have produced more than 121,100 valid papers, as they pledge to prioritize quality and professionalism. As far as I’ve read, they did not miss any deadlines. 

What to avoid while searching for the essay writing service

While researching academic writing services reviews, I learned what to look for and what to avoid. It would be best to steer clear any site that lets you negotiate the price with a writer. 

First, the process takes too long. The odds are that your paper is on a deadline, and this isn’t your only task that needs to be accomplished. The whole point of searching for these sites is to outsource and automate your work as much as possible. This may be just a personal opinion, but I prefer fixed, reliable rates instead of having to haggle. Besides, there are other better platforms for hiring freelancers and negotiating rates. When searching for the best dissertations review, my main criteria was always the convenience it brings. 

Also, the cheapest essay writing service is not always the best. The opposite is also true: just because a service is expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s top-notch. I know it can be tempting to save as much money as possible while on a student budget. However, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t get into college or fail your class. Arm yourself with knowledge, and choose the best site for your needs.

Of course, price should always be a factor. My argument is that it shouldn’t be the only one, or the most important. 

Over time, you will gain a keen eye for paid reviews and be able to distinguish between advertisement and fact. This will also help in the selection process. 

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

PaperHelp review
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writemypapers review
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Who Can Help Me to Write My Essay Online?


Despite how difficult it can be for students to go through with their academic obligations and responsibilities, teachers and professors still continue to pile up assignments upon assignments with limited deadlines to spare.

So, it’s only natural that students, who are constantly overwhelmed with their academic responsibilities, would sometimes seek the help they need, with their essays and assignments, from online academic help providers they can find.

One, however, unfortunate thing about finding the best essay writing help for some of your school works is the rather overwhelming number of these services out there on the internet. 

You have a lot to lose when you use any of these services; you could lose your money, time, and, most importantly, your academic success. This is why you have to take your time to do your research before finally settling in for an essay writing service that you think would deliver the right quality of essays that can earn you good grades.

In this article, I’ll be suggesting a few interesting criteria to use in choosing the best essay services. In addition, I’d also review paper writing services I think could use to write my essay, too.

Identifying The Best Write My Paper Services

The following are some of the criteria I use in selecting a service to write my essay online for me:

  1. Prices offered

This is one of the first most important things to confirm before making your order on any online essay writing service you find.

Consider the prices they’re offering; are they affordable? 

Some prices are over the top while others can be ridiculously cheap. This doesn’t, however, mean there aren’t cheap essay writing services, though. Just look for one that doesn’t offer cheap prices as only bait to attract people.

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

PaperHelp review
from $10
myadmissionsessay review
from $11
writemypapers review
from $11.99
  1. Versatility of the writing service

The versatility of the service is another thing you want to consider. 

Not all paper writing service offers all the services you need. Only a few of these essay writing services can take orders in all academic services and deliver a great quality essay according to your academic level.

  1. Deadline on orders

The standard deadline for the essay writing services is between a minimum of three hours to a maximum of 14 days before final delivery. However, not all the services follow this standard. 

For me, I like to have my essay writing service write my paper quickly for me, which is why I look out for services with short deadlines that I can work with. 

So, before making an order, you can confirm the deadline for the type of service you want to see if it suits the urgency of your needs.

  1. Ease of ordering

How easy is it to make an order on your essay writing website of choice? Answer this question before making any order at all.

Some essay writing services make it difficult to order while others make it simple and easy for their customers, both new and returning.

  1. Open communication between you and your assigned writer

Personal communication is one of the things I also look out for when I search for the perfect essay service to write my essay for cheap prices.

I want to be able to communicate with my writer on a personal level to explain what I want in my essays before final submission.

  1. Customer support

Customer support is another criterion to consider. Generally, a company should be able to provide a 24-hour support system to its customers. 

A reliable essay writing service is one that responds quickly to your needs when you contact them. With a great customer support system, you’ll be able to communicate synchronously with the company’s agents and ask relevant questions when you need help. 

  1. Revision & refund policies

A reliable essay writing company should have clear revision and refund policies for their customers. 

Below are a few of the questions you’d want to ask yourself before selecting one:

  • Do they provide plagiarism-free orders? And, what’s their policy on plagiarized content?
  • Do they make refunds on low-quality papers?
  • What’s the confidentiality policy they hold for clients?
  • Do they deliver on time? And, if they don’t, what are the policies they have in place to ensure they stay true to their deadlines?
  1. Confirm paper quality & writers’ expertise

If you haven’t ever used a writing service before, it can be pretty difficult to make a choice on the best write my paper company for the job. 

But, that’s no problem since you have different write my essay for me reviews you can read before choosing the perfect company for the job. 

You’d want to read every essay review you can find online to confirm if you’re making the right choice or not.

Write My Essay Reviews

You do not need to beg your friends to help you any longer. With the essay services I’m about to list, the days of “write my essay, please” will come to an end…

  1. Proessaywriting
Write My Essay

Proessaywriting is one of the top essay writing services on the internet with a lot of positive customer and website reviews. 

This company provides a wide range of essay writing services, including editing and proofreading, to students at all academic levels. 

Their services are all at quite reasonable prices with expert writers to write you the essays that can earn you the best grades you want in your courses.

  1. BestDissertation
Write My Essay review

If you’re looking for a good service to use for your advanced writing assignments, BestDissertation might be a great choice for the job. 

