Are Essay Writing Services Legit, Safe and Legal?


Depending on who you are, your time as a student represents a thankless and stressful slog or some of the best years of your life. Gone are the days when you could pay for college with a summer job. Nowadays, unless your parents support you, you either have to take out a loan or work while attending college. 

What this ultimately means is that students are poor and overworked. It is no wonder that legit essay writing services have skyrocketed in popularity during the last few years.

However, using essay writing services is controversial. That doesn’t mean that it is ultimately bad, given that many good things are controversial.

You would expect that the University system does not condone such websites, given that they earn their living burdening students with more tasks than they can handle. At least in the US, the same people that increased tuition to tens, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, are lecturing lower-class students about ethics.

Also, a legitimate essay writing service can provide immense stress relief. College curricula are filled to the brim with needless information and extra subjects. You can reasonably shave off a year off most college programs, and lose nothing of value. But, it has become profitable to keep students learning for a long time, even though that knowledge is not profitable in the marketplace.

Generalities aside, let’s take a look at a few examples of a trusted essay writing service.

Top 3 Best & Legit Essay Writing Services in 2021

1. PaperHelp

Even though this article focuses on legitimacy, safety, and legality, those are not the most common concerns of undecided customers. Most people are preoccupied with quality.

The Internet is famous for its scams and false claims, and it becomes understandable why someone may be hesitant to pay 20USD per page, only to receive a poorly-written paper.

PaperHelp’s marketing and business model is oriented towards ameliorating that concern. They have made it a priority to hire only native English speakers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a non-native speaker can’t write, or that a native can’t make spelling mistakes.

Still, you tend to get fewer errors when dealing with someone whose mother tongue is English. Also, every writer is required to pass a complicated test. The company doesn’t just hire cheap writers from, in hopes of saving money.

The company prides itself on its transparency and the fact that it allows oversight from the buyer. At any point during the writing process, you can contact the writer to check on progress or request changes.

2. ExpertWriting

It is possible to buy positive reviews online. Many companies do so. This makes it hard to determine if a product or service is genuinely popular. However, those who buy positive reviews cannot erase the genuine bad ones. This results in a mixed, lukewarm impression which can be the telltale sign of poor quality.

Thankfully, ExpertWriting does not have that problem. This service benefits from an almost universally positive reception. It is refreshing to know what you are getting yourself into.

This company can cover almost any subject under the sun, and their essays will be accepted in any college. Also, similar to our previous entry, they only hire professionals who have managed to pass a rigorous vetting process.

3. 99Papers

There is no shame in having a limited budget, especially nowadays. Students are known for their poverty and nobody can blame you for searching for a bargain. Thankfully, 99Papers offers a comparable service to some of the more expensive sites, while maintaining affordability.

Their cheapest rate is nine dollars per page. Still, that does not mean that all pages will cost only 9USD.

No matter the brand, a research paper writing service will increase the cost based on three main factors: the difficulty of the writing, the number of pages, and the urgency of the deadline.

Even after these factors are calculated, 99Papers is generally cheaper.

In terms of quality, it does not stand out. It is a typical top-tier essay on service website.

Essay Writing Services Are Older Than You Think

As previously mentioned, college staff will usually condemn paying for others to write your tasks. However, this criticism is coming from people who needlessly go out of their way to keep students busy with unproductive assignments.

Just like a TV station or website is interested in stretching out watch time, so too are colleges designed to keep you enrolled for as long as possible.

Those who criticize using essay writing services do not have the moral high ground, at least in this regard.

You should also consider that the practice has been around since the start of the University system. Every institution would have “that guy” who wrote homework assignments for money. This process was underground, and there was no contestation, refund policy, or accountability.

Buying essays is always going to happen, and you cannot prevent it unless you make students write it in class, where they can be supervised. Essay sites took a clandestine service and turned it into a legitimate business.

These sites offer revisions, rewrites, and even refund policies. They are accountable to some extent, and that gives them the moral high ground.

Safety and Reliability

Do essay writing services really work? And are they safe and reliable?

The answer to both those questions is yes…ish. Similar to any other type of product, it depends on the brand. There are, without a doubt, a lot of essay sites that are scamming people. However, there are also clothing sites that scam people, or tech sites, or any other type of online business.

As an abstract notion, yes, essay sites work, and they are safe and reliable. But that brief categoric answer will not satisfy some of the most inquisitive customers, so let’s dive a little deeper.


Most online transactions demand that you use personal information. Credit card information, personal emails, date of birth, and other sensitive personal data are required.

It is understandable why a student may flinch from the idea that his teachers will find out that he is using an essay paper service. The stigma is alive and well.

In terms of guarding your personal information, paper sites have a decent track record. At the time of writing, I am not aware of any leaked information, financial or credit card data theft. Their websites are secured and encrypted, for the most part.

I say “for the most part”, because new sites are appearing all of the time, and nobody can vouch for all of them. Thankfully, some platforms specialize in gathering data and reviewing paper writing websites.

A categorical answer to the safety question: it is entirely safe if you stay on the main path. Don’t go too crazy with unknown/new sites. Be sure to read reviews before deciding.


Again, the standard disclaimer should be mentioned: the good ones are reliable, while overnight scam sites are a wild card.

In terms of clarifying the term, reliability represents the consistency of quality. Can you rely on this service to deliver the same level of quality every time? Can you depend on the fact that your paper will show up before the deadline expires?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you are dealing with a reliable service.

One of the major problems with essay sites is that many of them do not deliver on time. And, as a consolation, they offer credits, a full cash refund, or a re-write.

But if you depended on that paper to get a grade, a full refund means nothing. You want a paper that you can use, not excuses and a bunch of wasted time.

When this happens, people will usually rush to complain online. Look for negative reviews complaining about reliability before you decide to spend your money. 

Do not deny yourself the benefits of trustworthy essay services just because of some bad apples.

How Can You Tell if a Service Is a Scam?

How can you tell the difference between a safe essay site and a scam page? Most of them promise the same things, in the same manner.

Well, the honest answer is that you can’t tell the difference at first glance. As I understand from online forums and communities, there is an offshore company that runs bad-quality paper writing sites. And, as soon as one of these bad sites gathers too many negative reviews, the company just makes a brand new page.

The cycle repeats until the entire industry gets a bad reputation.

This is why paper sites have some of the most vocal online communities. Customers have become reliant on each other to combat misinformation and false advertising. A sub-industry has developed, one that deals with reviewing paper sites.

Scam sites will not be mentioned or ranked on these review platforms.

This can put new services at a disadvantage. New pages can be slow to get off the ground because they are indistinguishable from scam sites, as they have few reviews. Yet, sticking with an established brand is so far the best way of minimizing risk.

Addressing the Legality Concerns

The question of legality is by far, the most important one. Nobody wants to break the law when it comes to online services.

Legality depending on where you live, and where your University is located. For large countries such as the US, federal/local distinction must also be considered.

Each state has the right to make its laws. What is legal in Nebraska may not be legal in Florida or New York. Be sure to check regional regulations before buying an online paper.

In general, paper writing websites have two main disclaimers:

  1. Once the writer hands over the work, you will be the legal owner of that paper. From a legal standpoint, the essay will be yours. It will not be considered plagiarism.

The paper is written from scratch, and all resources used for research and inspiration can, and should be included.

  1. The paper isn’t meant to be written by the service’s allotted writer and then turned in as if it was yours. This practice can be illegal, or at least severely frowned upon. The website should contain a disclaimer stating that the essay must be used only as inspiration.

Similar to how students use Wikipedia or YouTube for research, the essay must be informational. It must not be presented as your original work.

So, in conclusion: In most areas, it is legal to hire an essay site to write an essay for research purposes. However, the local laws can vary and students are obligated to check with local laws before deciding to purchase.

Is It Legitimate to Use an Essay Writing Website?

Hiring someone to write an example essay is legitimate. You are paying someone not to do your work while you contribute nothing. The paper serves as inspiration, and you are asking someone else to show you how it is done.

However, it is not legitimate to turn in that essay, without doing anything yourself. Many students tend to just put their names on papers that other people wrote, and that is wrong. In some areas, it can even be illegal. Since nobody will find out, it can be tempting to use paid essays.

Yet, this practice is unethical. And you will learn nothing from the process.

Try to notice how the writer gathered info. Observe the language used, the paragraph lengths, and the overall structure. As teachers are fond of saying: use your own words.

What’s the Difference Between Legality and Legitimacy?

Legality, in the broadest sense, is something that breaks the established laws of your government. Doing something illegal will cause you to be expelled from school, penalized, held back, and even fined.

If you ever encounter an online source that encourages illegal behaviors, just ignore it.

Legitimacy is about being who you say that you are. It can be tempting to lie on the internet. Paper sites can claim that their writers are professionals with degrees while being staffed with amateur freelancers.

To be legitimate, the service’s advertising and statements must match reality.

How to Find a Legit Site

As previously mentioned, look for an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, preferably on reputable review platforms such as Trustpilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it be expensive?

The rates can vary, but you shouldn’t expect a college-level task to cost less than $60-100. Costs are calculated based on paper length, difficulty, and urgency.

  • Can I get my money back if I am not happy with the result?

You should be able to get your money back. And if the service doesn’t offer a refund, do not use it.

  • What if I need details changed after telling the writer what I want?

Good services offer feedback constantly. Do not settle for a site that doesn’t let you talk to the writer while the process is ongoing.


The internet makes it easy to scam people. Still, it also makes it easy to find exactly what you need. In the information age, you need to stay informed.

If you can spend over $100 on a college paper, then you should at least be able to spare 2 hours researching what service to use.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: An Easy Step by Step Guide


English may be one of the required courses you will encounter as a student, depending on your education degree and geographical region. This subject contains numerous subtopics, including essay writing. Your assigned essays might be descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive, or even analytical, with each one providing a different experience.

Writing an argumentative essay is a tricky process that requires thorough planning and analysis. You will have to convince the reader and prove that your points of view are correct. Your thoughts should be logical to create convincing arguments. This is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. For this reason, you need to know how to write excellent argumentative essays.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing in which you argue for your point of view. You do this by analyzing the information presented to you, developing a logical argument, and giving your viewpoint. This essay requires extensive research. Sources could include publications, experiments, observations, and surveys.

Different types of argumentative essays exist. They are classified into four types: research papers, persuasive essays, personal essays, and analysis essays. Each of them has its style and guidelines.

Your approach should be persuasive if you want to write quality content on argumentative essay topics. Your reader’s opinion may differ from yours. Hence, you need to introduce the individual to your viewpoint — put things into a relatable perspective.

Fundamental Argumentative Essay Structure

What makes it difficult for students to write an argumentative essay is that it entails more than one point of view. While you have your points to present, your opponent’s views also come into play. You must know how and when to introduce them. How can you achieve that?

Understand the structure of an argumentative essay. On an elementary level, the five-paragraph format is ideal for short essays. The introductory section of your essay launches the argument. This is where you include your thesis, which is the main point of your essay.

Your thesis asserts the most popular opinion being right. In this introductory paragraph, you might include an element of intrigue. The next three paragraphs represent the body of your argument and facts. You can also counter opposing arguments and viewpoints in these sections.

Each of these paragraphs should serve as a platform for you to express your opinions or refute contrary ones. Your conclusion should be in the last paragraph. You will also emphasize the argument once again, combined with evidence, to make a persuasive summary.

This fundamental framework is useful when writing timed essays. But on a complex level, you would have to consider other elements, especially if the length limit surpasses five paragraphs.

Complex Argumentative Essay Structure

To write the best argumentative essay on an advanced level, you will need either the Rogerian or Toulmin approach.

  • Rogerian Approach

Using this methodology, you would have to examine two opposing perspectives on an argument. This entails assessing their respective strengths and weaknesses. After that, you can reach a resolute decision.

  • Toulmin Approach

This methodology encapsulates a step-by-step procedure that begins with an introduction before proceeding to the thesis. Using this recognized approach, you have to present facts to strengthen your argument. You can present and refute counterarguments as well.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: In-depth Steps

There are writing elements that help you know how to write an argumentative essay easily. They create a framework similar to a mathematical equation. This means that one side balances the other and each side adds up to provide a sense of completion. Here are the steps to writing an argumentative essay.

1. Identify the Thesis Statement

When covering argumentative essay topics for high school or any other educational level, you should first understand the thesis statement. This can either be a fact or an opinion. Below is an example of a thesis statement for an argumentative essay.

“The government exists to protect its citizens and does so.” Depending on the data, your experiences, and popular opinion surrounding the subject, you could consider it a fact. If otherwise, then you have to refute the motion.

2. Back Your Stance with Reasoning

Having decided on a viewpoint, organize your ideas constructively on the reasons for your stance. Why do you support or oppose the motion? Your opinions or facts should be consistent, logical, and convincing. You need to present counterarguments as well when discussing solid points.

Solid reasoning should be present in your arguments. Whatever side you pick, there should be grounds for your viewpoints. Let’s consider the aforementioned argumentative essay example; you may describe why the government is not safeguarding its citizens if you are against it.

3. Present Facts

Another thing you need is facts. Is there any specific piece of evidence to support your motion? Do you have external resources (both offline and online) to back up your stance? This type of material will aid persuasion.

4. Address Counterarguments

Your presentation should also include counterarguments, demonstrating that you have considered all aspects of the motion. Once you have mentioned these arguments in your presentation, repeat them whenever you express relevant strong opinions or points. By doing so, you build a solid context.

5. Find Your Anchor

Structure your presentation in such a way that you can always find your anchor when addressing counterarguments. Likewise, you should return to your anchor for each potential issue addressed before confidently proceeding to the next one or risk your argument falling into the black hole of concurrence with the dissenting side.

6. Remember that Practice Makes Perfect

One of the most important things to remember is to practice – not just rehearse but also engage the most critical elements of your arguments. This should be done in the posture and pace of a “genuine” hearing scenario. You might not have physical access to accomplish this. You may, however, practice mentally.

If you miss the opportunity to rehearse your essay, you risk making basic mistakes, like using the wrong phrase for your evidence or making the wrong point. You do not need to memorize everything. Practice delivering a reasonable summary in your voice.

General Guideline on Argumentative Essay

To write a convincing essay in this area, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • Brainstorm on the Best Argumentative Essay

Your essay might not come with an argument. This means that you have to provide one that will form the foundation of your thesis. Creating a powerful motion would necessitate mental exertion on interesting topic areas that give you leverage.

  • Prepare Your Context

The ideas and facts required to strengthen your position on the motion should be available. As a general rule, concentrate on topics in which you are well-versed. Spend some time researching them.

Create an outline that will guide the direction of your essay after you have them memorized. This outline should address elements like when and how. Understand that there will be some overlap among the key points, so you should organize and reorganize the outline as you receive new facts or information

  • Draft Your Essay

Now you have an outline that serves as the framework of your essay. The next step is to fill it with the organized content mentally stored. This is a rough draft that you will improve. Wherever possible, provide statistics and quotes, particularly those referenced to external resources.

This draft only serves as inspiration. You will adapt the content when you write the complete essay later, but writing this first draft will help you understand your thesis that you intend to defend or oppose.

  • Revise Your Content

During the revision phase for an argumentative essay, a writer should optimize the grammatical structure, including tone and word choice. The context should portray clarity, readability, and concision. Make certain that the essay contains all the points and other relevant information.

You can ease tight structures by writing shorter sentences or removing unnecessary words. Use colloquial vocabulary to accentuate points. Make your arguments clear and compelling. Beginning with good grammar, comprehensible paragraphs, and clear sections of the essay are seen as signs of a superior argument.

  • Proofread Your Essay

At this point, your essay is almost complete. All you need is to review it again to ensure that no mistake eludes your attention. If you are writing a physical test, you would have to rely on your grammar knowledge and experience to improve the document.

Ensure that your sentences are accurate and well-structured. Perform spellchecks where necessary — do not rush it. Only when you have fixed every error will you be ready to submit it.

Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is usually the opening paragraph of your essay. Although being just a sentence long, it is the most crucial aspect of your document as everything else depends on it. It also informs the reader of what to expect. The following steps will help you develop an interesting thesis statement:

1. Create a Motion and Oppose It

How does this work? The motion should be contrasting to your views or opinions, which you will oppose. Here are some argumentative essay examples on this area:

  • Winning the lottery ticket automatically sets you on the path to financial freedom
  • Social media is a destructive tool
  • Children should learn about sex education from a tender age

These topics have supporters and critics, which result in counterarguments. They also include facts and other relevant information you can utilize to support your argument and position. You should be convincing since there are counterarguments. Such persuasive skills, when combined with evidence, will lend credibility to your essay.

2. Convert Your Motion into a Question and Provide Answers

In contrast to the previous category, your thesis statement in this section should be transformed into a question. Here are some examples:

  • Is expulsion the best punitive measure for students caught in the act of bullying?
  • Will digital currency alleviate the world’s economic problems?

You can then provide answers to the question in a constructive format, supported with facts. Why is this approach important? It captures the readers’ interest and compels them to read further to learn the answers.

Create a powerful hook while outlining your thesis statement. We all know how difficult it is to write a good introductory paragraph. Readers may not want to read past the first few words if there is no intriguing idea or information that continues the reading process. Your thesis could serve as the hook.

3. List the Most Important Things Briefly

This approach is the most straightforward of them all. You can express your viewpoint on a specific topic as your thesis statement.

  • Cross-cultural relationships promote racial tolerance
  • Life as a Single Mom can be challenging
  • Being heavily reliant on technology is robbing people of some valuable skills

This method is quite successful since it establishes a clear expectation for the reader from the start. It also facilitates the argumentative writing process by allowing you to organize your thoughts and develop outlines quickly. The thesis statement signifies your agreement with the motion.

Your thesis statement also helps you deliver the “clarity” required to create a captivating written essay. If you are unsure about your thesis statement, ask for help from your advisor, friend, or professional. Treat the thesis statement as your essay summary. It needs the most important information in one place.

In conclusion

Writing an argumentative essay in an effective and precise way will require a lot of time and effort. However, if you follow the tips listed above, you will be able to create a compelling and elegant thesis statement. Your thesis statement could be a highly debated topic.

Think carefully before deciding what thesis statement to choose. It is tempting to conclude that a thesis statement should be brief and simple. But if you do, you will be limiting your potential for a good essay. With this information, it is time to get started.

In case if you don’t have time to write a perfect argumentative essay by yourself, you can hire an essay writer to create a perfect essay sample for you. It is especially helpful if you need a good example to learn from.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?


There are all sorts of assignments that high school and college students have to writing throughout their education program. Teachers and instructors love assigning essays because that’s thought to provoke the skills to consider topics critically. Thus, by handing you a project, teachers give you a hand in learning to ponder on topics from all angles.

One particular kind that you may encounter is the compare and contrast essay. In this type of essay, you will have to compare and contrast two different theories, methods, etc. to differentiate or equate the subjects (find their similarities or differences).

What Does Compare and Contrast Mean?

The compare and contrast essay example looks similar to some other types but of it’s important aspects vary. To be more exact, it has different goals. Compare-and-contrast means you’d be comparing and contrasting how several elements relate according to their aspects. Here you touch upon those elements to aid readers in understanding each of them.

Its use comes in handy in cases where you wish to point out variabilities in some seemingly related subjects. It’s quite useful if the subjects can be confused.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Most notable elements are: Thesis statement, then Structure. Right before you set them on, get yourself some topics for compare and contrast essays. Now off to…


You can aid yourself by listing compare and contrast essay topics to pick from. Such comparison essay topics are:

  • Solar energy and fossil fuel
  • USA in the 90s and USA today
  • The Egyptian civilization and The Mesopotamian civilization, etc.

Okay, topic ready. Off to brainstorming ideas. First, create an extensive list of what common things in which the matters at hand differ or look alike to see how to connect them. Now, when you have a topic for compare and contrast and a compare and contrast essay outline (aka. the list you’ve set up) you can bring the focus down onto narrowing on a thesis. Remember, short and concise. It needs to state an important one-line long idea or opinion. To properly formulate it, consider the thing you want to emphasize on. Here comes the next step.


Here we are also following the traditionally recommended structure. In short, you need to have three major points:

  • Introduction – thesis explanation and general description.
  • Body paragraph – serves to list your point.
  • Conclusion – summary.

The introduction combines several paragraphs. Here you put into writing the thesis. Introduction serves to show a brief of what is to come below. It’s written like an introduction for other kinds of essays. Same for the conclusion – just like you’d do for other instances.

Yet, there we are at the assignment’s main part. If you doubt yourself about writing a compare and contrast essay, the thing that’s the most trouble is actually the body paragraph of the assignment. We will show you how to deal with it.

Structure of a Compare and Contrast Essay

Three are the top structures:

  • Similarities and Differences
  • Alternating method
  • Block method

Similarities and Differences Method

In each paragraph you’d be touching upon all subjects. Still, don’t divide them by topic. Rather, by differences and commonalities. With this method people can touch more strongly upon a particular thing that differentiates or makes the subject alike. Or you make the revelation at the end.

Alternating Method

Both subjects are to be placed in each paragraph together, separated by a specific topic each. Start by telling a specific subject, discussing it regarding all subjects. Next paragraph – a second topic for all subjects, again, and so on. Shows off differentiation between the subjects.

Block Method

To begin, talk about the subject. Follow on to the next paragraph where you put some data on your second one. Then continue switching forwards and backwards. To use this structure properly, focus highly on all of the subjects at hand. But remember, here the connection between them is somewhat weakened.