Quite unlike most of the other services in the industry, BestDissertation provides help on advanced orders only. 

Their prices are also affordable, even those with more urgency.

  1. Papernow
Write My Essay reviews

Papernow is another custom paper writing service for your essays and the other academic works you may have. They have a clear pricing policy and, like other academic help providers, provide assistance to students at all academic levels.

  1. College-paper
Write My Essay please

College-paper is another website you might want to try out, especially if you’re an undergraduate. They provide almost all the services and also offer useful writing tips you might need. 

College-paper also provides short guides that prospectives of popular schools like Cornell and Stanford could rely on before applying or resuming on campus.

One of the things you’ll find interesting about this service is the great paper quality they offer at average prices. Their customer service is also worthy of mention, too; you can communicate with their customer agents to make requests, ask questions, and track your orders.

  1. EssayThinker
Write My Essay for me

Looking for the best professional essay writers to help you create high-quality write-ups for your schoolwork? EssayThinker might be another great option to use.

I like essay writing agencies that can write my English essay with quality, and, if you’re like me, you might want to go with EssayThinker.

They offer quality essays at affordable services and are easily accessible, too.

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

PaperHelp review
from $10
myadmissionsessay review
from $11
writemypapers review
from $11.99

Top Online Essay Writing Service


Sometimes one doesn’t do well on assignments so students try and find sites that give the work to a good science writer. Best essays can come about through such opportunities. When you want some aid to get through writing an academic piece, such services may prove beneficial. Top essay writing websites may prove to be quite helpful during one’s academic journey. Such opportunities are beneficial for students and, not to worry, completely legal. Indeed, you may need to run a quick plag check just to make sure and, also, don’t forget to read the assignment prior to handing it in.

We need them because not everyone can top every field. Also, deadlines can prove to be really short and may require one to do top-notch research on a subject and write an amazing paper for a really short time, while the person also has other subjects to study for. If you need to fix such an issue, you may find it beneficial to use such a service. That way you are getting plenty of benefits, such as: When you see how a professional writer has completed the assignment, you shall have the chance to learn from them and get to know how to do it yourself in the future.

So, students benefit if they choose than kind of options for climbing the ladder to top writing. Still, where does one find the best essay writing service of 2020? We did compile top essay writing services reviews to pick the one you can lean on. We tried hard to make sure we’ve got you covered no matter what option you’ve come around.


What is a Top Essay Writing Service?

Authors must be knowledgeable in the field, able to research, critically review, and gather the data in a comprehensive text. Doing so will provide the student with an excellent piece of writing for a higher grade. The offered text should cover the topic fluently and in-depth.

Worth mentioning is the deadline option that should be reasonable and with the opportunity to go for a shorter deadline. Though don’t forget that shorter deadlines will ultimately lead to a higher price.

Amazing plus will be a review of the service by customers to give you the knowledge that the website is legitimate and provides quality work.

Useful Tips For Using Online Essay Service

  • Do a ‘scan’

Do a search prior to using a service to get a top-notch one offering quality work that is detail-oriented.

  • Find a legit service

Using a fake one will lead to spending money but not getting anything for them. Check various reviews of the sites to see what are they saying about the service and the legitimacy.

  • Go carefully with the headline

Pick a suitable headline for a better systematization of the available information.

  • Prepare sources

See what data there is for the topic and pick sources for use of the writer. By doing so you learn and aid your writer in offering a faster service.

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

PaperHelp review
from $10
myadmissionsessay review
from $11
writemypapers review
from $11.99

How Does A Top Essay Writing Website Work?

The starting point is filling out an order form for the type of assignment, the deadline, and other info. There you have the option to give sources of data should you have prepared such. Most forms give you the choice to give specifics for the assignment so that you can get a more well-suited service.

There are frequently grammar check and plagiarism check included, usually in the price of the service but sometimes as an extra option. Plenty of sites give other extra options that are beneficial but require additional payment.

Then the final price is shown. It depends on the type, the level, and the deadline.

Afterward, you’ll see the payment page that shows the options for the payment methods.

Now an author will be assigned. Frequently you can speak to them, get drafts, and see feedback on the project. Should you have additional requests you can share them with the writer.

Our Goal

We started with the goal to review the best writing services and help you on the journey of finding the one that works wonders for you and your needs. We did compile reviews on plenty of sites, including some of the top ones, such as:

They offer good deadlines with high-quality work done by professional academic writers for reasonable prices.

paperhelp 17.09

They can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to order papers, dissertations, essays, or other pieces of writing.

myadmissionsessay 17.09

They offer magnificent writing services for good prices.

Writemypapers 17.09


How to pick a legit essay writing service?

Research. And research again. Then more.

How to order?

Usually, essay writing services websites have made order forms to be filled in.

How short the deadline can be?

Deadlines can be as short as three hours. Of course, it will cost a significantly higher price.

Can I order another type of assignment?

Yes, you can order not only essays but also other assignments.

Is using online essay writing services legal?

It most definitely is. No one expects people to master every field and sometimes everybody needs a little help. That is what essay writing websites have to offer.

What can I expect from the top essay writing services?

Professional writers that are fluent in academic writing and doing research. High-quality. Plag and grammar check. Privacy. Also, good services will offer you quick time for a turnaround (higher prices are to be expected) and may offer additional features.

TOP 3 Best Writing Services 2020

PaperHelp review
from $10
myadmissionsessay review
from $11
writemypapers review
from $11.99