Purpose of Compare and Contrast Essay

You narrowed the topic down? Okay, but in some cases, to provide a quality journey into the matter given, background details are required, beginning at another topic. You aim to have a single main point. Still, various paths can be taken in that direction.

Right here to the rescue come the compare and contrast essays for best results. Here you’d put emphasis on several subjects, rather than only one. Sure, that has a downside – you cannot describe them in great detail as if it was a single one. But you present a comprehension of all the mentioned subjects – something that’s appreciated.


What the steps are:

  • Brainstorm: Differences and similarities are to be noted. Check what moments captivate your attention and imagination.
  • Prepare: Take a hard look down at what you’ve listed and select a structure for top results.
  • Draft: First rough draft.
  • Revise: A quite important moment.
  • Proofread: Proofread, edit as much as needed, then you are ready to set off towards your next great grade.

Tips on How to Write a Comparison Essay

Go after commonalities. Strive to pick topics with common elements. If they aren’t similar at all, you get yourself stuck with topics that have only differences but nothing to compare. You’d do well if you go for topics with strong connections. If they aren’t well connected, you’d struggle with argumentation. So, before you begin writing, check for a strong common thread that is shared between the subjects.

Clarity – a top element that should be delivered with uttermost attention. Even with one subject, sometimes we can hardly comprehend a given writing. Even harder is to understand essays containing several subjects. Thus, clarity is a hard thing to achieve when you are writing a comparison essay. Clear communication is a must so that the reader understands clearly the particular point. Following that particular advice may prove to be absolutely difficult whilst you are busy jotting down all your ideas. Luckily, you can set it aside. After it sat in your drawer while you clear your mind, get back to it and see if any problems with the clarity are occurring.

Outlines can always help you. It is beneficial with pretty much all types of writing assignments but works wonders here, as well. By crafting a compare and contrast essay outline you are both brainstorming ideas, and putting down the main aspects you’d need as to clearly remember them. This allows you to quickly write what’s important instead of standing there watching the wall in wonder if you are leaving out something you wanted to touch on.

Finally, the proofreading step is of uttermost importance. Don’t shatter the good impression you are making because of some grammatical or lexical error that’s avoidable. After all, we are humans and we often, especially when in a hurry, make simple mistakes that we can catch if we look through the assignment once again. When you are proofreading, see whether the spelling is proper, the punctuation is correct, and the grammar is all good.


We haven’t found an easy essay yet and compare-and-contrast is even harder. So many aspects must be thought of. Carefully select your topic, then a proper thesis. Sure, already given topics are a better option. But if you are to pick, aim to do thorough research to ensure interesting and writeable subjects that you are familiar with. But even if they are completely familiar, you still should have references, citations, sources. Don’t forget to mention them and properly cite and quote, if necessary.

Then, remember that the thesis is presented in a single sentence and it’s of uttermost importance. Pick it carefully and ensure you can prove that clearly and coherently. Build on it through the body. Pick a proper structure, fitting all your needs. Check out some examples of compare and contrast essays, if such are available.

Plus, your conclusion leaves a huge impression on the reader, as well. There you must summarize how you’ve successfully proven the thesis. Finish strong and you are guaranteeing yourself a better grade.

Of course, we can talk for ages. We can go on and on about essays, but we already gave you the most important elements to consider. Now it’s all up to you to show off your best writing skills and top that class!

A brief summary:

Initially, you must discover a subject (actually, several) that you can build upon. Lay that out before you, consider which:

  • You know well
  • Ignite your imagination
  • You feel like talking on
  • Could be debatable

That set, go on further on your journey. The topic is all set. Now it’s thesis time! Pick it carefully because it’s indubitably a vital part. You require enough arguments in its support. Now, this being a comparison essay, you must have two subjects, at least. You are to… well, compare them. In the body, list all similar and all different parts of all subjects. Or, not all, this can vary according to the purpose of writing. But put down at least the main aspects. This ensures you can leave a quality impression that clears the doubt of the reader’s mind. To be more precise, try making the reader certain of (or, at least, willing to consider) your point.

Various ways of structuring exist. We describe them above so we won’t get down to them here, in the final section. We just want to touch on how you pick the structure – that is, on a case-to-case basis according to the desired outcome in regards to impression and final point. Outlines shall help you out here. Remember, they are always a major way towards top writing skills.

Having laid the basis of proving your point, finish by crafting a strong conclusion to tie the ends. Don’t think you’re already, though. Ensure a proper check and proofreading to walk the extra mile (preferably, in your own shoes). Our steps were given in a manner that allows you to gain the best grade possible.

Sure, as with all writing there is, we can improve and improve, and keep on improving. You’d eventually get amazing at doing such assignments. But right on your first try you can find it quite hard. Don’t get discouraged. We’ve been there and we’ve sat in awe about how we are to do that task. Yet, with perseverance, you’d succeed. Of course, we want to make the process easier, so we compiled this comprehensive guide for you.

We believe everything is easier as a team, so our team is here for you. The last element we would touch upon is that and exactly that – you can work as a team with someone. Get some help with your assignments. Make it easier for yourself. After all, studying comes hard at you and you need to push back with an even stronger force. What makes a better force than a fellow student or a professional who’s already been where you sit!

An Easy Guide on How to Write an Essay in Spanish


We know hardships await when you are about to write an essay in Spanish. That’s an entirely separate language and it possesses its own connotations, structures, vocabulary, and grammatical rules. Crafting a written piece in non-your-native language is requires you to put in lot of thought – and this fully applies to Spanish essays. So, today we shall dive into a bit of a depth into the know-how of writing an essay in Spanish language. We are planning to talk about a number of tricks and tips, to also give general advice, and we shall discuss pretty much every aspect for getting your next A in Spanish.

The Variety of Essays in Spanish

For the compilation of an essay Spanish you will use can be different from the regular. After all, consider this – English has a lot of varieties, right! Same goes for Spanish language. There is a formal style and different slang. So, choose which variety to use on the base of what you plan to type in your essay. Generally, when we are discussing aspects of Spanish essay writing, there is a more formal language being used than in English. But what you really have to remember is to state your views and opinions clearly and readably.

Spanish has quite a lot of informal terms and phrases. Here we will discuss some Spanish essay phrases. We present you two types of each essay Spanish word you can use. Check below.

Formal SpanishNeutral Spanish
Contraer matrimoniocasarse

Of course, basically, we show you some examples of various-style Spanish words for usage to convey the same meaning. That is for we want to make the point clear – just as in English, different words may state one and the same message. Which you are using can be totally based on what type of Spanish essay you need. To see more clearly how to convey various information, you can go for some Spanish essay examples. Now, off we go towards the core of this issue in which we see how to write an essay in Spanish languge.

Writing an essay in Spanish might be boiled down to one major thing – write according to the given topic, just using Spanish. Well, sure, it sounds simple, stated like that. But it isn’t so. So, let’s see what we can do to aid you.

Begin by crafting an outline. Compile a list of your ideas, then combine them in an organized plan. Then you need to put together yourself a list with terms and general words. The next step is to put on paper the main body of your piece. Only then, switch to the introduction. Follow up with the conclusion last. Finally, proofread the essay and edit where needed.

Those are six short steps that we will discuss further below to give you detailed and informative tips.

1. Write a Spanish Essay Outline

Whatever is your essay, to outline is a crucial first step. Even more important step for writing an essay in Spanish. By drafting your outline, you shall organize thoughts, ideas, and general arguments, as well as examples.

Keep the outline simple. No need for huge details. Still, you have to place an emphasis on having enough data to write out in about six paragraphs. If necessary, put down any quotes, statistics, and relevant data.

2. Make a List of Specific Terms

Spanish writing comes tough for non-natives. If you have to write a Spanish essay, ease things a bit by compiling a list with specific terms. Jot down what you shall need.  It’s of an importance to write down some phrases that can come about. That way you are going to have a good Spanish essay.

No need to scribble all the words since you can check out a dictionary, but ensure its the proper term, rather than a literal translation.

3. Write a Body

Here you place the main arguments and points. Yes, we mean that – start writing your essay from the body.

Ensure a good flow of writing among all the paragraphs. They should be one complete piece and not separate mini pieces of writing. Each of the Spanish paragraphs should be designed with a single main claim. Then you jot down about 5-6 sentences in support of that main idea.

Spanish has a richer flow of speech than English. So, usually the essay in Spanish contain a huger complexity. Sentences may be longer. Still, don’t worry but simply write what you need to present your message.

Put all the necessary examples and evidence that you can use to support the message. Experts’ quotes can be a valuable tool, as well. Such quotes can come from journal articles plus/or from academic books.

That way your teacher will see that you have made a go at researching the topic.

Incorporate the needed claims in your support. Structure your essay properly, focusing onto the grammar and how the flow of speech goes in Spanish.

4. Write an Introduction

It’s time to craft the part that serves to introduce readers in the writing. Why now, you may ask. Well, because the introduction serves for setting the following tone and… to introduce the main part. After writing the body beforehand, you now know better how to put together the introduction.

The purpose of the introduction is to present the topic of discussion. Or it can state the problem you’ll be discussing. Here you should show your readers why they should read the essay that follows.

5. Write a Conclusion

Attend to how you are compiling the conclusion. According to the Spanish standards, it starts through restating the main argument. Here you can connect all ends and give advice to your readers.

6. Proofread and Edit

Another main aspect you have to attend to is proofreading. This is a crucial step while doing your essay. If the reader (aka. your teacher) spots some mistake, they will judge your essay harshly. So, take the time to make sure everything is well-written and according to the standards.

While you are editing, you have to proofread the content and the consistency of the language. But you also need to note how well you have made the transition between the paragraphs. Note what your writing style is and is it consistent. Ensure readability, as well. Check if you have done the arguments well. Finally, take a note of citations and referencing.

If possible, ask a native to proofread the final draft to ensure a good natural flow.

Some Additional Guidelines to Follow When Writing an Essay

Here are a tricks from us on Spanish essays writing. First, as we said, outline is a key. It gives you the plan to work on, to structure the arguments, and put together the needed phrases and words.

  • Comprehend well the subject and the topic.
  • Adhere to authentic resources. Compile research questions and… well, research them.
  • Make a note of Spanish essay examples. They will give you a hint of how to compile yours.
  • Combine a list of Spanish essay phrases and note every essay Spanish word that are keywords for your piece of writing.
  • Stick to academic style.

Try to use grammar books and dictionaries. Keep in mind that Spanish sentences are longer than such in English. When you are wondering how to put together the words and sentences, you can always use a grammar book or a dictionary.


When you are considering how to write in Spanish, you can use our article to help you with that. We tried to make sure we are putting together all necessary aspects to combine all your arguments and main points into one comprehensive essay. We made an attempt at giving you valuable information on writing down your best Spanish essay.

In case you need help with writing an essay in Spanish or in English languages, you can use any of the top-rated paper writing services to get a well-written essay done for you.

In regards to Spanish essay writing, there are some various guidelines on compiling your essay. Also, look at Spanish essay examples that will guide you doing the best possible job.

Writing an essay has its difficulties, but you can handle it with some advice by your side. That is what we tried to provide you here. We researched various sources, relied on experts and combined all useful information we found to make sure you are well-equipped to handle this task.

Writing an essay in Spanish can become easier when you follow our simple steps, tricks, and tips. Just make sure you understand the topic properly, have strong arguments, and logically combine everything in a comprehensive essay.

Getting through the writing process can prove to be easier should you contemplate the main idea with the needed attention. Our goal here was to provide you with the tools you shall need in your Spanish writing journey. Provided with quality resources, we gathered together the steps and tips for acing that class. We are certain you will benefit from what we put together here and that, seeing some examples, you can get your next A grade.

Just make sure you are careful, observant, and have the needed resources. Then it all boils down to conveying the message you want to deliver. Note that this requires a thorough consideration to present in a quality manner. Do your best and we are sure you’ll get the top results. Even for first-time Spanish essay writers, worry not – with our tips, you can totally handle it.

Finally, comprehension is what matters the most. If you cannot understand something, do a research, or ask someone. It’s not an issue not to know, but it’s an issue not to try to know. Follow that piece of advice and you can get ahead quite a lot. That especially applies to writing in another language where you aren’t a native. Having said that, we want to finish with good luck and good writing!

A Rhetorical Analysis Essay: What Is It and How to Write It


“The pen is mightier than the sword” is a common saying that often does not stand up to scrutiny. Swords are the mightiest historical force. Swords form nations, win freedom, protect borders, etc. But that does not mean that the spoken or written word doesn’t have its place.

Aside from a select few activities, almost anything done in life will require communication and persuasion. Entire wars were turned around by inspiring rhetoric. People persuaded allies, won contracts, comforted the sick and suffering. 

There are very few areas of life where rhetorical analysis ( and rhetoric in general) is useless.

Regardless of culture or time, there is something about quality rhetoric that just pulls at our heartstrings. Modern civilization has almost given a bad name to the art of rhetoric because the only time we hear the term is in an ominous context. 

“Divisive rhetoric,” “dangerous rhetoric,” or “bad rhetoric” is in the top ten list of the press’s most abused terms.

So, is there anything inherently negative tied to the word and the technique that it describes?

What is Rhetoric?

The term propaganda is similar to rhetoric, where it has unfairly gained an unpleasant reputation.  Both rhetoric and propaganda are neutral terms. The first describes the art of persuasive speech, while the latter handles the dissemination of ideas.

The value and moral weight stem from the ideas themselves and not the method of delivery.

Like many important things in our civilization, the ancient Greeks pioneered the concept. The most famous definition comes from Aristotle, who described rhetoric as the ability to recognize the means of persuasion in every available case.

Ever since then, there has been a gradual dumbing down of the concept. Rhetoric is often associated with a lower cunning and a manipulative instinct.

While it is evident that those who seek power will always seek efficient paths to gather it, even good ideas need to be presented persuasively. One can argue that it is one’s moral duty to do so, given the importance of disseminating valuable concepts.

Rhetoric is much more than simple persuasion. Persuasion is a goal, not a method.

Someone gifted in rhetoric must be able to identify and empathize with differing perspectives. You actively have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Overall, rhetoric is a combination of multiple elements and abilities. This includes a high verbal ability and a knack for understanding and empathizing with other people.

What is Rhetorical Analysis?

Rhetorical analysis is a form of criticism that doesn’t look at primarily the literary qualities of a text. Instead, it analyzes the text from a rhetoric standpoint, weighing the interaction between the subject, the author, and the reader.

If you read enough analysis pieces, you will also pick up on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay on your own. Feel free to browse any rhetorical analysis essay example.

A Mind for Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

It is common for certain professions to change a person’s way of thinking. For example, programmers often learn to think in code, as translating real-life situations into code blocks becomes second nature.

If you write enough rhetorical analysis essays, you will go through a similar process. You will be tasked with recognizing the interplay between the author, the text, and the intended audience.

Imagine a situation where you are in a new place. The first step should be orientation and establishing where you are. A similar mindset should be adopted while doing a rhetorical analysis of a text.

Who is the author? Is she/he famous? Does the author’s background affect the written work? In a way, you have to “look around.”

There are dozens of questions that will help you construct your case. Everything is relevant in one way or another. You may even have to break a few normal rules and desecrate a few sacred cows of the genre.

For example, normal literary criticism rarely focuses on something other than the work itself. The author, the target audience, the intent, the historical context are seldom relevant. However, a rhetorical analysis will weigh all of these factors.

When persuasion is the goal, it matters who reads the piece. While great literary works aim to be timeless and authentic at all times, rhetoric addresses people who are alive at the given time.

A theological text written in the 8th century may be persuasive for that time, but many details and context points will be lost on modern readers. Academic language and basic assumptions may also change.

Ideally, you would be best served by first training in literary criticism and then rhetorical analysis. For example, there is an essence of Shakespeare’s works that will be valid for as long as humans walk the Earth.

Still, some elements are underhanded or period-specific. A trained eye will catch the eternal truths about human nature via literary analysis while grasping the period-specific rhetoric.

Reverse-Engineer the Text

As a beginner, you have to train yourself not to pay attention just to the text outline. Another useful way of seeing a rhetorical analysis essay example is to imagine that you are building a court case.

Harkening back to Aristotle’s quote, you have to be aware of what you can use at all times.

In this regard, rhetorical analysis is a meta discipline. You will be writing about writing. There is no obligation to stick to the points of the original essay. Thus, the writer is given a vast amount of freedom to craft an argument.

Also, you can cheat, but only a little. Most people looking for rhetorical analysis topics are doing so because it is a college assignment. You can use the internet to find the subject itself but stop there.

Do not copy-paste the entire analysis. You will find that if you develop your rhetoric skills, they will help you in any career.

Characteristics of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

There are general rules to constructing a rhetorical analysis essay outline. First, a strong command of the language is required. People tend to cringe at poorly written arguments, even if the presented opinion is reasonable.

An excellent rhetorical essay will be coherent and written in the present tense.  You do not need to use flowery language or any other type of complex prose. 

Also, do not go off on tangents. It is best to keep your eye on the ball and stick to the speech, article, or text at hand. Before you begin writing, you can consider the popular SOAP method used by many novice writers.

  • The S in SOAP stands for the subject, representing the general interest of the speech or text.
  • The O represents the occasion or the motive that triggered the writing of the argument.
  • A represents the audience. You will always write your analysis with a specific target audience in mind.
  • For Purpose, we have P. This aims to analyze and explain the author’s goals.

The Three Paths of Persuasion

Again, we come back to the wisdom of Aristotle. While he did not invent human argumentation, he made it less ad-hoc and more precise science. The best rhetorical analysis essay tips can be found in his writings.

He isolated three main appeals and motivations that will aid in persuasion: Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

1. Ethos

Ethos is the Greek word from which we derive the term “ethics.” Ethos arguments seek to underline the strong moral character of the speaker. This is contrary to a standard debate, where an appeal to the speaker’s character would be seen as an invalid logical fallacy.

So, how can you make an ethos-heavy argument?

Well, first, you have to know your audience. Make an effort to tailor your language and vocabulary to your desired listener or reader level.

Is your standard reader a teenager, or is he an Academic? Most people will rarely listen to those who are outside of their perceived group, so make an effort to blend in.

Also, make sure to seem fair and unbiased. Readers are more likely to listen to a person who seems like he is searching for the truth. You do not want to seem like you are pushing an agenda.

Finally, be sure to present your credentials. Make an effort to show that your opinion carries weight.

2. Pathos

Pathos is most likely the most popular method of appeal in any type of rhetoric. It represents the emotional appeal, targeting people’s feelings. The ability to manipulate and change people’s emotions is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Pathos appeals are the bread and butter of every marketing department and PR firm. A tiny percentage of the population is swayed by pure logical argument. Even though it is an uncomfortable truth, most humans are creatures of instinct and emotion. 

In literature, the most prevalent emotions that authors seek to invoke are lust, ambition, pity, and anger.  The root word is a clue in this regard, given that it means both “experience” and “suffering” in the original Greek.

So, how can you bring forth pathos?

You have to try and use a more emotional tone and weave emotional language amongst your arguments. Similar to our previous point about ethos, people do not like to know that they are being pitched an idea.

If your attempt at emotionalism is too out in the open, the audience will reject it. Use a more subtle approach and implied meaning. Also, even though circumstantial accounts will never be accepted in a proper debate, feel free to use them. Tell personal stories and anecdotes, and do everything necessary to invoke emotion.

3. Logos

Logos is the truest yet least effective of the three main appeals. We get our word “Logic” from Logos,  and it uses reason as its primary argumentative mechanism.

The straightforward and most rough translation of Logos would be “ word.” However, the idea is much more complex. Logos represents an idea, namely the concept of the interior thought itself. It is the thought that thinks other thoughts.

 Complicated meta-linguistics aside, a logos appeal is a reasonable and logical argument.           Yet, if precision and logic were the primary way to convince humans, mathematicians and physicists would run marketing departments.

As previously mentioned, we are mostly creatures of instinct and emotion. Logic is rarely heeded when it comes to our decision-making process.

It is why we get addicted to substances that harm us. It is why we are more likely to buy a product that is advertised using an attractive member of the opposite sex, even though pretty girls have no inherent connection to floor tiles or chicken sandwiches.

Marketers, politicians, and speechwriters train themselves to play our emotions like fiddles.

Logos appeals will convince a minimal number of people. However, that number is not zero, especially if we are dealing with a more academic topic.

So, how to use Logos argumentation?

Even though you are sneaking in a more emotional premise, you at least have to maintain the impression of a Logos appeal. This can be done via the heavy use of exact quotes, statistics, and citations. 

High-end specialized language is encouraged as long as it does not make your arguments harder to understand.


Modern schools are famous for teaching skills that are not useful in adult life. Many give the example that we learn trigonometry, yet most of us do not know how to do our taxes.

The same logic can be applied to writing. Very few people will need to write a literary analysis or a scientific paper. Yet, these two types of essays are very common school assignments.

Meanwhile, rhetoric and making a persuasive argument are some of the most valuable skills you can have. But the school system rarely assigns or teaches rhetoric essay analysis.

Overall, you need to be aware of any argument that can be spun in your favor. Do this for a sufficient amount of time, and it will become your new, default way of thinking.

Remember to be concise, clear, and use at least one of the three primary appeals: ethos, logos, and pathos. The best pieces of rhetoric will employ all three at once, in a particular proportion.

How Long Should A College Essay Be?


Nowadays the use of essays in high schools and colleges has come so far that each student needs to possess at least decent writing skills. In order to write it, they must learn appropriate techniques and little tricks about how to write an essay in the best way. Something that often stands out on their road is college essay length. That is one of the first parameters that students must pay attention to while writing their college essays. It is often the case where colleges would require a specific word limit that must be strictly respected. And that leads to the question: “How long should a college essay be?” We are here to provide you with some useful tips about essay length, so if you want to find it out, read until the very end.

Word Limit

As we mentioned a little bit earlier, the word limit is a common thing that colleges demand from their students to meet. Of course, it has its purpose and meaning because these educational institutions don’t do it blindly. The word limit gives students a proper boundary and forces them to write their ideas in a limited amount of words. It boosts their creativity and way of thinking. Also, one of the reasons why such a limit exists is because too long texts can be quite ineffective and can’t show their full potential. Many phrases and words mean a higher chance of the reader getting confused or lost track of the point of the essay. That’s why readable college essays have particular limits that shouldn’t be crossed. If you are a first-year student who never encountered this, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Colleges will make sure to provide you with all unnecessary information about the number of words or pages that you can use for your text. They are aware of how college essays are important for the students themselves as for their studies. A typical number of words that college will ask you to meet is 200 to 650. 

Modify The Number Of Paragraphs According To Word Limit

Questions like: “How long should a college essay be” often implies another one. It is not a big secret that the use of paragraphs is usual when essay writing comes into consideration. For mid-length and longer pieces of text, paragraphs are perfect for dividing ideas and key points into few parts. And that is the biggest reason why questions on how long should a paragraph be in a college essay frequently appears. A beneficial piece of advice we can provide you with is just to modify the quantity of your paragraph according to a word limit. What does it mean? Well, almost every college essay needs some paragraphs to be included. So, you must be looking at the word limit and try to conclude how many of them you can imbed. The most common case is to implement from 3-5 sentences into each paragraph separately. When it comes to pages, up to 3 paragraphs per page is the best way of writing an essay, or at least the most efficient one. It gives enough space and transparency to the text and besides, it provides readers with enough information too. 

Look For Some Guidelines Online

It is needless to say how big the Internet plays in the modern world. Younger populations are oftentimes not aware of its potential and how it can help them in their education. Students run into different kinds of issues daily. Whether it is a preparation for some exam, obligations related to their apartment or sometimes work, family ones, or any other, it is fair to say how they have lack of awareness about possibilities of the Internet. They use it just to communicate with others through social media or watching live streams of sports events, in the majority of cases. But what you must realize is that the question of how long should a college essay be can be solved easily. The only thing you should do is to search for some guidelines related to the length of an essay online. Usually, some multiple forums or communities can provide you with appropriate answers. Try to use the full capacity of your Internet connection and not just waste it on video games, chatting, watching something of your interests, or else. 

What About Scholarship Essays?

It is well-known how scholarship can be significant for the continuity of the students’ studies. Sometimes, it can even determine their entire future, without exaggeration. Limitations of budgets and resources that they can use are oftentimes insufficient for young people like them. Even going for a single drink can be a problem. That’s where scholarship comes to the scene. Whenever students want to apply for a scholarship program, there is an essay required. And of course, its length also matters. That’s why many students will ask: “How long should a college application essay be?” We will try to help with that. A highly readable college essay for a scholarship will be shorter than the primary ones. However, it all depends on the colleges’ requirements. But, a useful tip that we will provide you with comes right away. Namely, the smaller the word limit is, the closest you should be to it. So, for example, if a word limit is only 250 words, try to stick close to that limit. Shorter pieces of text are harder to showcase your full potential, so try to utilize the maximum space that has been given to you. 

Can I Break The Limit?

Naturally, student life often implies breaking the rules. Although college students are more mature than high school ones, it is not a rare case when pieces of puberty still appear. That’s why something like breaking rules comes to their mind. When it comes to breaking the word limit, it is something that students often would like to know. Well, unfortunately, that is not allowed. College rules are rigorous and mustn’t be avoided. You must bear in mind that going above the upper limit or under the lower one will only make your essay get declined. It would be best if you manage to keep your text about 5-10% from the upper limit. Some studies showed that this is the most efficient way to write your essay. Additionally, there is often a college essay checklist that students use to create their path of writing. It usually includes directions and key points they should be following. Here are some of them:

  • Don’t Use Plagiarism
  • Choose The Most Suitable Topic
  • Use Multiple Sources For The Data
  • Provide Evidence
  • Show Your Personality


The length of college essays is an important part of it. It indicates the space that students have at their disposal to display who they are and what their goal is. But the most significant is to stay within the rules that college has provided you with. As long as you meet their demands, the higher the chance of meeting their expectations will grow.

How Long Is 500 Words Essay?


 Writing is an art form, a method, and a science. It does not fall neatly into any category, given that writing is used for both communication and artistic expression.  In fact, most writers are specialized in their particular niche, as each domain requires a very distinctive skillset. While some writers are very organized and can plan out their craft’s logistics, others are more aloof and artistic. Regardless, your content needs to be optimized to generate revenue.

From the outside looking it, it may seem that the writing industry does not require as much planning and care as other fields such as programming. However, that is a misconception. There are ways of writing, practices, and formats that are optimal for monetization.

Online content creation depends heavily on the search engine used to find your content in the first place. Issues of aesthetics and capturing the ever-shortening modern attention span must also be considered. 

It may be nice not to care about questions such as “how long is 500 words?” or “which font should I use?” but these issues can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business.

Operating on a limited budget; How many pages is a 500-word essay?

All indicators point to a future economic shift. If current trends continue, we will move more towards service and information-based economy instead of a traditional or agricultural industrial model. This direction is made possible by the Internet and its universal adoption into people’s businesses and personal lives.

Given these facts, content marketing has become a booming new industry. Many companies are diverting marketing dollars and hiring online marketers.

For most content managers, marketers, and online site owners, there is tremendous pressure to stay within your allotted budget.

During your monthly or quarterly meetings, you will be assigned or decide on a specific amount of money. This investment is supposed to bring in an estimated value in profits. 

The length of your content must be tailored to balance many things, including costs. Still, before you can make these decisions, you must first understand how long is 500 words?

Word counts and their importance; About how many pages is a 500-word essay?

If you are an avid blog reader or a consumer of online written content, you might have

noticed that most content seems to fall into specific length categories. 

For blog posts, list articles, and news stories, the 500-word standard is very common.  However, is this length proven to get you the most amount of views and clicks, or is it just a round number that people superstitiously use as an arbitrary limit?  How long is 500 words really?

The following piece will analyze the properties of 500-word articles, along with various alternative word counts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to every single piece of content.

Still, there are general trends that can be observed. 

How long is a 500-word essay?

The first step is to look at the boilerplate 500-word format, seeking to understand where it belongs on the content spectrum.  

As previously mentioned, this length is used chiefly for category pages, blog posts, white papers, essay writing, etc. But questions such as “On average, how many pages is a 500-word essay?’ must be asked.

Page count can alter your profit margins, given that multiple pages translate into multiple clicks for the same piece of content.

Yet, this must be balanced against the fact that people are hesitant to commit to reading overly-long pieces.

Or, you may have a school assignment with a set amount of words.

About how many pages is a 500-word essay? How many pages is a 500-word essay in MLA format? Is a 500-word essay too short, causing you to get a bad grade? 

If you are a student or are working as an essay writer, these are things that you should know.

But how do you even begin to start evaluating that question? What can be counted as long?

500-word length is how many pages?

We sometimes forget that the Internet hasn’t been around for a long time. In fact, many millennials can remember growing up without an online connection. Word counts are more relevant in digital formats, given that schoolwork requires you to count by page. 

After all, it can be hard to hit that 500-word mark without a program keeping tally of each written word. 

Even for newbie writers, counting by page can be advantageous, as it affects online revenue generation dynamics. 

So, 500 words is how many pages?

With a single-spacing document, standard margins, and a 12-sized font, 500 words can fill a single page. This is the typical benchmark for most content. 

However, it is not always precise. Written essays and articles with 500 words can go beyond a page, depending on the terms used. For example, scientific articles tend to use longer, multi-syllable words that take more physical space when they are displayed. 

For most other content, the average word will contain about five letters. The average sentence usually runs for about 15 words, while a medium-sized paragraph has seven sentences. 

SEO practices can affect this layout. For example, the Google search engine has a much easier time identifying shorter paragraphs, leading to more clicks and advertisement revenue. 

Writers specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often receive instructions to construct short, three-sentence paragraphs. Also, the sentences themselves should be on the shorter side. 

This may cause you to deviate from the average a bit, but mostly you will be able to fit 500 words on a single page. As far as the software being used, Google Docs and Microsoft Word are very well represented. Word especially has become the standard for what a word processor program should be. 

If you are asking: “in Word, how many pages is 500 words?” the answer is still about one page. Of course, this depends on the formatting, given that Word offers a plethora of personalization settings. 

How many pages is a double-spaced 500-word essay?

Formatting requirements are not always standard. For professional writers, the demands of their clients are paramount, and they must follow strict guidelines. Also, students will receive assignments that can require them to use double spacing. 

So, how many pages is a double-spaced 500-word essay? To answer this question, you must also consider other variables such as font size and the type of font being used.

The extra spacing will not change your average paragraph’s length, but the number of pages will nearly double.

How many paragraphs can you write with 500 words?

Some base assumptions must be considered when calculating the answer to this question. As a benchmark, we will take the average written sentence without SEO standards’ unique requirements.

A medium-sized sentence will contain somewhere around 15 words, while a paragraph will be formed from about seven sentences. This translates into most paragraphs averaging 100 words. Of course, there is no hard rule that dictates the lengths of any section. These values are just averages.

Five hundred words will fit into about five paragraphs, given the 100-word average.  However, you will rarely see such paragraphs online unless they are scans from books. But why is that?

The human brain is not suited for non-stop internet use. Instant gratification causes us to have reduced patience and attention spans. This low attention span reduces the popularity of any piece of content that is not brief. 

Sure, some podcasts and videos last for three hours, but people can passively consume them while eating, working out, or multitasking.

Reading text represents much more of a commitment, and most people skim over the page rather than reading it in detail. We tend to scan content with our eyes, catching a vague impression based on titles, headers, and keywords. This method is quick yet superficial. 

And here we get to the crux of the issue: large paragraphs represent a sizable block of

text that is hard to skim. Hence, there is a growing need to keep paragraphs short, up to 3-4 sentences. 

The writer can easily split five hundred words into six, seven, or even eight paragraphs

with ease.  Requirements aside, you have to be careful to tailor your text. Brief sentences can seem formulaic and robotic, so it’s a good idea to throw in something lengthy from time to time. 

Considering other word count formats

The standard five hundred word format is very popular in digital marketing, but there are others. You will come across situations that demand you use more or fewer words than what you are accustomed to using. 

The most popular word counts that writers employ are: 

  • one hundred words 
  • two hundred words
  • three hundred words
  • four hundred
  • five hundred words
  • seven hundred and fifty words
  • eight hundred words
  • a thousand words
  • two thousand words

List of word counts

Although this article will analyze each word count separately, here is a brief summary of how much space they take: 

1.   One hundred words fill about a paragraph and take up a few inches of screen space. 

2.   Two hundred words occupy somewhere around a half-page in length. 

3.   Three hundred words fill a little more than half a page, depending on the vocabulary used. 

4.   Four Hundred words can nearly fill a page. In fact, if you take out an article’s Conclusion section, most likely, you will be left with 400 words. 

5.   As discussed, five hundred words represent about a page of content. 

6. Seven hundred and fifty words, and eight hundred-word papers are similar and can fill nearly two pages.

7.   Two pages will contain about a thousand words, perfectly suited for more in-depth articles.

8.   Two thousand words will fit onto four pages. 

How many paragraphs is 100 words?

Calculating 100 words is by far the most straightforward estimation that can be made.  While considering the standard format of a paragraph as containing seven sentences, one hundred words will fill a single paragraph.  

This estimation is not only easy, but it will form the basis for all future calculations. 

One hundred words, double spaced, is a bit more complicated. This extra padding between words, in addition to the margins, will result in that single paragraph taking up more space.  

Writers can expect 100 words to take up nearly a third of a page if they use double spacing. 

How long is 200 words?

Moving forward to a limit that is a bit longer, two hundred-word articles will allow the writer to include more content. It is still relatively limited and will not allow you to include much information. Still, you will have a bit more wiggle room when compared to one hundred words.  Most likely, the written piece will have a title, heading, a small description, and one paragraph. 

Given this limited number of words, why use it at all? 

Well, digital marketing will often involve sales pitches and emails. People will outright ignore or delete any long content messages. Most business people are very busy, and unless they hire a digital secretary, they can’t afford to waste their time reading your emails. 

The writing itself must be coherent, short, and to the point. This type of writing crosses the bridge between creative and business writing. Given that people don’t like to do business with robots, writers must take all measures to humanize their content. 

In order to personalize each pitch, the writer must make sure to include humor and witty catchphrases. Knowing how to write correctly is not enough.  Creativity is an essential and rare skill. 

The best marketing campaigns and commercials stick to people’s consciousness even decades after they are implemented. 

How long is 200 words typed?

Header and descriptions aside, if you simply typed a two-hundred-word document, it will take up two paragraphs. This calculation is based on single-spacing. 

How long is 200 words double spaced? 

Covering how long on average is 200 words is relatively straightforward. But what if the double spacing is used?

Readability is key when dealing with the online world. As was previously mentioned, attention spans are short. Articles or emails that are hard to read will get ignored. 

Some writers receive instructions to use double spacing when writing 200-word pieces. It makes them far easier to skim. The added space will fill out the page more, but the final tally will still be under one page. 

On average, a 200-word piece will take up nearly 50% of the page. If double spaced, two hundred words can fill the page somewhere between 65-85%.

This counting of each space can seem very tedious. However, most companies’ profit margins are very thin. Every dollar spent or saved will make a difference, especially for a start-up.

Over-time, digital marketing will become ingrained on an instinctual level as the business owner learns and practices the rules.

Ebooks and novels

Most online writers will work with short-form content. Yet, there are exceptions to that rule. Sometimes, clients will contract you to write novels, scripts, and eBooks. 

Two hundred-word pieces were just analyzed, but what about two hundred pages?

Although larger numbers may seem daunting, scaling previous calculations is the only requirement. If it is known how many words can fit onto a single page, multiplication will provide the answer. 

So, how many words long is 200 pages?

If the average page fits five hundred words, then it is necessary to multiply 500 by the number of pages. 

If your current order requires 200 pages, then the final word count will be 100,000. It will be a sizable commitment to write such as large volume, but the rewards are proportionate. 

Estimated, how many pages is a 200-300 word essay? 

Just like a 200-word piece is a slight upgrade compared to 100-words, a 300-word tally is superior to 200-word papers.  In fact, orders for professional writers will rarely specify either of these counts. They will be lumped together as a general, 200-300-word requirement.

 They take up a similar amount of space, and each can convey about the same volume of information.

 How long is 300 Words?

Three-hundred-word articles still fall into the category of short pieces of writing.  It represents a perfect compromise between short and concise while still allowing for the expression of more complex ideas. 

In terms of paragraphs, it is easy to organize 300 words. The length and format are often used for miniature blog posts, summaries, reviews, and more. 

If the average-size used for every paragraph is 100 words, then a 300-word piece will be three times as long.  If the requirements also demand a title and a short intro, then you can include just two paragraphs, using the last one for the essentials. 

How many pages is a 200-300 word essay double spaced?

Unlike advertisements that use the “spray and pray” method of distribution, essays are different. 

Marketing campaigns target as many people as possible. It is assumed from the start that most people interacting with the content will ignore it. However, even if 5% of them actually buy what is advertised, the effort will be considered a success. 

Essays, on the other hand, are meant to be read. If you want to make the writing easier to follow, especially on high-contrast screens, you can use double-spacing.  This added space can possibly increase the page count or at least fill-out the current page.

You can expect the essay to stretch between 80% of the current page to somewhere around one and a quarter pages. This margin may be significant, but we must consider that essays often imply academic work. Academia usually has longer words with multiple syllables. 

Can I use four hundred words? 

Online marketing rarely uses this specific word count. The lower-length content falls between 100-300 words, and 500 words represent the standard medium size; 400 is the middle child that nobody uses.

The ambiguous nature of 400-word pieces will make this word count more versatile. It fits both categories. 

For example, you are trying to write a task, and the instructions strictly require you to fit it into a single page. However, 500 words seem to go over that limit. Maybe the words are longer, or the margins are more limiting. 

Or, you may need to include an author biography or a slightly lengthy conclusion to your articles and cannot afford to use 500 words. 

Also, four hundred words fill the page as much as a double-spaced 200-word piece. It is not a complete match, but the two are similar. In general, a 400-word essay will occupy around 75-90% of your page.

Finally, what if you have to write a 400-word essay using double spacing? You can expect the content to be displayed on one and a quarter to one and a half pages.

How long is 750 words?

Past five hundred words, articles and essays can be considered as being on the longer side. While not as extensive as a two thousand word article, the author can express more complex ideas that require explanation. 

Arguments can be detailed, while news stories can be fully explored. So, how long is 750 words single spaced, and how long is an essay of 750 words?

If no other formatting concerns are applied and subheaders are used sparingly, 750 words will fill a page and a half. Of course, this estimation is viable for pieces that use single-spacing. 

But what if we use double-spacing? How long is 750 words in double spacing?

In the latter case, the author can stretch out content to approximately three pages. Past this point, online articles need to be highly engaging and exciting to retain the reader’s attention. Nobody reads three pages on a whim, or if they aren’t interested. 

How long is 750 words in Times New Roman? How long is 750 words in Microfost Word?

The size of the font that is being used will rarely make much of a difference. Of course, some fonts will take more space than others. But when compared to line breaks, paragraphs, and subheaders, the difference is negligible. 

The word processor software can also affect the overall length. As was mentioned, Microsoft Word is the most prolific typing program, at least for MS Windows users. Google Docs is another viable alternative. 

Ultimately, selecting different fonts or programs will not cause your line count to increase by much. 

How long is 800 words single-spaced?

As a special mention, some articles will require you to consider how long is 800 words? There isn’t much to be said about this content length, as it is only 50 words away from the previously mentioned milestone. 

If you were to copy the body of a 1000-word article and paste it into Word, you would find that the word counter will be around 800 words. The introduction, the author’s bio, and the conclusion will fill the small leftover space. In reality, most thousand-word articles will exceed the neat two-page delimitation, given the other irrelevant elements. 

Now that we’ve dealt with online articles, what about other forms of written content? 

Approximately how long is 800 words when it comes to essays? Essays have a distinct boilerplate format when multiple arguments build up to a conclusion.

Each argument is usually formatted as a subheader, requiring distinctive lines and spacing. These delimitations will need their own lines and spacing. Even though 800 words usually can’t fill two pages, formatting rules can even push past that delimitation.

But what if you have to write an actual paper, by hand? How long is a paper that is 800 words? 

Here, there is no clear answer. Teachers will rarely give out instructions regarding the student’s handwriting. Before the actual length is discussed, another question must be answered: “Why bother with handwriting?”.

The digital age has made typing a near-universal requirement, and very few people practice their handwriting. 

The answer is related to effort. Assignments can be very easily copied, plagiarised, and bought. The student can have no idea regarding the subject and still turn in a paper that he/she didn’t write. 

Studies show that handwriting and taking notes activates a different part of the brain. All people retain much more from writing than from passively reading. As a result, even if the paper is plagiarised; the student will be forced to copy it by hand if a good grade is expected. 

Even cheaters will learn something. 

So, 800 words is how long? 

The odds are that you won’t receive any instruction regarding handwriting. Handwriting is almost like a fingerprint, unique to each individual. Digital letters all have exactly the same size, even if they are typed a million times. Handwritten symbols vary wildly, especially if the writer hasn’t taken a calligraphy class. 

Ordered handwriting can occupy the same amount of space as a digital essay: just short of two pages. But extremes can and will occur.

A thousand words

There is something in human psychology that prefers big, round numbers. Maybe it is because they are easier to calculate. Even in writing assignments, 1000-words is a popular word count. 

There is nothing in writing that states that 1000-word articles are more effective. Nothing, in particular, recommends this word count, aside from the fact that it’s a satisfying number. 

In fact, as we previously mentioned, many 1000-word articles found online are 800 words (at least the body of said articles). Sure, introductions, bios, and other details are important, but the content body is where all the information resides. If we were to trim all of the fat, the most suitable format is 800 words. 

Still, 1000-word pieces represent the lower limit of what can be considered long-form content. Many prefer 1000-word pieces for in-depth articles or essays.  On average, 1000 words allows the author to express 4-5 arguments in addition to a conclusion. 

Or, a writer can narrate a more detailed story. There are longer formats, and this article will analyze them, but 1000 words are about as short as you can make a complex idea. 

But how many paragraphs can fit into 1000 words? Well, how many words is a paragraph? 

We previously discussed that a single paragraph averages at a counter 100 words. As a result, we only need to divide the number 1000 by 100.

You can fill ten paragraphs, more than enough to express an idea. Or, if you prefer, it is as long as two 500-word articles.

How many pages are 1000 words? 

In theory, this word count will fill exactly two pages. However, these are just rough estimations. Nobody can predict which words will be used and how long they will be, not even the writer. In practice, many written works of 1000 words go past the two-page limit. 

Online articles also employ graphs, charts, pictures, lists, and tables. All these elements will take up space.

One thousand words double spaced.

Double spacing seems to have a more sizable impact on more extended forms of content. Past 1000 words; spacing is more influenced by your font size and the number of actual paragraphs. 

For tasks that demand smaller paragraphs, the writer can expect the page count to increase. Still, this article is about averages, not precise measurements. As a result, 1000-words written using double-spacing will fill about three pages. 

How long is 2000 words?

Companies that specialize in optimizing content for search engines will often make use of 2000-word posts. About how long is 2000 words, and why is this word count so popular?

2000-word articles will represent most content that obtains a high position on search engine result rankings. You can even test this yourself. Search for a specific blog post topic, and look at the top ten results. It is very unlike not to find at least a few pieces that contain two thousand words.

We previously touched on the unwillingness of people to read long articles they find on the internet. However, this only applies to topics that do not interest the reader. Some people are actually researching info about their favorite hobby. Also, many consumers can try to read some reviews regarding the product that they want to buy. 

Others prefer tutorials and in-depth guides. A two-thousand-word limit will give the writer a ton of breathing room. Using this count, he/she can formulate ideas and use better and more descriptive language. You don’t have to worry about using too many adjectives and overshooting your mark. 

How long is 2000 words in pages?

Given that the average page can fit 500 words, a 2000-word piece will be able to accommodate four times as much content. When planning such as task, you can assume that the final article will occupy four pages. It rarely fits into this limit, given the nature of the content. 

The answer to the question: “How long is a 2000 words paper written by hand?” is similar, but it does vary wildly depending on the handwriting in question. 

How long is a speech with 2000 words?

Speeches are a unique form of content. At every step of the writing process, the writer must keep in mind that the words need to sound pleasing while being spoken. Back when speechwriters wrote with ink and quills, the situation was much more manageable. 

A quill dripped in ink would write about as many words as can be spoken with a single breath. In this case, the low-tech solution was superior. Speech lines were very organic and natural due to this fact. 

Speechwriters today can stretch out a digitally-written address for many pages, as they assume a specific cadence and speech pattern. 

How long is 2000 words double spaced? 

How long is 2000 words for a paper if the writer uses double spacing? As was mentioned previously in the 1000-word calculation, longer written pieces are more affected by double spacing. Other factors such as font type and size will be more critical when compared to single-page, 500-word pieces.

On average, two thousand words will fit snugly onto five pages of content. 


A creative and inspired entrepreneur is usually bursting with ambition and creative energy. Counting each word can be relatively unstimulating for a person that is in love with his craft and just wants to focus on creativity. However, word count and page formatting are essential. 

If you have a brilliant idea in your head and do not speak it, it will be wasted and locked in your mind. The same goes with content: even the most brilliant written works can be hidden from people’s eyes. 

Search engines prefer particular sizes, keywords, and formats. People will find and see your site based on these search engine algorithms. It is your duty as a writer or business owner to research these specifications and adapt accordingly. 

Free Paper Grader


Regardless of your job, success will always depend on your ability to evaluate your resources accurately. A paper grader can be a valuable tool in the academic world only if you use it for its intended purpose. 

This online tool uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the quality of your paper. The service is entirely free, requiring no subscription plans or hidden fees. It also offers great ease of use, as the student or teacher only needs to copy the paper and paste the content into the box. 

Paper grader showcases immediate feedback, highlighting eventual errors. Besides, helpful advice is offered, advice which is almost always valid. 

However, a paper grader is only a tool and not a substitute for a teacher’s feedback or advice. Users should keep realistic expectations, as the software will never replace or compensate for lackluster writing ability. 

Despite its seeming advancement, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and struggles to come close to the human thought process’s versatility and complexity. AI seems clunky and random at some times, but it does have its moments. With every paper and every word read, it improves its database.

Although a poor substitute for genuine human thinking, even this substitute is very impressive. 

That being said, let’s look at a few things that paper grader software does well:

  1. Spellcheck and grammar verification 

Even professionals make mistakes. It does not matter if the paper is for school, a personal project, or your job: you will make grammar and spelling mistakes. The frequency of these mistakes depends on your skill, but they are bound to happen. 

Editors are supposed to catch and fix any problems, yet their services can be expensive. Paper grader software acts more like an editor than an actual writer. Violations of a language’s rules and syntax are much easier to spot and correct when compared to stylistic errors. 

Most writers hate two aspects of their craft: editing and outlining. Paper Grader removes most of the writing process’s struggle by handling a bulk of the editing highlights. 

  1. Premium advice 

Even the most talented writers use software to their advantage. Be it an essay checker for free, Grammarly, or any other online tool. A common trend emerges, resulting from the use of almost all popular writing aids: there is a free and a premium version. 

The basic version is free from all costs. As previously mentioned, one only needs to copy and paste the content into the page. Yet, there are more advanced features for those who wish to pay for them. 

Paper checker free will rate your content and give you an impression of how readable it is. A plagiarism scan will also be included with the premium version.

In Academia, the only thing worse than an incorrect paper is a plagiarised essay. It is frowned upon to mine the intellectual work of others and present it as being yours. The plagiarism checker guarantees that there is no detectable un-original content. 

This premium feature alone is worth the admission price. 

Limitations of essay grader free

As mentioned, Artificial Intelligence is a fledgling technology at best. Although our current algorithms are relatively advanced when compared to what came before, Mother Nature is far from being dethroned. 

Even the most powerful computers are put to shame by a living creature’s mind and nervous system. This applies even more to the brains of humans. 

Taking into account these facts, the following limitations apply:

  • An online paper checker cannot evaluate your future grade. When you were assigned your current task, the teacher most likely specified some points that need to be covered in a certain manner. The AI cannot read or interpret these instructions. 

Only you and your teacher can make sense of what is written. Similar to a Parrot, the AI “speaks” without truly understanding. 

  • The automatic essay grader free cannot determine if you covered all the necessary points. A person familiar with the subject can tell if you failed to mention an important point. It is unwise to rely on software to improve your grades. 
  • Catch the subtle nuances of your writing style. 

Out of all the points on this list, this is where AI stands to improve the most. Grade my paper, spellcheck, and grammar check software is starting to identify keywords and phrases that go well with certain styles. Although rudimentary, you can set most to detect a more business-oriented style, casual, warm, aggressive, etc. These are promising first steps, but you shouldn’t risk your grade yet. 

  • The free paper grader does not understand the structure of an argument. 

Contrary to popular belief, “logic” is not a sixth sense that smart people get by virtue of being smart. It is a discipline that needs to be learned, similar to math. There is no software smart enough to catch logical fallacies or missing links in your argumentative chain. 

  • The free paper grader cannot detect a lack of citations. 

Considering the advantages and limitations of a free essay grading service, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding this useful but flawed tool. 

But what if you want more help than AI can offer? 

There are consulting services online through which real people can evaluate your writing. Most writing sites have on-staff, full-time editors. These individuals are usually competent, and it is possible to contract their services. 

Hiring just an editor is also more ethical. While there is a dispute regarding more involved writing aids, editors only correct and give advice. In a way, he becomes just another source to draw upon. 

You will still be able to claim credit for doing all the work. Outsourcing is forbidden; a little outside help is not. 

The pandemic, professional writers, and online essay checkers

The recent pandemic’s effects will have decades-long consequences. Many people lost their loved ones, while the rest were forced into a year of restricted freedom and enjoyment of life. 

The economy was also severely affected. Governments shut down entire sectors overnight, with many people losing their jobs. 

However, no predicament, no matter how bleak, is without its opportunity. People suddenly found themselves on hiatus from their jobs, with an excess of free time. Those who could pursue online contracting decided to make some extra money. 

Writers, programmers, graphic designers, and all sorts of talented individuals saw the silver lining. 

Writers, in particular, seem to find work on freelancing platforms with ease. Yet, there is a catch: most writing work isn’t particularly well-paid. This is especially true for beginners, who can only charge a very modest rate per word. 

Thankfully, there is a market for such work. The Google search engine algorithm works in predictable ways to rank websites. An entire industry sprang overnight, offering clients a higher place in search engine results. 

This service is called SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO implies a lot of content creation, thus a need for writers.

Given the low rates, those professional writers who are just starting their careers will need to focus on volume. Churning out endless streams of content can make it easier for mistakes to pass unnoticed. This situation is where free essay grading can be very useful. 

Essay checking software is often advertised to students, but it is much more suited for SEO and bulk content writing. Essays can be very complex, making it more difficult for AI to evaluate their quality. 

Subtle argumentation, citations, resources, references, and arguments will go unchecked. The paper grader excels in petty errors such as grammar mistakes, missing commas, or typos. It is much more suited for bulk article writing and blog posts.

Using the grade my essay free service, freelance writers can maintain a much swifter pace with their writing, thus increasing profits. 

It is a missed marketing opportunity not to attempt to court freelance writers. Students will have little need for grammar checkers. A human editor’s complete range of services will suit them better. 

A free essay scorer is not used in the area where it will be more effective. 

Google has thousands of the world’s best computer engineers, and even they cannot develop a complex AI comparable to the human mind. What hope does an indie software developer have to crack the AI code? 

Robots will not be doing your college work any time soon. 

This argument should not discourage anyone from using a free paper grader. It will save you countless hours in correcting typos. The craft of writing becomes more enjoyable without the nagging threat of misspelled words and forgotten commas. 

Also, we have the “free” aspect. Having such a service at your disposal for free is an invaluable advantage. If successful, you can upgrade to premium features or migrate to other products. Yet, for a college student who is earning a few extra dollars by doing bulk writing, websites that grade essays are very valuable. 


Words are some of the easiest things to steal. Given this reality, some websites attempt to use and harvest your work. 

The user must upload the essay, article, or blog post to have it checked. Malicious sites can store that work and attempt to sell it to other students. The practice is not common, but it does occur. 

Users need to be careful and verify each site before entrusting them with their work.


It is very hard to be disappointed by something if you do not have unrealistic expectations. A free paper grader will not work miracles or profound changes. It is an AI-based grammar and spelling checker with additional premium features. 

In a world where almost everyone is overworked and stressed, any relief is welcomed. The free online grade can help you save dozens of hours per month just by highlighting minor yet common mistakes.

Best Essay Writing Service Reddit


Reddit is a social platform that has proved itself to be of great use to its users. Their people can talk on any topic and get advice regarding their questions. Plenty of the users are students and they have a great interest in educational topics, including essay writing help. Thus, we tried to take a look at the best essay online service Reddit has to suggest. We will go into more details about such services, how to use them, how to select them, and what to expect.

For starters, we will see what a Reddit user has to say about such services and their opinion of several services.

They say that they have used a lot of writing services and that it has been hard for them to find a high-quality one. Still, some of their recommendations include


Noting that they have a wonderful eye for the important details. Reviews have stated that they are impressive, as well as highly professional.


With one review stating that they offer efficient delivery with good prices. It was said they are amazing from delivery and overall service.


It was said that they offer services of wonderful writers and they do have slightly slow support but papers and essays have been amazing with no revision needed. One review also states that the prices are good for the quality offered.


One review mentions that the customer has had an amazing experience with the support managers being there all the time to ensure constant communication when needed.


The same review we mentioned above talks about EssayService and notes that they always deliver on time for the customer in the question, even when it was about complex topics with short deadlines. They also state that the urgent papers weren’t the top quality but still allowed for good grades. 

The services mentioned are an excerpt of a review from the Reddit user mujalaround2265.

Then, according to Frienship_Jealous,

PaperHelp has been an amazing service with easy navigation and the option to have the assignment delivered for as short a deadline as three hours. They note that the price is calculated depending on the type of the essay and the deadline. The website promises that their assignments will be plagiarism-free. Also, they can offer a sample of the paper so as for the customers to be sure they are getting what they want. An option for revision exists. Also, the review mentions that they are options for discounts, but they also state that if the deadline is short, one needs to be prepared to pay more. It has been also noted that sometimes the writers had missed the deadlines or had delivered lower quality works that needed revision. Due to this, the reviewer suggests that future customers ensure long enough deadlines.

They also do a review of ExpertWriting, stating that this service is easy for navigation and order can be placed for a few minutes. The review also says that they offer timely delivery with high-quality work. But it was also said that shorter deliveries will cost more. With that in mind, the reviewer says that for longer deadlines the price is quite good. They also note the plagiarism-free guarantee that the site offers. It was said, though, that the customer service had been less than perfect, and in some cases, the writers had delivered a bit lower quality.

And those services are the ones that Reddit users have talked the most about. Others have been mentioned, but we didn’t find enough high-quality reviews to compile in this article.

Why Would One Need an Essay Writing Service?

Yes, there are people who don’t have a lot of trust in such services. But when it comes to essay writing platforms, there are many beneficial things. We plan on taking a look at them to make you feel more confident in your decision, no matter what it will be.

First, students are showered in assignments. They have a huge deal of work to do. Especially in 2020 and 2021 within the midst of the pandemic. The current situation brings troubles to students all around the globe. For good grades now many teachers and professors want more papers, essays, other projects. Lots of students have little time for this, though, for they have personal matters and jobs, some even full-time. Thus best essay wiring service Reddit users have to offer will bring help for getting through with all the assignments.

Also, the subjects are quite difficult. Not everyone can master them at the desired pace. Sometimes we may find hardships in comprehending the subject, while in other cases it may be difficult to understand the core concepts. For such scenarios, professional aid will be of huge assistance. Yes, we have teachers and professors, but they also have other students and, with all the pandemic going on, they are hard to get to. The world now is digital and it makes sense that students are counting on digital services. Some of them are about essay writing. That will give you the chance to benefit from professional help with the assignment and you will understand how professionals handle such cases. This will let you learn more things about the essay writing process. You will also see more important aspects of it. By doing so you will comprehend more about that and you will be able to navigate easier through the academic field which can prove to be of aid in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Essay Writing Services?

As it is already clear, you will have a professional write your essay. But how can you trust them? Well, the online essay writing services are doing their best to ensure that the writers are capable of achieving magnificent work. They are putting the applicants through various processes. The first is submitting a CV for review. In this process, the employers are going through the resumes to pick the candidates that have the necessary qualifications. That includes experience in an academic field with a diploma to prove it, as well as experience in the field of academic writing.

Another step is the test job. Employers assign test jobs to qualified applicants to see how well will they do. If they are unable to complete the job with great success, they are not given work in the service. Should they be able to do the assignment properly, they will be able to keep working with the company.

Some services also do an interview to make sure they keep the quality of their employees at a top-notch.

Those steps are taken in order to ensure that only the qualified, experienced, good-writing writers will be given essays to complete for the payment you provide.

What Does One Need to Become an Essay Writer?

Well, the top thing is a degree in some of the academic fields. For instance, someone who’s majored in business can be given topics in business, while another whose major in biology will be given such topics. Here we wanted to point out that the writer for your essay will be selected based on their qualifications in the academic world.

Also, they shall need to be good with writing and, preferable, have experience doing so. For instance, if a person cannot put a good idea in proper words, the idea won’t seem so interesting and worth noting. Afterward, the essay will not be eye-catching and this will probably take some points off. But if an idea is well-written, it will certainly be able to gain more interest and prove the point better. So, the writers who apply to essay writing services need to have a good grasp not only of the everyday language but of the academic writing as well.

Writers need to be able to research, too. If they are unable to do so properly, then they cannot compile a good academic assignment. In the field of academia, people need to research the topics in order to create a well-written piece to be presented to the professor. This includes also citations, bibliography, and other necessary materials. The data should be gathered from various independent and reliable sources of which one can be sure to be true.

Reviews of Best Essay Writing Service Reddit Users Have to Offer

Mike L. shares his experience with 99Papers and stated that he had heard good things and used them for a history assignment that was done in two days and had been with an excellent quantity, including quite impressive references.

Jamie L. shares that he needed a 12-page paper for his History major. He says that he used PaperHelp and, while he was unsure about them at first, he had been impressed by how well they followed his instructions.

Marie K. says she had been a customer of EssayPro on different subjects. She has had an excellent experience with them for they had provided excellent quality.

Jacob L. had been a customer of MyAdmissionEssay and says they offered professional essays that were beneficial for his application. He had been satisfied with the experience.

Those are only some of the numerous reviews of online essay writing services that we deem to be most useful for students. There is plenty of information on Reddit and on other websites, and that data can greatly aid you in your choice.


  • Is using an essay writing services legal?

Yes, such services are legal to use. What we want to mention, though, is that plagiarism isn’t. Thus, you would do best if you always, always run a plagiarism scan on every assignment you will submit. That will ensure that you are giving unique writing work and will not get in any trouble. This is even more important if you are using an essay writing service for you don’t know how the writer has selected and written the piece.

  • Is it safe to go for an essay writing service?

Depends on the service. Some may be unsafe ones for they are simply a scam. But there are plenty of magnificent such services. To ensure you are going for the latter ones, make sure you are looking through the reviews of the service prior to ordering. Read some reviews, comments on social media, testimonials published on independent websites.

  • Will my data remain personal?

It will remain, as long as you are using a legitimate and safe essay writing service.

A Few More Words on Using an Essay Writing Service

As briefly mentioned above, using an essay writing service needs some research to be done. You need to go through reviews and comments about the service you want to use to make sure you are going for something legitimate.

Also, the unsafe ones may be counting on writers who are mostly copying others’ work. This can then lead to accusations of plagiarism which are good for no one.

Thus, make sure to check the writing for plagiarism and read through it to understand what is written and why. If you don’t do so, it will be simply handing in something that you know nothing about.


Essay writing services provide a way for students to get some help doing their assignments. The world is fast-paced and we have thousands of things to attend to, sometimes not having any time to get through them. Those services are dedicated to helping with such scenarios. Plenty of students are finding it hard to finish all their assignments on time and learn all the needed material. At the same time, they have jobs, house duties, as well as social duties. Thus, they can really benefit from a professional helping them handle everything.

Essay writing services offer a means of connecting to such a professional, without having to guess whether they would be of any use. This is because those services have a rigorous process of selecting the writers to ensure the best quality. So, with some review and our tips above, you can make good use of such help offered.

Best Essay Services Radar Scholarship


Students are often interested in getting their scholarships nowadays. It allows them to continue with their education easier and provides them a solid sense of safety. A scholarship program of the Best Essay Services Radar is something that students have at their disposal each academic year. When it comes to the USA concrete, the amount of it can rise to $2000. Naturally, it depends on which country the student is situated in at the particular moment. The point of this scholarship from the Essay Radar is to raise the awareness of the students of how important a role it can have. The impact of the scholarship is immense and each student would gladly accept it. Let’s find out something more about it. 

How To Get Selected For The Scholarship Program

Usually, students who would like to get into the scholarship program need to pass a few steps in order to apply for it. For the majority of the youngsters, it represents a hard thing to do, and only ones with the strongest will and biggest need, eventually get to scholarship. Getting the scholarship affects multiple factors such as students’ results, grades, an average, etc. Of course, if you manage to get it, you are allowing yourself a lack of stress and some benefits too. 

  • Satisfy The Sponsors – The first thing you should do to get to the scholarship program provides the scholarships’ sponsor what it requires. It is often the case that sponsors are part of some scholarship program. It typically demands some criteria that need to be met. You can check online about the sponsor and what its expectations are. Make sure to fulfill them.
  • Act Like A Professional – College students are mature enough to bring their own judgments and have a firm attitude about everything. For smarter ones, it will be much easier to act like a professional. But what does it mean? Well, you can erase all the unnecessary stuff from all of your social media profiles and leave only the relevant ones. If you type your name in a Google search and find yourself, it means that you have a presence online as all the experts do. 
  • Pay Attention To The Optional Questions – Optional questions are often part of the scholarship programs. It is often the case that students visit search engines related to scholarships. They often contain several optional questions that you must not avoid giving an answer to. Reply correctly and be honest.
  • Seek For Any Engagement That Contains Essays – A lot of “competitions” in the colleges consist of providing an essay. Students are frequently not willing to participate but if you want to stand out, get yourself in there. Every activity that you are part of can increase your chances of getting a desirable scholarship.

What The Judges Look Up For?

To get into the scholarship program, students always get evaluated by a committee that is well-organized and created from reliable members. It will be beneficial if you know what they are looking for while checking your application, right? Well, the most important thing is to be unique. Don’t use others’ ideas and try to stand out from them. Copying thoughts from another student won’t lead you to success and your application will get declined. Judges also often like to see the previous essays that you have been working on, such as the grades you achieved. Therefore, try to get the highest grades possible and also pay attention to your essays. Write them with passion and high-quality. 


Scholarships can determine the near future of the applicants. Individuals who reach it will get the new doors opened while the ones who fail can quit their studying due to financial reasons. In such examples, we can see the true importance and value of it. 

Privacy Policy for Scholarship:

NOTE: Best Essay Services Radar’s Privacy Policy for all scholarship applicants’ submissions ensures that personal information will not be shared and is for our own internal use only. No information collected during this process will be given to 3rd parties, but reserves the right to use the submitted articles as we wish. By submitting an entry to Best Essay Services Radar Scholarship, you still retain all rights and ownership of submitted content to, regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. 

The winner will be confirmed ONLY after providing proof of enrolment in the form of a copy of a tuition bill, a picture of a current student ID, official or unofficial transcripts, or letter of proof from the accredited college, university, or school at which the winner is enrolled. In the event a winner cannot prove enrolment at a college, university, or school, a secondary winner will be chosen.